LePage apologizes to loggers but not to Jackson; says 'everything's on the table' for 2014 plans

Paul LePage
Robert F. Bukaty/Associated Press file photo

In this April 19, 2013 file photo, Gov. Paul LePage speaks at a news conference at the State House in Augusta, Maine. LePage used a sexually vulgar phrase Thursday, June 20, 2013, to describe how Democrat state Sen. Troy Jackson is taking advantage of the people. LePage's comment came as he has said he intends to veto a two-year budget because it includes tax increases.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Gov. Paul LePage told reporters in an interview Friday that he is mulling a run for Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud’s congressional seat and said that any fundraising he has done for the 2014 gubernatorial campaign could be donated to domestic violence causes.

In response to a reporter’s question about whether inflammatory comments he made Thursday about Sen. Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, would hurt his gubernatorial campaign, LePage said, “Who said I’m running?”

“I’m considering running for Mike Michaud’s seat if you want to know the truth because it can’t be any worse in Washington than it is here,” LePage said. “Everything’s on the table. Retirement, Social Security, running for Congress, maybe going back to Marden’s to stock shelves, who knows. I don’t take myself as seriously as all you do.”

Jackson released a statement Friday afternoon that said he is also seriously considering a congressional run, which he has said before. He said he wouldn’t make a final decision until the Legislature adjourns, which could be next week. If Jackson wins the 2nd District nomination for Democrats, and LePage becomes the GOP nominee, it would move their adversarial relationship from the State House to the campaign trail.

“I would welcome Gov. LePage’s candidacy and I look forward to the opportunity to put our competing visions for the people of Maine before the voters,” Jackson said. “A matchup between the governor and myself would give voters a stark choice between someone who puts corporate special interests first and a lifelong champion for Maine’s workers and families.”

Numerous people from both ends of the political spectrumhave been rumored to be interested in the 2nd Congressional District seat. Some of the most unequivocal statements have come from Sen. Emily Cain, D-Orono, and Democrat Joseph Baldacci, a Bangor attorney, city councilman and brother of former governor and 2nd District U.S. Rep. John Baldacci.

LePage also offered an apology for comments he made Thursday that targeted Jackson, but his apology wasn’t directed at Jackson.

“It was never my intent to ever, ever suggest that the loggers of the state of Maine are in the same league as Troy Jackson,” LePage said. “I owe that apology. … it wasn’t meant to offend anybody. I will say this: it was intended to wake the Maine people up. We had a balanced budget. We had room to sit down and fix things they’re concerned about. But taxation right now is not appropriate. It is simply not what we need when we’re the 50th worst place in the nation to do business.”

The Maine Democratic Party called on two of Maine’s most prominent Republicans, U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and former U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe, to repudiate LePage’s statements by refusing to attend July 2 fundraiser for the governor in Kennebunkport.

Snowe, the last Republican to represent the 2nd District, responded Friday.

“Gov. LePage’s comments (Thursday) were regrettable and inappropriate,” Snowe wrote in an email to Scott Thistle, state politics editor for the Sun Journal. “It is my understanding the governor has now rightly apologized for his language, and I believe that was in everyone’s best interests so that, in the final hours of this legislative session, the governor and the Legislature can get back to working toward policies which, as the governor has put it, would allow ‘Maine people to become more prosperous.’”

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He's not running for Congress

He only said that because he knew it would get a rise out of people and send the Dems into a panicked tizzy. That's his stype: stir up trouble and watch the reactions. He's a troll.

Hmm, no wonder Gravel likes him so much.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

agree to disagree friend

First off Pauly is not even smart enough to think ahead to construct that image...he is truly like he was on the streets of Lewiston as the fast talking low breed, non thinking neanderthal as he was then when we knew him at the bars. He gained all that reactive dialogue from being the loud mouth, punk that he carried himself off to be, to be a big shot and bully.

Nope knowing Pauly, he never had the smarts to be a leader but was nothing but a follower, such more, like in the days of his leeching off the State for aid and using and stealing from others that he could to get abuse to get ahead.

He was happy with his bottle of Ripple or Thunderbird wines living and hiding in the woods and then off the wonderful Democrats Pauline and Eddie that took him in.

