Governor must accept he can't win them all

Gov. Paul LePage is upset about the way the legislative session ended. In the final days, Democrats and some Republicans overrode his vetoes of two major pieces of legislation, the budget and the energy bill.

Another governor in the same position might have stood back, pointed to the goals he had accomplished, declared victory and flown off to Jamaica.

But LePage plays winner-take-all politics, where a partial victory is the same as a defeat.

Realistically, the governor got much of what he wanted, despite Democrats controlling both halves of the Legislature.

He managed to save his income tax reduction from delay or repeal, even though it caused about half of this year's budget deficit problem.

He pushed through what he said was his top priority, paying off the large debt Maine owes to its hospitals for past MaineCare services.

And he got it done his way by introducing an open request for proposals process to maximize the revenue that will be returned to the states.

The governor's approach was the right one and he prevailed.

Republicans in Legislature sustained 48 of the governor's vetoes, which seemed like a maddening degree of loyalty to Democrats.

They labeled the Republican legislators puppets for regularly switching sides on issues to accommodate the governor. But by the end of the session the governor was denouncing his fellow Republicans as faint-hearted.

The governor managed to prevent Maine from participating in an extension of Medicaid to 70,000 Mainers, another "victory" from his perspective.

We believe the governor's opposition was an unfortunate mistake, but LePage could certainly claim credit for getting his own way.

The governor didn't get his way twice, but he did have a significant effect on the two bills that passed over his objections.

Many of the items in the budget bill contained compromises with the governor's original position.

He wanted to eliminate revenue sharing with local communities, which would have resulted in disastrous cuts to municipal services or painful increases in property taxes.

Instead, Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature made modest and, they say, temporary increases in the sales, meals and lodging taxes to help offset about half the loss to communities.

In many spending categories, the final budget was a compromise between what the governor wanted and what the Legislature was willing to do.

A more experienced politician might have called a press conference at the end of the session and pointed to all what he had accomplished under difficult circumstances.

But our governor is an all-or-nothing person. He equates compromise with defeat.

There's a reason we have three branches of government — it's too easy for a single person, or a single branch of government to run amok.

Experience shows the best ideas emerge when people put their heads together and work out their differences.

That's a frustrating process, and the result is rarely exactly what anyone wants.

It is unfortunate the governor finds so much anguish in that.

The opinions expressed in this column reflect the views of the ownership and the editorial board.

What do you think of this story?

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Governor must accept he can't win them all

Mainers , Saturday 11:11 am hst ?
It's been said B4 but i'll say it again
Your governor is a sore loser " I hate to lose . "
We often wonder what position he played in baseball . ...
Left out ?
btw - When are the ßruins moving to Portland . . . ..Oregon ?
HAahahHAhah !
/s , Steve :D

James Andrews's picture

Don't give a damn what ya

Don't give a damn what ya think. We're still better off with him in office, than some leftist, overtaxing and overspending monster who wants only to further strip us of our rights. Big government is not the solution: it is the very core of the problem.

We're even

Don't care what you think either.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Wayne ? - L O L - Governor

Wayne ? - L O L - Governor must accept that he is a b i g loser
Listening to the group " Fountains of Wayne "
/s , even steven :D 1 pm hst ? ƒunday

All of know works for them.

Republicans are winner across the nation with it against a weak and passive Democratic Party. Expect much more.... We haven't seen nothing yet.

And the one victory for the left, DOMA? Serves to gin up the conservative base as well... And the noise created by this victory covers up the Democratic Party rack of losses, one on top of another.

LePage has Washington possibilities... If he minds his language some.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Steve ? D O M A was struck

Steve ? D O M A was struck down , again , just , yesterday , Saturday by a Supreme Court conservative Justice named Tony Kennedy and not a she-male
r u a homo sapien or a homo erectus ? Grow some ?
/s , Steve :D
" Our women are corn fed "

Steve  Dosh's picture

Steve ? Yeah , Washington

Steve ? Yeah , Washington state ; he and Ms. Palin from AK go to a place where the sun never shines -
Seatlle ?  Happy 4th /s Steve ;)

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Mama Grizzley

Female a sow....put lipstick on a sow, still a sow....sow roast time buried in firepit for one day...tasty...

Steve  Dosh's picture

Jer ? L O L Jest yesterday .

Jer ? L O L Jest yesterday . .just yesterday . .Putin ( Russia - i duno' W H Y they put in Putin ! ;) said , " It's like shearing a pig . You don't get much fur and the pig just s q u e a l s , " with reference to the whole ' man without a country ' spy case .
Isn't Mr. Snowden ffrom Maine ? HAHaHAh /s, Steverino :D
" Never fight with a pig . You only get dirty and the pig likes it ."

