D. Nordstrom: Offended by governor's words

I cannot express in words how deeply I am offended by the governor's recent words. I don't think I need even mention which words. I don't think I could repeat them.

I am offended for myself as a polite person, but I am especially offended as the father of a young girl attending Dirigo Girls State. The governor just spent a day with hundreds of teenage girls from around the state the day before he makes grotesquely sexual remarks in public, and then he defends his remarks.

Does he even stop to think that he just spent a day with impressionable teenage girls and that they will be paying particular attention to him for the next few days?

How do we teach our children to respect government, or to have respect for authority in general when he behaves with no respect for others?

He doesn't even respect the office of the governor itself enough to restrain himself from such a heinous public display of vulgarity.

David Nordstrom, Wilton

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You hit the nail on the head...

...when you said "Does he even stop to think...". No he doesn't. He's a dangerous buffoon.

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I don't know what kind of sheltered,fairy tale world you live in

but children hear worse things on television and in their schools every day,than what came out of the Governors mouth.
As far as respect for government goes, and for authority in general, have you read or listened to the news lately? Do you understand what our own government has been doing to us?
Any kind of respect for government that you or your child may have had should have been thrown out immediately, if not sooner. If you still have respect for the government of this country after the latest revelations, then you sir, are either naive, delusional, or both.
Our governor may be a bit uncouth at times, but he does what he believes is best for this state and let's it all hang right out in the open for all to see. The elected officials in DC do only what is in the best interests of their next election bid or their desire to undermine the very foundations of our society in their quest for power over the people who elect them.
You're wrong about his lack of respect for the office of governor as well. He understands very well that without that office he wouldn't be able to stop the elected members of the Maine House and Senate from shoving even more tax increases down our throats in spite of the fact that in our recently held vote, numerous communities stood against increased spending, which should have sent a message to Augusta that WE the People want things to change there as well.


The State of Maine already

The State of Maine already sent a message that WE the people want change in Augusta. It's called an election. Why do you think that Democrats re-gained both houses? The only reason they didn't get all three is because LePage wasn't running. You idiots think because there's a handful on numbskulls that feel the way you do, that you have the right to shut down the State. Well, guess what? You don't! Do you have any idea why we have elections and what the result of those elections mean? It's okay though, we're catching on to the way you play your games. You'll never have another sniff at a majority or the governership going forward. To try to justify your a-hole buddy in the Blaine House just shows how much you and Gravel, Mattson, Stone, etc are just like him. If a man doesn't have the self-restraint to act in a professional manner, then he shouldn't be in office. Do you clowns really think it's okay for him to talk and act like he does? Well we'll see how many more like him ever get elected.

 's picture

It's really a shame that

you had to resort to name calling, just like the governor that you claim to hate so much, to try and make your point. It just goes to show that you are more like him than you really want to admit.
And by the way, there are more of us "numbskulls" than you think., and as long as the State of Maine continues to spend more money than it takes in, we "idiots" will continue to fight the system. Furthermore, us "clowns" realized that the politically correct train was going to derail sooner or later and never got on board. You sir, are a prime example of how it went off the tracks and that you're back to right where you started, a name calling blowhard, without a lick of political or fiscal sense, that thinks the government can just print money without anyone ever having to pay it back.
You are the "clown" for dancing to the happy jig of the fiscally inept and politically corrupt. You are the "idiot" who has faith in a government that illegally spies on its citizens in the name of security. You are one of the people who are willing to give up the liberties guaranteed in the Constitution in order to prevent "possible" terrorists from assaulting our country. How well did all that info gathering do in stopping the bombers in Boston?
Well, you don't need to worry, the terrorists are already here, and "We, the Idiots", put them into office (Most of them are Democrats, but there are some Republicans too).
If you're up to it, I suggest you read George Orwell's "1984", It might be enlightening for you. By the way, I embrace my lack of political correctness with open arms, while at the same time being pro choice and pro gay.
Have a nice day :)


