Motorcyclist injured on Route 4 in Auburn

AUBURN — A motorcyclist is in critical condition following a collision with an SUV on Route 4 on Monday afternoon.

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Auburn police and firefighters confer at the scene of an accident on Monday afternoon where a motorcycle hit the rear of an SUV on Route 4 in Auburn across from the Lake Auburn turnout. The operator of the motorcycle was taken to the hospital with serious head trauma, according to Auburn Police Department Deputy Chief Jason Moen.

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Auburn police officers confer at the scene of a Monday accident in which a motorcycle hit the rear of an SUV on Route 4 in Auburn across from the Lake Auburn turnout. The operator of the motorcycle, who was not wearing a helmet, was taken to a hospital with serious head trauma, according to Auburn Police Department Deputy Chief Jason Moen.

According to a statement released by Auburn Police Department Deputy Chief Jason Moen, the accident occurred at 3 p.m. by the causeway over Lake Auburn.

Moen said that Joseph Childs, 68, of Buckfield was northbound on Route 4 on a 2008 Harley-Davidson when his motorcycle struck the back of a vehicle driven by  Maria Lindsey, 26, of Turner, who was attempting to make a left turn onto the causeway.

Childs, who was not wearing a helmet, was thrown from the motorcycle, sustaining serious head injuries, according to Moen.

Moen reports that neither Lindsey nor her passengers were injured in the collision.

Auburn police are being assisted in the investigation by a Maine State Police accident reconstructionist.

Northbound traffic was restricted to one lane on Route 4. Southbound traffic was rerouted onto Lake Shore Drive.

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Eric  LeBlanc's picture

There's not a single valid reason not to wear a helmet

Helmets protect your head from injury. Helmets protect your eyes and face from large bugs and other projectiles. Helmets keep your head warmer on cold days. Helmets keep your head cooler on hot days. Helmets usually look cooler than your ugly mug. Unless you literally have eyes on the side of your head, helmets do not cut down on peripheral vision. All that being said, I still think that it should be the riders decision whether or not they choose to wear one.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Helmets Do:

cut down on peripheral vision. Turn you head and the inch or so can hide danger. Glasses do keep bugs out of your eyes. Helmets do keep one warmer in the cold, they do not keep your head cooler on hot days. You say helmets hide once ugly mug, are you speaking from what you see in a mirror. All that being said I continue to agree with the last sentence let those that ride decide. And watch out for that pile of horse poop, it may spatter all over your helmet. If your face is on the ground. My opinion cjp

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

A well vented full face

A well vented full face helmet with a tinted shield absolutely keeps your head cooler on hot days. It's like wearing an air conditioner on your head as opposed to the hot sun beating directly down on you. When I ride on hot days my head is by far the coolest part of my body. Goggles or glasses do protect your eyes but not the rest of your your face. I wouldn't want to inhale a wasp at 50+ mph. The ugly mug comment is a reference to most of the other riders I see on the road. Also, the shield on my helmet wraps around further than my peripheral version can see so it's definitely not a hindrance.

Catherine Pressey's picture

According to you:

Eric, now you want me to believe wearing a full face helmet is like an air conditioner. So funny! When I got into riding Bikes I was researching helmets. Many experts told me that a full face or not full face is a choice. Two things to consider is a full face protects ones chin. That being said, also it can and has been the reason that someone spine in the in the neck region, get severed. While protecting the chin, has other bad consequences. As a matter of fact while I was riding with my helmet with shield I had a yellow jacket fly under the face shield. While on the turnpike, now that was not fun. Had to pull over to get him out, got stung. So one can still inhale a wasp with a helmet. even full face. however you will and can continue to believe the way you wish, and I the way I wish. I do not wish to go eying and yang with you Eric. It is just sad that a guy was killed doing what he loved to do, ride a cycle on our public roads. Was his choice, nothing is with out risk they say. Good day to you. My opinion cjp

Catherine Pressey's picture


Can be a good thing, when I rode my bike I too did not wear a helmet, my older bro. that lived in NJ and was on rescue there, said all a helmet is good for is when they pick up the helmet with your head still in it they can ID you. Now I know he was just trying to either scare me or be funny. Nothing funny about driving at a speed that you can hopefully stop if someone stops without signaling. Not that this was the case here! But you can not scan to much, when I took the than United Bikers Course both classroom and on small bikes. They really pushed the scan, scan, scan, and do not believe others see you. Believe they may not! Yes! a helmet may be in order but I still feel let he who rides decide. During the first year it is Maine Law new riders have to wear a helmet. And I followed the Law, but I found that the helmet kept me from seeing right or left. Side vision's like blinders, of course that is not why I rode without one, it was part of it. The freedom of the wind blowing, just a personal choice. We make a choice and pay the price good bad or indifferent. My opinion cjp

Noel Foss's picture

Go figure.

A Harley rider with no helmet.
Can't say as it's uncommon; I can't even begin to count how often I see Harley guys wearing full leathers, but no helmet.
Granted, I'm not much better. I always wear my helmet, gloves, boots and jacket, but never anything more than jeans, and since I ride to work very frequently, I'm typically wearing a pair of khakis instead.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Noel ? i hear that ?  We

Noel ? i hear that ?  We have no helmet law here in Hawai'i , too , but lemme' tell ya's - brain buckets do work ?
Best of luck buddy . We hope you recover completely this , the day after Fathers Day • Black ice . ..
/s , A former Maine Cycle Salvage Company ( Canal St , Lewiston ) employee now located in Pahoa HI 96778 u s a


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