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Now how to get

A repub and a teabagger excited at the same time..put glasses and lipstick on a pig and name it Palin..and give them pig in a share.....

winner... winning....


And Paul LaPage is a "winner," perhaps the winner in all this.

James Andrews's picture

Governor LePage

It is amazing to me, that this article tries to lay some blame with the Governor's decisions, and tries to paint him in a bad way, especially when it comes to his desire to lower income taxes on us, the working class. This article blames that for about "half of the budget deficits", yet they failed to mention that the state government has grown too big over the years, particularly DHS, and the so called "Maine Care" program. First of all, the state should have never gotten into the healthcare field to begin with! They would have trouble properly managing a paper bag full of twenty dollar bills, let alone hundreds of millions of dollars. When LePage came into office(and thank God he did), Maine Care was running a deficit of around two hundred and fifty million dollars! The state needs to get out of this arena, as we cannot afford this as taxpayers. I know a lot of folks aren't happy with him, but I think he is the best Governor the sate has had in the past fifty years. The working class cannot afford anymore tax hikes, period. We are getting killed out here. The only thing the state should be spending a little more money on is our roads right now.


State government is too big

Seems to me that is somebody's opinion. Why is it too big and how do we know that bigger wouldn't be better? Where is the ultimate authority who will tell us exactly what is the right size. I'm hearing many self-proclaimed experts but frankly don't see a whole lot of dependable advice. I'm also hearing a lot of self-interest and spin. As for the government not being involved in health care, I have to wonder where someone would get a notion like that. The government has been involved in the care for the sickest among us since the day it was formed. Who took care of the wounded soldiers in the Revolutionary War? And what the government wasn't doing the religious organizations were doing with the contributions of the healthy. At what point in human history do you remember the day when there were no sick and elderly people among us who needed care? Humans have been taking care of their sick since the beginning of dawn. Perhaps you are confusing us with monkeys.

James Andrews's picture


You are soooooo wrong, private charities took care of our sick without stealing other peoples money. that is the way it should be now. Here is a dose of reality, I am not responsible for your healthcare. Remember what the government gives to someone free, they must take from someone else!! What is next for you, do you feel the government should buy your car and house too? What incentive do I have to want to work to provide for my family if the government give it to me free?

James Andrews's picture

State Government

Sorry.....but we'd be better off with monkees in there than what we have now.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Jim ? 1 pm hst ?

Jim ? 1 pm hst ? Sunday
Post a picture . It's EZ to - do ;)
/s , Andy ( not ) , yet , i have a son by the name of Andrew
R I P Steve Jobs ref : :D

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

You do have one...of the larger species...

One large looking ape in the guvs seat....acts like one....behaves like his chest like one...swings his arms like one with his knuckles dragging....



Since the federal congress has a current approval rating of 10% just above cockroaches and some people have compared our current legislature to them a would say a lot of people would agree with you there. I doesn't follow however that government is bad. It means some changes need to occur.

James Andrews's picture

Claire: I can live with

Claire: I can live with "changes", but only if they stop taking more out of my paychecks, and stop trying to further strip us of our Constitutional, inalienable rights.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

further strip us of our Constitutional, inalienable rights.

List them, the ones you lost?

Steve  Dosh's picture

Claire , 11:40 am - ish HST

Claire , 11:40 am - ish HST Sat
Positive changes - not change for change sake , i.e, " Change we can believe in " ;)
One can hardly ever reason with jokers , okay ? ~ It's a lot like punching jello or pushing spaghetti ~
btw - anarchy is a poor alternative , Andrew Jones . Good governance is a good idea
Homo sapiens all ,
" The only thing the state should be spending a little more money on is our roads right now ."
Your Governor Paul & Susan Collins do not - W A N T - or even \/ote for US federal money for ME , James and the Marks ( Eliot and Gavel ) , for repairing your rusty bridges and decrepit roads they'ya
Let's not spend money on police , fire , EMS - EMT , 9.11 services , water & sewer mains , garbage collections , schools and snow plowing all you other insensitive and non thinking Republicans ?
Move to NH then
Live free
Glad some one can spell " monkeys " L O L
/s , a former homo erectus named Steve in HI :D

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Right on the mark James.

Right on the mark James. Moreover, the population is aging, so we can reasonably expect revenues to decline as individuals retire and drop out of the job market. If anything, demographic changes will force tighter budgets that just cannot be load balanced on to the working taxpayers.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

More whiteys leaving, more tanned breeders coming..