Sorry this fool wasn't smart enough to do anything when it came to thinking, others had to do it for him and still do. He cannot even take the advice, "that only a fish that opens its mouth gets caught."

The only thing I can top that

The only thing I can top that off with is to mention that Eric Cantor was a year ahead of me at the private school in Virginia that we graduated from. He was as much a bully then as he is now in Congress (having been on the receiving end a few times). And it taught me this one thing: if there's one thing a bully knows, it's how to get a rise out of someone.



The governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, resigned her position because she said she felt she good no longer do good for the State of Alaska. Given that she is no doubt a role model for the governor in many of his other notions and given the frustration that he constantly refers to, you would think he might consider imitating her in this also. It should be especially attractive to him given the pile of money she made speaking to tea party groups after her resignation. I would think his repartee would be really amusing to them. And just think how much he would like a pile of money like hers. Just sayin

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

A governor she is not, just like LePage, they need each other;

First off she never fulfilled her obligation as an elected official, so she doesn't even deserve or should be considered or have a title of a Governor! She was a quitter for her own self serving purse and that alone is a kick in the head to those that even voted for that uneducated motor mouth..
Having said that, you are on the mark that this fool LePage and others like him saying the stupid remarks and quotes. Just like idiots, Gompher, Bachmann, Stockman, Fox, Perry, and the rest of the unfit unintelligent Repubs holding offices that seem to get re-elected by the dumber supporters that concur with the way they think, act or even comment. You would think Pauly could learn or would learn something from those very idiots, but he and others like him can't. He is just a FOLLOWER....not a LEADER....just like he was as a teen walking my home streets, as a total waste of skin.

He and the quitter are not Governors but entertainers looking for a payday off attacking real folks, real elected achievers who want to make positive accomplishments for the people and the country, but instead we get these money hungry wannabes poor excuses of Repubs, noise makers attention getters for the mighty dollar for their own purse or PACs. To people like them politics is a business, period.

No matter where you look you see and hear only the Repubs/teabaggers making stupid irresponsible comments, that embarrases America, or ever regaining its pristine image as ever being the country we truly can or could be. If we could just keep these very types of morons out of politics altogether this whole country would be unified again to serve all of us, instead of all of this divisiveness.
PRIME example just down the road from Maine, where again the delusional teabaggers are ruining NH as well. Coming from their own Party how stupid Repubs have become.

"Republican Representative Stella Tremblay was an embarrassment to her constituents and to the entire State of New Hampshire, her resignation was long past due," Kirstein said. "It is telling that while Rep. Tremblay has finally resigned there has yet to be any kind of condemnation from Senator Kelly Ayotte, Republican Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, or Republican Senate President Peter Bragdon for her vile and chilling comments."

Read more: http://www.wmur.com/political-scoop/controversial-gop-nh-rep-tremblay-re...

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Things couldn't be worse than here.................

Now there's the sentiment of a truly dedicated public servant..........

Bob White's picture

Still wondering why all you

Still wondering why all you left handed Dumbucratis aren't all up in arms over the Senate killing the bill about dental care. Gee wouldn't that help the low income people?

When you Reptilicans stop

When you Reptilicans stop resorting to name calling when you can't think of a valid argument.


Do you have a problem with

Do you have a problem with left handed people? I'd hit you with so many lefts, you'd beg for a right!



You know when people are discussing different opinions, it can be done without calling people names. FYI when I see name calling I see it as someone in a gun fight who is out of ammo and decides to throw his gun as a last ditch move. It pretty much says you cannot counter the other guy in an intelligent way.


You said it yourself...the

You said it yourself...the Senate killed the bill not both the House and Senate....that issue will return. And another reason...at least for me...I haven't had time this week. But believe me when I catch up with all the news I will probably have something to say about it......so just hold your horses.

That's about as insincere an

That's about as insincere an apology and it can get without coming right out and saying "I have no apology to make to anyone."

Jason Theriault's picture

He should apologize to not just the woodman

He should apologize to not just the woodman, but to the people of Maine. His comments were inappropriate.

In a way, it makes me yearn for the days of Aarron Burr... Jackson would have grounds to challenge LePage to a duel.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

God, you have thin skin!

God, you have thin skin!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

As long as LePage is role playing Hamilton

He would fit the mold since Hamilton brought hair triggered larger barrel dual pistols and thought he would have an advantage and could beat Burr but, not.

