Police cracking down on loud exhaust

AUBURN — Police are ramping up efforts to prevent vehicles with loud exhaust noise from disturbing residents during the summer months.

Loud exhaust noise has been and continues to be a problem in the city, police Chief Phillip L. Crowell Jr. said.

“Residents should be able to enjoy the warm summertime air without their windows rattling every time a vehicle with a loud exhaust drives by their residence,” Crowell said.

So far this year, police have issued 29 warnings and three summonses for exhaust-system violations. State law prohibits a motor vehicle from having a modified exhaust system that allows noise to be emitted at a louder level than that of the muffler that was originally installed on the vehicle, police said in a written statement Friday.

“The violators are obvious,” Deputy Chief Jason Moen said. “When the exhaust noise drowns outs the radio that you are listening to with all of the windows up, those are the vehicles that are getting stopped.”

Those vehicles often draw attention to themselves with unnecessary acceleration, Moen said.

Auburn police have purchased a decibel meter to assist in their enforcement efforts.

“We hope that as our enforcement efforts increase, voluntary compliance with the law will increase as well,” Crowell said.

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Mark Elliott's picture

The only sound test legally

The only sound test legally acceptable to be used in Maine on motorcycles is the SAE J2825 test and so far is only usable as an affirmative deffense....and if Auburn PD isn't trained to perform the test, I can poke holes all through their results.

RICK LITTLE's picture

Out of control PD

Last week I was pulling out from a stop sign when an Auburn PD cruised went by. He slammed on his breaks and did a Dukes of Hazard gravel throwing turn and sped 2 maybe 3 times the legal limit to catch me and ride my tail pipe. No one has driven that close to me in over 20 years of riding. He did this for a few miles. Now you tell me, was it worth his dangerous acts so he could listen to me that close?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Loud exhaust = loud exhibitionist

The only reason for loud mufflers on all types of vehicles is for attention getting, "Look at me over here." "Ain't I cool and check out my wheels man!"

Careful what you ask for.....

Well it is about time that they get the attention they deserve and pay for it with making unnecessary abusive racket. I love a nice boss car and bike, but the 4 am, listening to the glass packs rumbling 3 miles away on the highway or going past my house when I had to get up at 5am is a nuisance.

It is called disturbing the peace of those that have to get to work or get to bed early depending the shifts they work and those morons that love to make noise should also have to pay for dishing it out....

When you are not even near a car in traffic and the moron has the blasting stereo in the vehicle that is making your vehicle vibrate and ears hurt from the bass booming, needs to be stopped.

All that type of distraction for the offender and those that have to listen to the noise is dangerous causing distraction and even creating road rage on short tempered people for all involved.

Steve Nadeau's picture

just a tool used to pull you over

If you want to make your car a target with all the attention you draw to it by making it "Sweet" expect the police as well as the fast and furious sceen to take notice. It goes far beyond tint and loud exhausts or stereos. If you cant be legal with your mode of transportation what else are you doing thats illegal behind the blackened out windows or is there a true emergency for you to be driving like a moron in traffic.

I own a car that can be loud but if you drive it reasonably it's no different than the prius next to me at the light.

MICHAEL FOX's picture

Don't forget the radios

They should also target the loud music players too. I don't care what kind of music you listen to in your car, but if I can hear it in my car or my house as you drive by, that is a disturbance.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

I'm glad the cops are getting the bad guys

Just today they took down 2 of the worst. One dirtbag kid with his window tint a shade too dark and another piece of garbage who was 2 decibels over the limit with his exhaust. I feel a lot safer now. Thanks guys.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

To Protect and Serve

Instead of wasting time and money hassling people over a couple of decibels, how about actually "protecting and serving" the people for once?

 's picture

That IS...

...serving the people. MANY people, not just a loud minority.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

most of these "loud" exhausts

most of these "loud" exhausts are no louder than a lawnmower or a chainsaw. Do we need to get out the decibel meters for them too?

Mark Elliott's picture

Don't laugh...the national

Don't laugh...the national organization behind the loud pipes battle a couple years ago is the same one trying to ban leaf blowers and gas powered lawn mowers all over the nation......

Ryan Barry's picture

Eric, lets take that same

Eric, lets take that same example and add another 5-10 bikes. This is what most motorcyclists do, as it is considered fun and recreation, which is fine by me. I guarantee that the decibel level far exceeds that of a lawn mower.

Mark Elliott's picture

So if one neighbor decides to

So if one neighbor decides to mow his lawn and 4 others come out to mow theirs, as is usually the case in a small community, does that constitute any type of legislation too?

 's picture

So if...

...so if...so if...so if...so if...so if...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Prime example of bikes so loud in a small area in massive gatherings is deafening to where you have to yell to converse.

Mark Elliott's picture

Don't go to Sturgis......

Don't go to Sturgis...... pansies get thier butts kicked there anyways.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Was there on business

So that must be the reason why you stay home with momma....

 's picture

Yet another threat...

...from a biker.

Mark Elliott's picture

You guys are too

You guys are too easy......you're not even fun anymore.

 's picture

Apples to rocks...

Sorry, but that is a horrible comparison. Most towns have rules in regards to the allowable operational hours of lawnmowers and chainsaws. A car is generally operated on public roads and can be driven 24 hours a day. If a car has a loud exhaust and stays on private property it doesn't even need to have a muffler. As soon as it rolls onto public roads it needs to be in compliance withe the law as its volume affects the many.

 's picture


...on where you're going to ride your lawnmower and chainsaw. If you want to destroy your hearing, that's fine. Have at it and keep about 3-4 grand handy for hearing aids. Just don't try and destroy MY hearing.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

I have neighbors that start

I have neighbors that start revving their chainsaws at 6 am or earlier. I don't like it but I accept that there's nothing I can do about it and I deal with it. Realistically, you might find loud exhausts annoying or even obnoxious but they're not going to destroy your hearing, lol.

 's picture

There IS...

...something you can do about it. That's what the law is for. It was passed because a majority of people were upset by the unnecessary noise. That's how you can "deal with it." You don't HAVE to give in to a minority. And the hearing that will be destroyed is theirs. You can cave in to it if you want, that's your choice. It's not mine.

Jake Paris's picture

Excellent. Now do it in

Excellent. Now do it in Lewiston too!


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