R. Dube: Merger fate up to voters

Combining the resources of Lewiston-Auburn is not a new idea. In fact I was on a committee back 15 or 20 years ago to work on a plan that would merge the Twin Cities and potentially save the taxpayers millions of dollars.

Like many other plans, that one got shelved and lost in the shuffle and never brought to fruition.

Now the opportunity has come once again for the citizens of Lewiston-Auburn to have their voices heard. All it would take is a quick stop at the office of the Chamber of Commerce on Lisbon Street for residents to place their names on a petition. The petition would allow the matter to be placed on the ballot in the November elections.

Signing the petition would not be about voters being for or against the merger, but simply to move forward and elect a charter commission to study the merger further. It is not a petition to have a vote on the consolidation of the two cities, as that would come later.

The benefits of a merger are numerous but the public will never know until people take that first step. There needs to be 1,000 signatures from Lewiston and another 1,000 from Auburn for the question to be on the ballot in November.

I am hoping other registered voters of Lewiston and Auburn will join me in making a visit to the Chamber office within the next week and let their voices be heard by signing that petition.

Rita Dube, Lewiston

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I say that there is no

I say that there is no millions in savings. Prove me wrong. Show me where the savings are.


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