More white Americans are dying than being born for the first time in modern history—suggesting minorities and newcomers will play an important role in fueling the population growth America's recovering economy needs to thrive.

Revenues will not be declining....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

You mean all those new

You mean all those new arrivals who are predominately unskilled workers and competing with low skilled Americans at walmart will be fueling the government? You think so?

I would think they will extract more than they contribute. The average American for example who pays about $170k into Medicare over their life; Yet the average American receives about $300k in Medicare benefits.

Now that is a winning recipe.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

The average American for example

That paid into it, that never uses it or what they did pay in, not using more of what they did pay or dies before eligible . Those monies adding into the pool...... Your assumptions of actuarial calculations are based exactly on what, SWAG.....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

By law those individuals

By law those individuals should not be in the workforce in the first place.

What part of the average American gets more in Medicare benefits than they pay in to the system is confusing?

How long can that last, especially in an aging population and injecting more low-skill labor that will not offset this imbalance for several generations if ever. The math simply does not pass muster.

These sorts of things are self-correcting. We are already seeing state governments trying to broaden their tax base to keep the illusion of prosperity going - Maine property taxes are case in point – a prelude of things to come.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

It's a lot more than what he won or lost.........

This whole mess is the result of a severely unqualified individual being allowed to take a job he was not able to perform. My biggest complaint with LePage has nothing to do with what he "won" or whether he got his way, it has to do with what he has done to damage this State.
In just two years he has transformed the democratic process in Maine, into a dictatorship. Like any other dictator in history, he gets what he wants at any cost. He uses intimidation, threats and his tough guy attitude. evidently some people would rather support him, as apposed to putting him in his place.
This one individual, in his imminent wisdom has single handidly denied potentially lifesaving health care to untold thousands of residents of this State. He has decided that rather than share the windfall of taxes, taxes we all pay, he would let the local cities and towns suffer. He just doesn't care. His anger has caused irreparable divides in this State. I's not supposed to be left against right, Republicans against Democrats. It's supposed to be both parties working together for the single purpose of improving life for the people of Maine. Instead it has become what would make Paul LePage happy. The worst part of this to me is, LePages total lack of empathy. He only cares about Paul LePagre and no one else. He knows, that no matter what happens, he has his pension, his health insurance, and a very good retirement planned. No one can take that away from him. So in his mind, anything goes, it won't affect him.
I honestly feel, that in the future, governor elects must take and pass a full psychiatric exam. no exceptions.....................................................

James Andrews's picture

What a bunch of crap. The

What a bunch of crap. The Democrats have the majority right now. There is no "dictatorship", except in your mind. Thank God we have LePage in there, as our tax burden would be rising even faster without him in there.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

You can call it anything you want.........

This guy is a one man wrecking ball. 48 vetoes or refusing to speak with certain party officials? How about his stance on workers rights? His removing the mural at the State House had nothing to do with housekeeping, it was a symbolic gesture to slam the working folks of Maine. He is just against everything we need in Augusta.
His unwillingness to work together with anyone, destroys the fabric of Democracy in Government, it's not supposed to be a one man show. In my book, a one man show is equivalent to a dictatorship. You know what they say, "If it quacks like a duck"..........

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Hence your Dicktator

Thank God we have you say...


Government of the people

The more I see the Tea Party followers in action the more I think they don't believe in government by consensus of the governed. They seem to think they know better what is good for the rest of us and are willing to shove it down our throats for our own good. While they profess to want less government , the government they really want is totalitarian because they have convinced themselves that their opinion is either universal or the only one that counts.

James Andrews's picture

Your statement is hilarious,

Your statement is hilarious, since the last thing the Tea Party wants is more government, who is really the only entity with the power to "shove anything down our throats". The private sector does not have those powers; only government. You need to study some real history and economics. The bottom line is that many thousands of us working class Mainers, cannot afford our tax burdens to increase year after year;we're getting killed as it is. The state needs to prioritize it's spending, and keep it in check, not continually add and raise taxes on us. And the abuses and fraud of our welfare/disability systems must be curtailed as well. It's bad enough that the Feds are involved in healthcare; the state doesn't belong in it, and should get out of it.



