Livermore Falls police Lt. Gould named new police chief of Fairfield

LIVERMORE FALLS — Police Lt. Thomas Gould, a veteran law enforcement officer, will become the police chief in Fairfield, starting July 15.

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Thomas Gould

“During the past couple months we went through a lengthy hiring process in which there were more than 40 applicants,” Fairfield Town Manager Joshua Reny said Friday. “We interviewed eight candidates and then had second interviews with those on our short list. We ultimately selected Mr. Gould because we believe he has all the qualities that we were looking for in a new chief.”

Gould has the experience, character and leadership skills that are necessary, he said.

“He is community focused and has a stellar reputation in Livermore Falls,” Reny said. “He is at the point in his career that he is prepared to become a chief, and we believe he will be very effective as Fairfield’s new chief law enforcement officer. We are very happy that he has accepted the position and we look forward to welcoming him to his new community.”

Gould will earn $56,000 at an annualized rate the first six months, then $58,000 per year thereafter, Reny said.

Gould, of Jay, has submitted his resignation to Livermore Falls town officials, effective July 11.

He has been with the town for nearly three decades, Livermore Falls police Chief Ernest Steward Jr. said. When Steward became chief 25 years ago, Gould was attending the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.

 "I am very proud and happy for him, he is ready and deserves this chance to move on in his career," Steward said. "He will surely be missed in Livermore Falls by the department as well as the citizens. Tom has dedicated 26 years to this town as a full-time police officer. He has been a loyal and dedicated officer his entire time here. On behalf of the police department and myself, we wish him good luck."

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Roger Moulton's picture

Missed? Wow best joke of the day right there!!!!!

Missed? Are you kidding me? I don't know a single resident in town that will miss him, maybe some fast running trouble kids, since he'd never catch them. I had the great opportunity to be maced by Tom, because I guess it's illegal to tell police not to swear at you in your own home. Literally that's all I said and him and Mike Pike tackled me to the ground and maced me even though I didn't resist. Any chance you guys wanna take our chief with him? Yeah that's right and I couldn't care less if they both read this. The only reason guys like Tom Gould got away with the way they acted there is because Ernie allowed it and covered for them. In the case I mention above my attorney requested the audio tapes from the police cruiser as Mike Pike called me several homosexual names and threatened me. Surprise surprise there was a problem with the audio recording system in the car that day, ie. there was no way ernie was going to allow anyone to hear that conversation. Steve, Tom's brother is a heck of a guy and the town would miss him dearly. I know lots of folks that will be glad to see Tom leave though. And in case anyone thinks I'm just some police hating punk, the only thing I have on my record is a disorderly conduct from the above incident, which would have been dismissed if our faithful cheif either didn't destroy the audio tape(my opinion) or did a better job making sure that stuff was functioning. I have the utmost respect for Steve Gould and all of the police on Jay's department but LF could use an overhaul like the one Wilton got. I would easily put Tom in the same category. And in all honesty if Mr. Gould apologized and admitted he was wrong I would shake his hand and forget he was involved, but he won't because he's too proud and that's the biggest reason that he's a terrible cop, let alone a chief. I bet the rate of mace being used in Fairfield doubles over the next year.

Roger Moulton's picture


just in case anyone wants to say something about how I wouldn't say it to his face, just ask him what my response was when he said hello to me in the parking lot at Franchetti's, and there was his chance to apologize. I kept my cool and just let him know that I have grown and matured and still know what he did was wrong. I also told him that if his job required him to speak to me for something by all means go ahead but otherwise please don't speak to me. He's maced and punched so many people that he needed better clarification of who I was lmao.

 's picture

Not the first Chief Gould in Fairfield.

Any relation to Fred?


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