LePage would want an apology had the situation was reversed but we need to keep in mind Repubs have no honor, so no lube for LePage, before he gets on his knees and apologizes for his ignorant burst.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

"it was intended to wake the Maine people up."

The man has had an epiphany, he is absolutely 100% correct. Mainers have woke up to the reality that he is a horseass for a Gov, an embarrassing buffon, with no class, no leadership skills except to veto bills.

Bon voyage` Pauly you are heading for the heap dump where all Repub trash belongs...

AL PELLETIER's picture

Jerry, you think?

He knows that if he runs against Mike for a second term he doesn't have a prayer. He's got his 401K from Marden's, his Social Security, and his undeserved state pension. There should be enough money there for him to disappear somewhere in Florida
preferably in an alligator infested swamp. He'll be right at home surrounded by, self perceived, blood thirsty democrats.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


As long as those Floridians suck him dry, so he looks like a dried prune and shrivels up to dust in the wind. He could get a side job working in the circus as a buffoon, since he is good at that.

AL PELLETIER's picture

I've got to admit, Jerry

Reading about how you love this guy is pure entertainment. Don't stop now!

Dana Burgess's picture


You sound just as bad as you try to make him out to be. You may have known him from way back when , but at least he has given the job a try while all the good you do is call names and run him down. Why don't you take a run at the job and see what good you can do? Or is talk easier?


He gave the job a try? He

He gave the job a try? He tried to make a democratic form of government into a tyranny. He had to have it all HIS way from day one. Try? I think NOT.....he saw it as an easy way to get a pension and health insurance.

Dana Burgess's picture

Sounds like

Sounds like a man with a plan and devoted to getting it done. He will try to make life better for you no matter how hard you kick. A politician is out of office 3 to 5 years before some people realize what a great job they did.


There is NO WAY he is making

There is NO WAY he is making life better for me...I am NOT rich enough. Even his staff is unbelievable....when I called the governor's office the woman talking with me didn't have a pen or paper to write down what I was saying. This after I e-mailed them in a very professional manner. I say it's time for the governor and his staff to go back to school and learn something (although that would require that they had a brain). They also need courses in professionalism, tactfulness, and customer service because they really have absolutely NO clue how to deal with people. And for those that say the governor is not responsible for the staff's actions...think again..he is considered the boss and if this is an example of those he surrounds himself with then that would explain why he is just a Florida loving moron.

The woman answering the phone

The woman answering the phone was probably the daughter he gave the 40k job to without an interview because, you know, it's not nepotism when you're the Governor. Or something.

Dana Burgess's picture

Your discription

Your description is of a great politician he should fit in with the rest of them.

AL PELLETIER's picture

If you can't take the heat

Get out of the kitchen. Dana, he chose to try being the chef in the kitchen. Lots of idiots thought he might be a pretty good cook.
Turns out he can't make mac n' cheese without screwing it up.
Jerry and I chose not to try to be the chef in the kitchen because neither of us are very good cooks and we know it. When someone chooses to be the chef and he can't cook worth a s--- us paying patrons of his restaurant have every right to be critics. And we sure as hell can talk about and run down this lousy chef!

Dana Burgess's picture


There are plenty of you Monday morning Quarterbacks that think they know what should be done, but none of you know how that is obvious. If you can't lead or follow get out of the way.


Then Lepage needs to get out

Then Lepage needs to get out of the way because he cannot lead and he sure cannot follow....and he most certainly does not understand how to place nice.

Steve  Dosh's picture

LePage says he's considering run for Congress, apologizes . . .

Mainers, 10:50 hst ? ƒlyday
. .Why would he do that and who would actually \/ote for him ?
/s , Steve Dosh , Hawai'i •
Next article Mom should keep kids away from their gun-toting grandpa
DEAR ABBY: The letter you printed from "Gun-Shy in South Carolina" (March 5), about the antics of her gun-toting, alcoholic father-in-law. ..

AL PELLETIER's picture


We've been able to keep his stupidity and vulgar remarks pretty much in state. In a national forum he'll make us all look like a bunch of dumb tree cutting, Vaseline greasing, little beard wearing, mural hiding, foot stomping, door slamming idiots and I can go on for an hour.
In Washington? In Maine for four more years? Work for Mainers and Veterans like Mike Michaud has done? I think not!!
BY THE WAY, he never stocked shelves at Marden's so there's another piece of his BS to add to his congressional resume'.