You are correct that the one who can shove things is the government. That is why the Tea Party while proclaiming their hatred of government is actually looking to increase its role in it. And it is doing it by allying itself with the only other power that can shove things the largest corporations. That would not be so bad in itself but they have shown that once they gain power they use it to disenfranchise anybody who does not agree with them and to side with the corporations against the working people and to demonize women, minorities, and the sick amongst us as being leeches and to dismantle the social institutions that have been the staple of our democracy and our prosperity such as public education, and aid for and retraining of the unemployed, college education, home ownership and our infrastructure and any investment in our future . If working Mainers are hurting, and they are, there are many causes besides taxation. And there are many ways to fix it other than to dismantle our society.

James Andrews's picture

Your comment is ridiculous on

Your comment is ridiculous on many fronts. No one is demonizing women or minorities; you are allowing yourself to be brainwashed by the left, on these matters. Second, no one, including most Tea Party types, is out to completely stop truly necessary help or aide for the elderly/sick/disabled, who truly need it. It is the fraud and the abuses of the systems currently in place(and the massive costs to us as taxpayers) that we have issues with. Retraining unemployed is better done via the private sector, not state government, and college education should be funded privately, not off the backs of taxpayers. I can accept the tax burden for grades up to the high school graduation, but after that, it should fall on the individual/student loans, etc. Home ownership is not a right, but a priviledge(as is healthcare), and the state should not be involved in those areas either. And as far as those "bad corporations" go, remember that your favorite democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Diane (a Nazi) Feinstein are multi-millionares who own much stock in said corporations. There are just as many rich Democrats as there are Republicans across America, but your crowd likes to believe that only the rich Republicans are evil. What a joke. Newsflash: both parties have been screwing us for many years now, robbing us blind, putting our families futures in jeopardy, continually trying to further strip us of our Bill of Rights, etc. I bet you're anti-gun rights as well, huh?



I have not been brainwashed by the Left. On the contrary I have been listening carefully to the words spoken by the Right. Evidently you have been deaf to their comments regarding women and minorities some of which have been made on this website that are very offensive and untrue ergo demonizing.. I keep hearing that Republicans are willing to help the truly needy but not the leeches. Well I am yet to hear who is truly needy because when you pin conservatives down they are all leeches including disabled veterans, Alzheimer riddled seniors, refugees and disabled children if you go by whose benefits are being cut. If there is any brainwashing it is the folks who maintain that we are the Santa Claus of the world and everybody is coming here for our great welfare benefits. Well the first time I heard that was 20 years ago when the welfare folks in Atlanta were giving their clients one-way bus tickets to Lewiston and telling them they would get great benefits here. The clients were all black and the Georgia folks did not do that because they cared about the poor. It didn't take long for the newly arrived to realize that was fiction and they are all gone now. It is hard to kill a lie though. More real brainwashing we hear over and over is that the State of Maine is broke but we can afford to buy the governor a TV to insult the legislators, we can give back millions in federal health care money and we can pay the hospitals lump sums and we don't need to fix our roads with the bonds our citizens voted for. Looks to me like the State has lots of money for the" Right" things.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


the state doesn't belong in it, and should get out of it.????

You need it or those in your immediate family or their offsprings, then it would be of a necessity...hmmm...thinking about only me, myself and I.... we see...

last thing the Tea Party wants is more government,???
But laws are being submitted....
What they say and what they do are contrary to what they do by creating more laws, obstructions into peoples lives, getting into bedrooms, or what God you must worship and womens vaginas to hamper and interject into others lives....

Yepper skippy we see you point of delusions of grandeur...

James Andrews's picture

Show me where in the State of

Show me where in the State of Maine the Tea Party is introducing any laws-that is pure bunk. Second, the last thing they want is to obstruct anyone's lives, or get into their bedroom. You're being brainwwashed as well. However, as a tax payer, and someone who pays for his own health care, I should not be forced to pay higher insurance premiums because Big Brother decides to force the insurance companies to pay for someone's birth control.. Health insurance was never intended/meant to cover such things. Never. Nor does the Tea party take any stance on religion, so that part of your statement is also ridiculous. All they want is a somewhat smaller, more efficient, and fiscally responsible government, that adhers to and abides by and upholds our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. That's all they want. If you believe anything else, than you are not thinking properly.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Tea for losers

The poll, produced by Langer Research Associates, found six in 10 Americans aren't particularly interested in additional information about the tea Party, and 41 percent aren't interested “at all.” Thirty-nine percent have at least some interest, but just 9 percent are very interested. Among those with interest, more than six in 10 already support it.

