R. Caron: Stay out of politics

All Franco-American Mainers, including myself, should feel ashamed of the bizarre behavior of Gov. Paul LePage. If I am not mistaken, LePage is the first Franco-American to be elected governor.

When he was elected, he had a famous mural stripped off the wall of a public building and stashed somewhere secret. He has made many statements that were totally off the wall, such as "they can kiss my butt."

The latest statement, about Vaseline, was way beyond anything a professional person would say.

Saying that he is sorry, to save grace while thinking that all would be forgiven, won't work this time. One does not forget the injuries inflicted by bullies.

If LePage wanted what is best for Maine, he would resign, move back to Waterville and stay out of politics.

Rolande Caron, South Paris

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

I second that motion..........

Not only do I agree, I'll even pay his bus fare to Florida, one way of course........

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Pretty generous coming from

Pretty generous coming from one who professes to be "poor". 0O:-)

FRANK EARLEY's picture

There are not that many things.........

There are not that many things I wouldn't put off for that expense..................

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

When you say things like

When you say things like that, I think of oBAMa and realize that I know exactly what you mean.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Is Ms. Caron suggesting that

Is Ms. Caron suggesting that Governor LePage is all the nasty things she says he is in her letter because he's a Frenchman?

Jim Cyr's picture

Oui, Monsieur St. Jean

It's one of those "Progressive's" Mantra, DIVIDE,DIVIDE,DIVIDE....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture



PAUL ST JEAN's picture

In that case, every American

In that case, every American born German should be ashamed of his ancestry because of what Hitler did. Or, to put it in a more current light, every black American should be ashamed his heritage because of what obama is doing to our country.

RONALD RIML's picture

Poor Pirate...

Completely unaware of the fact that Hitler was an Austrian.......

But he didn't do too bad for having been a corporal in the German Army

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Where did the "poor Pirate"

Where did the "poor Pirate" state that Hitler had been born a German?
"Didn't do too bad?" Really?


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