L. Carrier: Obama administration failure

President Barack Obama is starting to crumble away. He seems to enjoy multiple layers of protection and insulation when it comes to bearing any blame or responsibility for the many scandals which are currently engulfing his administration.

His methodology is very simple — deny, deflect, dodge, distract, demonize, destroy. And he does it so well. Practice does make perfect. To hear his constant denials on anything potentially damaging to his presidency, I seriously wonder how this detached president can possibly lead and govern this country?

It certainly doesn't hurt him that the bedazzled mainstream media bolster him unconditionally by fawning and refusing to hold him accountable.

But the fortunes may be slowly turning. The shields and barriers Obama has enjoyed may be weakening.

Democrats, especially ones running in 2014, will be facing enormous fallout when the truth and reality of Obamacare set in. Loyalty to Obama will certainly be trumped by political self-survival.

Thanks to the dogged resolve of Sen. Lindsey Graham, Rep. Trey Gowdy and others, the details of Benghazi (which the Obama administration has so desperately tried to hide) may finally be brought to light. That could be damaging. And, finally, as the IRS scandal deepens and the reality of criminal prosecution begins to stare the minions and underlings in the face, the administration's house of cards may tumble.

Shoes will drop, canaries will sing and rats will flee the ship in droves.

Larry Carrier, Sabattus

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Jason Theriault's picture


He's at 45% approval, which isn't even the lowest he's been in the past 6 months.

 's picture

Take a nap.

Disapproval ratings ...

63% deficit
61% NSA surveillance
58% economy
57% gun control
55% health care
55% IRS abuse
53% immigration
50% foreign policy

That last one is telling. He toured the world 5 years ago as the conquering hero. The European stuffed shirts have (re)learned a bitter lesson. When you put someone on such a lofty pedestal, the fall is spectacular.

But Jason loves him, so pay no attention to the emperor's invisible suit.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Jason would probably defend

Jason would probably defend him if he were found in a closet with a dead woman or a live boy. 0O:-)

 's picture

Where she stops, nobody knows.

Here's how the administration deals with scandals.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Actually given the political atmosphere.....

Lets face it, no matter what anyone does, someone is not going to like it. Spin the dial, works for me, how much different is the wheel, from a politician? I say we could make it more interesting, throw in some dice. Everyone in Washington considers legislation as a crap-shoot anyway. Why not increase the odds?????????????????????????????

 's picture

Larry, Larry

you could at least be original.
What scandal's. Yesterday the truth came out on the IRS - they targeted all political groups that tried to game the system by applying for 501c(4) exemptions (exemptions that allow them to hide their donors names because they are not engaged in politics like Karl Rove's c(4) group). As Federal law required them.
Benghazi, a scandal? The administration conducted an investigation before the Republicans reporting out problems that lead to the death of one of are Ambassadors. Sec. Clinton took the blame for the incident. The Congressional Republicans never investigated the nine embassy attacks or the deaths of diplomatic personnel that occurred during the Bush Administration. Nor did they investigate the more than $60 billion lost in Iraq to waste, fraud, and abuse not to mention bribery. Seems they only investigate Democratic Administrations. That won't be partisan politics now would it?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

That may be the case.......................

Obama, is fighting off one attack after another, one scandal is cleared up, and another crashes in. Personally I don't see where any of these so called scandals are of any danger to anyone.
How many weeks ago did the Tea Party put out their directive to amass any and all scandals possible toward the President. I have to admit, they are doing a pretty good job of it. I do have just one question. Ever since Barack Obama has been President, The Republican party has done everything imaginable to attack the white house. They have twisted as well as embellished the truth every way possible for one reason, stop the President. Why? Why are these idiots so hell bent on destroying their own as well as everyone's chances of a happy lifestyle. I personally don't get off on trying to mess with what I don't happen to agree with. It's gotten to be a game for the Right. Let's stop Obama.
In every game the winner gets a prize. What possible prize do the Republicans expect from screwing up the economy and shutting down government. If their expecting to switch the parties around and put a Republican in the White House, whats to stop the Dem's from waging war. It's a never ending battle. We the citizens are caught in the middle.
My only wish is simple. I wish someone, Republican or Democrat, could emerge out of this disaster, and lead this country responsibly. No games, no one upmanship's, just plain common seance leadership. We don't need one scandal after another, we don't need a play by play of what the President's doing wrong. We need mature responsible individuals in Washington to do the job of the people. Not the job of "Tabloid News Papers"...............................

 's picture


They hate Obama. They hate a republican form of government. They hate responsible government. They only love themselves.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

And they

And they are different from the democrats? What is different other than the party in power? It is time to to clean house of everyone of them? Most definatly it is. Each and every one of these politicans starting from the town and cities up to and including the president should be replaced by people that care about all the people than making their party look good.

 's picture

And just who would they be

"....should be replaced by people that care about all the people...:" It is the inherent nature of politics in a republican government with an asymetry of power that politics is a process of compromise and therefore deals. Money rules. Thats how our Constitution was written. It has nothing to do with the people who are elected, political parties, current issues. Its structural. They only way you change it is by establishing some form of dictatorship.
Your desire for no parties or parties that don't effect policy is a forlorn hope. Everyone had it in 1787. It was abandoned by 1788.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

What we are seeing from the

What we are seeing from the Obama administration is larger than Obama himself. It is a sign the government is too large to control; it is out of hand.

IRS, wiretapping, NSA are all symbolic of a canary in the coalmine. Expect more oppression and tyranny to come if the people do not shrink the size and power of government.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Again I ask.................

Why are the Republicans so hell bent on misery????????????????????????????

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Like many medical procedures,

Like many medical procedures, such as hemorrhoid removal, it may appear to be misery, but with time the pain subsides and you are better off in the long term.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

oBAMa hasn't quite gotten to

oBAMa hasn't quite gotten to the point of making Nixon look good yet, but he is well on his way.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Given time

Given time Obama can make the peanut farmer look good.


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