James Andrews's picture

I really don't care about

I really don't care about what some poll says, nor am I a member of the Tea Party, though I believe in their basic premises. I do get a kick out of just how upset or scared some folks seem to be of them though, even though all they really want is a smaller, and fiscally responsible government, and for our Bill of rights to be secured. It's amazing how many of you still don't see the mess that this nation is in right now, and just how badly our own government has been violating the Constitution and breaking the law. When Bush was in office, many of you couldn't stop screaming, but when Owebama and his leftist henchmen and women get "involved" in one corrupt scandal after another, you think it's OK? Give us a break....and go read some history and some real economics. This administration has violated the law more than most former administrations, and now we have illegal spying(without a warrant, in direct violation of our Fourth Amendment), leftist, gun grabbers like Feinstein, who want to further strip us of a Constitutionally guaranteed right,( and the most important one of all), etc. Stop being so party blind. Regardless of party, anyone of them who is a threat to our Bill of Rights should be recalled, arrested, and sent to prison immediately.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Owebama and his leftist henchmen and women get "involved"

Cuckoo for coco puffs....violating the Constitution...if that was so, there would be impeachments since that are sworn to uphold the Constitution....

Benghazi, GOP smear...
Gun control, nobodies guns have been taken away or are ever going too.
Fast and furious, no charges, again Issa mud slinging...
IRS, no laws broken but questionable management and decisions made questioned.
Unwarranted NSA, seems that hasn't truly be proven either...other than what the NSA has shared but again was part of Patriots Act..

so it appears mostly allegations and conjecture...worse, conspiracies that was tried to be made into somethings there are not....

The sky is falling, watch out for falling debris...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

New Poll Shows Tea Party Support Declining

The poll found that 41 percent of Americans still identify as supporters of the low-tax, limited-government movement, down from a high of 47 percent last September. Half of those polled said that the more they hear about the tea party, the less they like it, compared to 27 percent who say that they like it more.
Much of the decline in tea party backing can be traced to younger voters, the poll found. Support has dropped among young adults from 51 percent to 31 percent since last fall.
The poll, produced by Langer Research Associates, found six in 10 Americans aren't particularly interested in additional information about the tea Party, and 41 percent aren't interested “at all.” Thirty-nine percent have at least some interest, but just 9 percent are very interested. Among those with interest, more than six in 10 already support it.

Say goodbye to the TPotty Whig party.....

BTW in order for the TPotty to introduce bills, that can't get them passed unless they have the majority. That is where you used the Repubs....

OH right that is where you Tpotty people need to ride the shirt tails of the Repubs to get them passed, but then you all say you are not them or want to be part of, or like them......--- Tea Party is introducing all kinds of laws- that is is you missing the boat on how it works....and who stands for whom...

Who is using whom?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

James James James, pull your head out of the sand

Crawl out of your bubble and look around...stop thinking about just Maine as the boilerplate of what the TPotty is really doing all over the country...You cannot live in seclusion of just Maine and expect your bunk to fly....what is happening in the US by others reflect back to the TPotty as a whole.....

THE ALEC agenda is being brought to every state with a repub gov or legislature that can and is willing to push it...that is the reality of your state of confusion..

The Tpotty is full of rads even further to the right from the right wing itself....

James Andrews's picture


Its people like you that deem those who believe in what are founding fathers laid out (Smaller Government, fiscal responsibility) extreme!. Really? Have you ever read the Tea parties mission statement? Obviously not. Its you who are extreme my friend. Thomas Jefferson would be rolling in his grave if he knew what was going on today.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Really is reality

What you think or what the mission states is contrary to what they do and say....REALLY...see string, watch puppet....

TJ is dead get over would a whole lot of others be turning over, if they saw what the TPotty and the repubs are doing today following the mission of ALEC under the Kochs and others that are swayed by their agenda and us folks so easily like you with a Teabag hanging from your chest like a medal of honor....

Forefathers are dead and so goes the TPotty with it....Halloween is over, take off the costumes ....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Would you be in support of

Would you be in support of rape by consensus? People with an individualism bias feel that government is force. Forcing us to do what they want against your will.

That said, if we have less government, there is nothing to stop a group of individuals from living collectively.

I have never heard any Tea Party follower say you cannot voluntarily live collectively; they are against government forcing them to live collectively.

Remember, government operates by force. You are welcome to go live collectively - isn't that real freedom?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Vaginal probes and ultrasounds,

Forcing us to do what they want against your will. That smaller government you keep wanting...

Pissing into cups for unemployment.....having to stand for unnecessary hours to vote since polling places were shut down.

Ah yes we see you're a dreamer of no government, never happen, that is your reality of delusion....