Nobody stocks shelves at

Nobody stocks shelves at Marden's. They just throw the stuff at them randomly.

I have to admit, I've had a very difficult time going into Mardens once I learned it had his touch. It's a completely unreasonable reaction, I know, but I just can't go in there.

Dana Burgess's picture

I bet

I bet Mardens feels really hurt that you stay away. not!

Really don't care what they

Really don't care what they thing. I just don't have the stomach for their third rate merch.


And I bet Marden's is glad

And I bet Marden's is glad Lepage is out of there.....

Steve  Dosh's picture

, , Keep 'em - h o n e s t -

, , Keep 'em - h o n e s t - AL ;) /s Steve

AL PELLETIER's picture

Thanks Steve

(nice French by the way) Keeping him honest is not hard to do. There is so much dishonesty for subject matter.

I challenge everyone to watch

I challenge everyone to watch the uncut version of what Paul Lepage said. Although
it wont change the minds of Lepage haters, it might open mided people.

copy and paste watch video



I actually did watch the

I actually did watch the whole thing...can we still say MORON....can we still say he has no clue...can we still say bully....YES WE CAN.....this man is a disgrace and a poor role model.

Dana Burgess's picture

your right

Maine should be proud to be in 50th place and education isn't really needed for Maine living.

AL PELLETIER's picture

And relive the agony?


I challenge everyone to watch

I challenge everyone to watch the uncut version of what Paul Lepage said. Although
it wont change theminds of Lepage, it might open mided people.

copy and paste

David Marsters's picture

Run for Congress

I love this man. He speaks what he thinks and keeps people on their toes, as to what he is going to say or do next. I would like for him to stay as Governor, as he can do more for the state than if he was in Congress. He would be good in Congress, as the man that is there now, is useless. In the last 2 weeks he has voted against different bills that affect military veterans. No end to politics. This is such a great nation to live in.


He doesn't stand a snowball's

He doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell for either post. Hate to tell you Dave, but your ilk is in the very small minority. Whatever post LePage runs for it's going to be like Custer at the battle of Big Horn. Although now that I think about it, LePage is more like Sitting Bull...sh*t.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Dave fails at math and logic...

Since only 38% voted for that turkey, that the other 62% have a better idea of this failed mook. Tim you are correct that small majority just became even smaller.

LePage is a total failure in any realm of the being or acting like a respectful governor.

Problem is, Dave, that's not

Problem is, Dave, that's not leadership. The Governor is supposed to be a LEADER, but it's hard to be one when you've even lost the respect of even your own party. If you ever had it. What he said would have been hilarious if he was a Morning Zoo shock jock or conservative radio host, and he would have gotten away with it. But those people are not leaders, they are commentators and entertainers.

Don't forget, 61% of the state did not vote for him. I strongly dount that he has gained any votes from those who voted for Cutler and Mitchell. And I know of many he has lost.

RONALD RIML's picture

Take him to Switzerland with you, Dave.....

He so full of holes and thinks he's the 'big Cheese' anyway........

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

I love this man

Of course you do, he is familiar with what you both have in common, vaseline.

Lepage casts, the second the

Lepage casts, the second the hook hits the water, he has multiple bites. Hook, line and sinker.

 's picture

False apology

LePage cannot backtrack on his logger statement. It was quite clear that loggers are fine so long as they stay in the woods. The other statements in this article are garbage. He just wants to hear himself talk.

He was referring to one

He was referring to one certain logger, and you know it. A logger by the name Troy Jackson.


"People like Troy Jackson, they ought to go back in the woods and cut trees and let somebody with a brain come down here and do some work," LePage said.

Not nearly as specific as you suggest.


Well let's turn the table

Well let's turn the table then....The governor should be a person with a brain so Lepage should leave and let someone with a brain do the work.

David  Cote's picture

Say what?

“I’m considering running for Mike Michaud’s seat if you want to know the truth because it can’t be any worse in Washington than it is here,”

If that be the case then why run for public office at all? LePage makes it sound as if he's had a miserable time in the Blaine House. Much of the misery was self-inflicted.


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