Livermore Falls police investigate motor vehicle burglaries

LIVERMORE FALLS — Police say more than $600 in items have been stolen from two vehicles within the past 72 hours.

A resident reported a driver's-side window smashed out of a Jeep parked at a residence on Baldwin Street early Friday. A cellphone and a wallet with money in it was taken from the vehicle. It was reported at about 5:30 a.m., police Chief Ernest Steward Jr. said.

A pickup truck owner discovered his vehicle had been entered when it was parked in a yard on Church St., which is adjacent to Baldwin Street.

He noticed on Wednesday night that his seat was moved forward. He discovered sub-woofers and speakers were stolen from inside the truck, Steward said. The glove box was emptied and the contents spread on the floor.

Someone had also entered a box in the back of the truck and took a body harness and a mask, he said.

The speaker system is valued at $400 and the items from the bed box at $200, Steward said.

Police are continuing to investigate these motor vehicle burglaries and others. Five were reported last week on Baldwin, Cross, Depot and High streets and Hillcrest Road.

Among the items taken were an iPod, a wallet, cash and pepper spray. Some were locked; others were not. The roads are all in the village area of the town.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Why would anyone???????????

Why would anyone leave a wallet, with cash in it, unattended in a vehicle, locked or otherwise????????????

Bob Berry's picture


Why would a woman dress nice? Does it invite a sexual assault?

The reason, no matter how unwise, is irrelevant.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

What a dumb analogy....

With the sheer number of burglaries, the number of reports in the paper, it would seem to me that leaving anything you don't want stolen in an unattended car is stupid. Just because it's wrong, doesn't seem to be thwarting to many crimes, so your analogy that because it's in the car, it shouldn't be disturbed is fine as long you are dealing with law abiding druggies. Otherwise the wallet is tossed into the woods somewhere, and your sitting in the motor vehicle office for four hours waiting for a new license. With no ID...........


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