One more thing

If you accept citizenship in a country a make use of the right to vote, how is that not accepting to live collectively?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Simply, I did not vote to go

Simply, I did not vote to go $17 Trillion dollars in debt and redistribute my earns to politicians. Case in point - pay for GSA/IRS parties. Stop asking for more money and fix what is broken.

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

You did Vote

"Simply, I did not vote to go $17 Trillion dollars in debt and redistribute my earns to politicians" Really ?? we lived in a representative democracy (US Constitution) where the people elect representatives who in turn vote for them in the legislature. Majority rule has been the law of the land up to now when the republicans decided it would become 2/3 by completely abusing the filibuster (not in the constitution). so you did vote through your elected representative --your representative may not have won the vote -- but it was voted. As for the great deal for the middle class by LePages tax cuts -- NO about 70% of the $400 million cut went to the wealthiest 5% of Mainers not to the middle class-- we got about 30% ! What the middle class got was a giant tax shift back to the local government so they could cut services or as is happening in many towns- raising property taxes !!--- many time these property tax increases are MORE than the middle class received in tax cuts - Now healthcare for the working poor -- do you have a solution on how to pay for this ?? right now the costs are being shifted to the insurance companies and they in turn are shifting through rate increases to those of us who pay for health insurance. --So the middle class is picking up the tab AGAIN !! yes this is a TAX increase brought to you by the Republicans (just hidden in a cost shifting rate increase) What needs to be "fixed" is the vast amount of corporate and wealthy "welfare" 100,s of special tax cuts, deals ,deductions and allowances !!

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I do not vote for any

I do not vote for any representative who does not vote against tax increase; hence, I did not vote to go $17 Trillion dollars in debt – directly or indirectly. Other people voted to steal money from our children.

“NO about 70% of the $400 million cut went to the wealthiest 5% of Mainers not to the middle class”

It is time to broaden the tax base and have everyone put skin in the game.
When everyone has skin in the game, spending will be self-limiting.

The time of having others pay your way is ending.

I will support you on reducing corporate welfare, and the only way to do that is to keep money out of Washington DC.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


the only way to do that is to keep money out of Washington DC.

Not probable...ever, supreme court made sure of that....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

This is another example where

This is another example where the left fails. They fail to understand human behavior. Let me leave you with this parting thought.

If everyone followed the rules, then why does law enforcement exist?

There comes a point when people reject law and order from a banana republic Chiquita.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Goes back to unrealistic

There comes a point when people reject law and order ;;;;yep and they have prisons and large holes for you and those that want to overthrow the government....

Not you or a bunch of halloween costume wearers are going to change a thing....human behavior has demonstrated its intolerance of the man and they had been put in their place again and again with having to accept the status quo. Except like what is happening in the middle east and if that is what you prefer, good luck.....

But I sure would like seats to watch them mow and blow you all away....sedition is a bitch...Tea has runneth over...

MARK GRAVEL's picture

How is that working

How is that working controlling illegal immigration? That us a law! Government simply does not have resources to enforce existing laws.

Nothing I want to live to see...

Death squads like in El Salvador... Hurling dissidents from airplanes over the Pacific Ocean... Tanks in Tiananmen Square... Camps.... Gas chambers....

Dark clouds gathering...

"History is not dead. It is not even past"---William Faulkner

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Sounds like you are

Sounds like you are describing the behavior of a tyrannical government. Perhaps Obama has already started down that path using the IRS, NSA, and justice system against its own criticizes.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Time for

your meds now!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, not made of Tea..

." "If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich." John F. Kennedy, President of the United States. -

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Hey, I would talks Kennedy's

Hey, I would talks Kennedy's fiscal policy over GWB or BHO any day.

More importantly, the US has few poor when measured against world standards. When helping the port means pay for free cell phones the US has become complacent in the global picture.

You Jerry are complacent.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

One may consider an unabated

One may consider an unabated debt now at $17 Trillion not good for man.

Government is force – QED. If you don’t want more debt, we’ll through you in jail. Real smart.

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Follow the crumbs

Where it all started from a projected surplus of 6 Trillion to what tax breaks for the Rich resulted in....

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You know millions of people

You know millions of people know what the government does not know - match spending to revenues - period.

You can argue that you don't like current tax rates, but matching spending to revenues is simple.

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State Government

Good post Mark!

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State Government

Good post Mark!

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When have you ever heard a

When have you ever heard a Democrat or Liberal say, no thank you to tax increases?

By the way, I’ll also say many Republicans are not much better save Tea Party members.



That is one opinion among millions of opinions. It does not weigh more than the others. That is government by consensus of the majority.

