Paris town meeting to address budget Monday

PARIS — Voters at Monday's special town meeting will be asked to increase the town's legal spending limit.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the Town Office. There are two articles on the warrant.

Voters will be asked to override Maine law limiting the growth of taxes and appropriations made by state, county, and municipal governments, and school administrative units. 

“It is necessary to be overridden due to the loss of substantial revenue from the prior year's budget,” Town Manager Amy Bernard said Friday. “The loss of the one-time revenue totaling $422,000 the town chose to apply to offset taxes last year is the major factor (in) having to revisit this issue.”

Another factor, Bernard said Friday, is this fiscal year, which ends June 30, the town received $303,000 in state revenue sharing, but it expects to receive $202,000 for 2013-14.

Also, voters at the June 15 annual town meeting added more than $85,000 to the 2013-14 budget. Most of the money was for roads.

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Kim Waite's picture

Hasn't new Town Manager Amy Bernard's

salary gone from $52,000-$59,000 in a short amount of time? What has she done to deserve such an increase? Isn't she the town manager who was in charge the week the Town Clerk didn't show up to perform her duties at the school budget meeting? I've had employees in the past for my business and if one of them calls in sick or is going to be out a week, I had other people to call to fill in for that person!

Is our town manager incompetent? YOU BETCHA!

And then there was Town Clerk Liz who was the interim town manager before Bernard took over: Liz decided to install a $5,000 metal fence behind the town office. A waste of money and a show of arrogance to put in such a fence? YOU BETCHA!

And then there's the previous town manager (Phil Tarr) who decided during Paris' money problems to completely change the color of the town office and sign! More wasting of money? YOU BETCHA! Now Town Manager Bernard is worried about flowers around the building!


The End.

Thomas Jenkins's picture

Paris town meeting to address budget Monday

If it's not one problem it's another. A part of me feels sorry for the folks of Paris. Another part of me says these folks are getting just what they deserve for not being more involved in their local government.

Over the last few years they have had some real clowns on their Board of Selectman. The sad part, the community let these clowns run the town and this is what you get.

Good luck folks. You have a long way to go before you will be back on the straight and narrow.

Pay attention to what is going on in your town. Attend your board meetings, ask questions, and most of all get answers.


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