RSU 10 board to present revised budget

DIXFIELD — The RSU 10 board will decide on a revised 2013-14 budget at its meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday, July 8, at Dirigo High School.

The board will also welcome new Superintendent Craig King, former principal of Mt. Ararat High School in Topsham, and new board member Brad Gallant of Rumford, who succeeds Linda Westleigh.

The proposed $36.18 million budget was defeated June 11 by a vote of 1,541 to 1,573. It was the first budget defeat for the district, which was formed four years ago.

According to state law, the district can operate on the amount voters approved at the May 30 districtwide meeting. The district’s fiscal year ended June 30.

At the time the budget was developed, then Superintendent Tom Ward said no further cuts could be made without affecting the educational program. He will attend Monday’s meeting to provide information and assist the new superintendent.

Informational meetings on the revised budget will be held July 23 and July 24. A budget vote is set for Thursday, July 25, and a referendum in each town on July 30.

The district includes the towns of Canton, Carthage, Dixfield, Peru, Buckfield, Hartford, Sumner, Byron, Mexico, Roxbury, Rumford and Hanover.

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Referendum when

So why hasn't this been coordinated with the towns. Rumford has scheduled a revote for July 23rd. on it's turned down budgets. Again no coordination taking place. This is unacceptable. It has been this way for some time; bad communications between towns and RSU's. Time to do some corrections on the towns' part. Change it so it goes on July 30th also.

New board member

Mr. Gallant got enough write ins to get on the RSU Board. I'm not questioning his abilities to do a good job either. I do question the fact of his attendance at board meetings. Rumford already has a police officer on this board and he has not been in attendance at meetings that are required of him to stay and serve on the RSU board because of work conflicts. If we now are goinf to have double conflicts for representation then they should not be serving at all. Rumford needs representation at these meetings bottom line. We already have a person serving that lives in Mexico. The only way to correct the residency clause is to merge towns. No conflicts anymore. Rumford, because of work conflicts has not had proper representaion on the RSU Board. Linda Westleigh resigned due to work conflicts because she couldn't be at meetings. She felt that she couldn't represent our town by not being there . Thank you Linda for doing the right thing by your town. This is a concern. To call and say you have a work conflict and it does interfere with the RSU position on a continuing basis then the people involve should step down and people placed on the RSU Board who can be there without job conflicts.

Brad Gallant's picture


With all due respect to anyone sharing this concern...Why don’t we let time tell what type of conflicts I run into Frank. This is particularly amusing considering the first three meeting you had post-election (Tues, Wed, Thurs after the election for budget review) you were only there for Tuesday's meeting and one hour on Wednesday's meeting. Then you were not present the next Selectmen's meeting if I recall correctly (although I believe that was your surgery so I guess you should get a pass there).
I spent a long time thinking about running for the school board, specifically concerned about how my job may interfere with meetings. When I found no one had taken out papers I decided I would take the position if asked and spoke with a couple people close to me about my decision. With the support of my wife, we decided I would make it work. I would do everything I could to balance work, community dedication, and my family. I did that because I feel there a lot of people standing on a soapbox complaining about how things should be, but not offering any intelligent ways to reduce spending and offer a better product (in this case the education and foundation of our children). And for the record throwing out random ideas and budget numbers without any logical plan is not my idea of an intelligent way to tackle the problem.
I have put two children through MSAD 43 / RSU 10 and have a third in school now. I have taught in our schools. My current jobs offers me the opportunity to spend time in our schools (although I never seem to get there enough). I believe in our teachers. I believe our students want to succeed. I believe there needs to be a lot more people working together and a lot less complaining about how the "other guy" is not doing it right. Maybe if certain people took a step back and stopped judging/assuming before they know the outcome we could move forward towards something better than what we have.


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