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Perhaps that is precisely why

Perhaps that is precisely why the Government wants hoards of unskilled labor to enable stealing from others. Kind of like killing the goose who lays the golden egg if you ask me.

That will all come to an end as the government has to broaden the tax base to keep up with the mob majority spending. Like pushing services to local governments and forcing them to fund them with raising property tax, which is a good self-limiting mechanism. Go LePage.

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Enable stealing from others. WTF

The CGE model shows that comprehensive immigration reform
produces the greatest economic benefits:
• Comprehensive immigration reform generates an annual
increase in U.S. GDP of at least 0.84 percent. This amounts to
$1.5 trillion in additional GDP over 10 years. It also boosts
wages for both native-born and newly legalized immigrant
workers. The effects would generate a $5.3 billion increase in
California, a $1.9 billion increase in Los Angeles County, and a
$1.68 billion increase in Arizona.
• The temporary worker program generates an annual increase
in U.S. GDP of 0.44 percent. This amounts to $792 billion of
additional GDP over 10 years. Moreover, wages decline for
both native-born and newly legalized immigrant workers.
• Mass deportation reduces U.S. GDP by 1.46 percent annually.
This amounts to $2.6 trillion in lost GDP over 10 years, not
including the actual cost of deportation. (2) Wages would rise for
less-skilled native-born workers, but would decline for higherskilled
natives, and would lead to widespread job loss. California
would lose 3.6 million jobs under this scenario and its economy
would shrink $302 billion. Los Angeles County would suffer
1.3 million job losses at a cost of $106 billion to the county economy.
In Arizona, mass deportation would amount to 581,000 lost
jobs and a $48.8 billion contraction of the state economy.

Cato Journal
America’s current approach to immigration policy, exemplified by
Arizona’s S.B. 1070, is economically self-destructive. A more forwardlooking
approach that puts all workers on a legal, even footing offers
opportunity for a costless stimulus to local economies that improves
fiscal balances in the short term and lays the foundation for robust,
just, and widespread growth.

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Let’s not just regurgitate

Let’s not just regurgitate what someone else says; instead, let’s apply some critical thinking.
1. GDP is a function of productivity; productivity is cost per unit labor. Undocumented immigrants contribute to GDP via productivity because many are exploited and are paid lower wages than Americans would perhaps receive for the same job.
2. Boosting wages – How can an increase in the unskilled labor pool boost wages? This runs contrary to simple macroeconomics. As a business, why do I have to worry about wages when I have 10-20 people in line to replace my current employee?
3. Temporary Worker program does boost GDP for the reason I gave in 1, the cost per unit labor is driven down. Moreover, all these studies fail to look at both sides of the balance sheet. According to the department of labor, unemployment is about 14% for those with less than a 10th grade education. That is a drag on the GDP. Hence, just think of the GDP boost if we get those people employed in the labor market.
4. GDP double counts money. They count my earnings, and government counts it again after they take it from me and give it to someone else. That said, we can see an increase in GDP if we just start paying welfare to all the undocumented workers. That said how much of the Cato report GDP increase is from increased government spending.

Most Americans of average intelligence know your numbers are cooked. Lastly, how come the Cato report does not revel their methodology, something any good scientist does.

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CGE models..Cato Institute, which also uses CGE modeling,

Cato Journal, Vol. 32, No. 1 (Winter 2012). Copyright © Cato Institute. All rights
Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda is Founding Director of the North American Integration
and Development Center at the University of California, Los Angeles. He wishes to
thank Robert McCleery and Fernando De Paolis of the Monterrey Institute for
International Studies, and Paule Cruz Takash and Juan Contreras of the NAID
Center, for their assistance.

1Similarly, an August 2009 report from the Cato Institute, which also uses CGE
modeling, estimated that “a policy that reduces the number of low-skilled immigrant
workers by 28.6 percent compared to projected levels would reduce U.S.
household welfare by about 0.5 percent, or $80 billion,” while “the positive
impact for U.S. households of legalization under an optimal visa tax would be
1.27 percent of GDP or $180 billion” (Dixon and Rimmer 2009).