Yup, the terrorists are in

Yup, the terrorists are in office. Yup, so many of my liberties have been taken away. Yup, our government spies on us illegally, as long as it's Obama in the White House, even though Bush created the Patriot Act. This is why I call you an idiot, a clown and a numbskull. What liberties have you lost? Are you so important that the government is spying on you? Obama is a terrorist along with the majority of the Senate and both houses in the Maine government system. Yup those damn Democrats want to destroy America!
Don't you realize how ridiculous you sound? Paranoid much? Oh, I like the way you failed to bring up an argument about what a free election is all about, and the way the system should work after an election.
I call you and your ilk numbskulls, idiots and clowns because that's the way I see it. It's okay for the troll in the Blaine House to insult people on a national stage because he calls it like he sees it, well I guess that's my right too.
Wanna bet on the next election?

 's picture

You're entitled to your opinion, just like anyone else

but i can damned near guarantee you that if a Democrat takes the Blaine house, there will be tax increases. Not just property, but income and sales as well, to support the ever expanding welfare rolls in Maine. I will also make a bet that your type will be the first ones complaining when property taxes go up even more (if you pay them that is). Your section 8 payment will go up if you rent, but your food stamps will go up to make the difference. If you don't complain it will be due to the fact that the government is paying all of your bills already and you don't want to bitch about the hand that feeds you. You will have no problem bitching about the taxpayer that doesn't want to support your sorry, lazy ass anymore.
"But I have a job!!"you say. Do you pay property taxes? No Do you get the earned income credit that pays you for popping out babies even though you pay no real taxes?YES Do you get HEAP assistance for your fuel oil bills?YES Do you get food stamps? probably Are you receiving TANF or SSDI payments? probably Are you lying to the feds and the state about who REALLY lives in your household? Probably
If you have a job and are still collecting ANY of the above benefits, congratulations!!! You are one of the millions of losers that my tax dollars are supporting ( I get NONE, ZERO, ZILCH of those benefits) and you should be proud of your ability to screw the system with a straight face while the rest of us who actually WORK full time for a living get no help at all, but our taxes support you.
Have no fear though, Karma is a miserable B...h and eventually it will come round to bite you in the ass. I will be there with a camera when it happens...
One last thought... Did you know that OBAMA has prosecuted twice as many people under the 1917 esiponage act as every other president COMBINED??? Most of those prosecutions were for revealing evidence to the US public that the administration felt that we didn't need to know even though there were laws in place saying that we have a RIGHT to know. Look it up, it's all out there for people to see if they aren't blinded by the blight.


Held the same job for 38

Held the same job for 38 years, working up from the low man on the floor to Plant Manager making six figures. Own my own home in Lewiston. Married to the same woman for 36 years raising four children along the way, two that are attending RPI, after finishing as the top two males in their high school class. Made dean's list both semesters this past year. Don't believe me? Let me know and I'll invite you over for a plant tour.
That's the problem with you bananas, you think that because we vote Democratic, we're all on the dole. Well guess what you're wrong you loser. What's your claim to fame, picking up trash in Rumford?

 's picture

Again with the personal insults...

I'm happy that you were able to get in on a good Union job back in the 1970s and work your way up the ladder by means of seniority.
I also never said that you, personally, were on the dole. You ran with that assessment all by yourself. it may not apply to you, but it is curious that almost every person that I know who collects any kind of state or federal aid, votes Democrat.
As for my claim to fame, I don't have one. But then again it has never been my goal to famous or rich either. If I was picking up trash, i would do that job just as conscientiously as I have done any other job. Imagine what the world would be like if nobody picked it up!
There, you see, is the two sided Democrat coin.You vote Democrat because they support your union but you sneer at anyone who actually has to work for a living. Non union working stiffs who make just enough to be ineligible for welfare benefits tend to vote Republican and are opposed to tax increases. Gee, I wonder why...


Sorry Ed, non-union plant.

Sorry Ed, non-union plant. Always has been always will be.


Oh, a please, please take a

Oh, a please, please take a minute to explain to me how the system is supposed to work after an election. That seems to keep slipping your mind.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Spot on Ed - Kudos.

Spot on Ed - Kudos.


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