Plywood partially covers broken windows in downtown Norway building

Leslie H. Dixon/Sun Journal

Plywood partially covers broken windows at the Odd Fellows Building in Norway Friday morning, appearing weeks after Code Enforcement Officer Joelle Corey-Whitman first notified the owner that he might face prosecution for failing to secure the broken windows in his vacant 380 Main St. building. Under state law, it has now become a dangerous and nuisance building. The owner, Sam Patel of Jasmin LLC in Westbrook, had said in May that contractors had measured the window for glass replacement and, if needed, plywood would be installed temporarily to keep glass from falling into the street. The windows have been broken for months. It's unclear why the plywood only covers part of the broken windows.

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Thomas Jenkins's picture

"It's unclear why the plywood

"It's unclear why the plywood only covers part of the broken windows".

There is a simple answer to this question-----the owner, Sam Patel just doesn't get it. He is like every other slumlord. They are not intimidated by a code enforcement officer, and will wait until the very last minute before complying, if then.

We have seen this time and again in Norway. Mrs. Pratt, etc. for example.

This is my personal opinion of which I am entitled. Good luck CEO.

 's picture

And this is considered secure??

I don't know much but I suspect that glass could still slip down and fall on an unsuspecting pedestrian!

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Most probably

Most probably those were the biggest scraps of plywood the contractor could find.


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