CGE models are descended from the input-output models pioneered by Wassily Leontief, but assign a more important role to prices. Thus, where Leontief assumed that, say, a fixed amount of labour was required to produce a ton of iron, a CGE model would normally allow wage levels to (negatively) affect labour demands.
CGE models derive too from the models for planning the economies of poorer countries constructed (usually by a foreign expert) from 1960 onwards.[citation needed] Compared to the Leontief model, development planning models focused more on constraints or shortages—of skilled labour, capital, or foreign exchange.
CGE modelling of richer economies descends from Leif Johansen's 1960[1] MSG model of Norway, and the static model developed by the Cambridge Growth Project in the UK. Both models were pragmatic in flavour, and traced variables through time. The Australian MONASH model[2] is a modern representative of this class. Perhaps the first CGE model similar to those of today was that of Taylor and Black (1974). [3]
CGE models are useful whenever we wish to estimate the effect of changes in one part of the economy upon the rest. For example, a tax on flour might affect bread prices, the CPI, and hence perhaps wages and employment. They have been used widely to analyse trade policy. More recently, CGE has been a popular way to estimate the economic effects of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
CGE models always contain more variables than equations—so some variables must be set outside the model. These variables are termed exogenous; the remainder, determined by the model, are called endogenous. The choice of which variables are to be exogenous is called the model closure, and may give rise to controversy. For example, some modellers hold employment and the trade balance fixed; others allow these to vary. Variables defining technology, consumer tastes, and government instruments (such as tax rates) are usually exogenous.
Today there are many CGE models of different countries. One of the most well-known CGE models is global: the GTAP[4] model of world trade.
CGE models are useful to model the economies of countries for which time series data are scarce or not relevant (perhaps because of disturbances such as regime changes). Here, strong, reasonable, assumptions embedded in the model must replace historical evidence. Thus developing economies are often analysed using CGE models, such as those based on the IFPRI template model.[5]
In economics, comparative statics is the comparison of two different economic outcomes, before and after a change in some underlying exogenous parameter.[1]

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Since you failed to critique

Since you failed to critique my claims in lieu of cut-n-paste, I can only conclude you have no original thoughts on the topic.

Given the undocumented immigrants in question are already dispersed in the work force, where will the economy its boost?

How do we reason that some businesses, such as slaughter houses, will not simply replace a newly granted documented worker with another undocumented worker to avoid incremental cost increases?

All those reports fail to factor in the nature of humans; hence, we call that phenomenon unintended consequences. Yet common sense seems to always highlight unintended consequences prior to any legislation.

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Like I would trust or believe

Like I would trust or believe anything from some government "model".

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What is worst believes what

What is worst believes what the government says without question. Yet, it is human nature to trust the message if it is the message you want to hear.

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Right I forgot

Rightwingers cannot deal with facts, no matter who produces them....

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That is laughable coming from

That is laughable coming from a man who thinks banks just sit on deposits and don’t put them to work in the economy.

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You took what I said

and put it into a whole different context so gfy



What is it with Republicans and their obsession with rape. So in your opinion living in a community and having to pay for the roads and the schools because you live there and benefit from their use is the same as being raped?? You have finally done it. I am speechless on this one.

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First, I’m not a republican;

First, I’m not a republican; let’s say it together – libertarian.

Second, the answer to your question is in my post – force. Rape is force; rape is control and power, so is government. Get the connection now.

Lastly, the pendulum argument (all or nothing) carries not weight here. The amount of infrastructure that a community can support is bounded. As seen in Auburn, people will place limits on the amount of taxes they are willing to fork over to the government.

This trend will continue mainly due to the aging of America. People on fixed incomes simply will not be willing to pay more and more out of the fixed basket they have to work with. That, in my opinion, is a good thing.


Good news

I am happy to hear that you are no longer a Republican. I hope all your fellow libertarians decide to follow your lead and stop pretending to be Republicans. Then maybe the Republican party can go back to being one that independents and conservative democrats can talk to.



I get your reasoning but last I heard people getting raped don't get to vote on the matter.

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Like those who don't want

Like those who don't want more taxes, we do get to scream NO, NO, NO.

Again, what is the difference?

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Simple Reasoning

Repubs like sticking it to others, or where ever they can put it....

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Funny a 30 year Repub Legislator in WI said similar

He tells of the Repubs going to the far extreme of Democracy....

That the government of WI of the TPotty is abusive to the peoples directive with more government intrusion and intervention, as they cry smaller government is a necessity... hypocrisy would fit better...

Didn't LePage say he wanted to be like Walker? We do have the video...

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How does it feel to know you

How does it feel to know you have to live with you palm facing up when you face government?

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. . l o l Good editorial Rex

. . l o l
Good editorial Rex , noon ish hst ?
Most all of these pasty white & fat republican governors ( except the one on AZ and Gov. Christy , NJ ) do put the ' mock ' in democracy , Jerry •
She's good
She has even endorsed Obamacare in a rather abrupt about face ?
/s, Steve in HI


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