M. Galarneau: Auburn's wasted money

Not too many years ago, there was a third lane on Court Street in Auburn, across from City Hall. Then it was gone. Someone in city administration decided it wasn't needed.

I am not a Rhodes scholar. I don't have an engineering degree. Hell, I don't even have a degree but, back then, I think if 100 people on the street had been asked if that third lane would be needed in the future, 99 or 98 would have said yes. The other one or two must work for the city.

So, taxpayers pay what? More than $100,000 to remove it? Now, a few years later ... oh, that third lane is needed, so taxpayers get to pay, what? More than $200,000 to add that lane?

So, why don't the people who decided that third lane wasn't needed a few years ago pay for their mistake? When I make a mistake, it costs me money.

No way. Auburn taxpayers will pay for someone's very bad decision on that one.

I think the two-rink ice arena being built is also going to cost the city's taxpayers money. First, it was not possible to pay for itself; then I read that a way was found. I call it magical thinking. It will cost taxpayers money every year.

Maybe if officials didn't waste money filling in lanes and then building them back, or building ice arenas that aren't needed, there might be some money to build something that is needed, such as a new high school.

Moe Galarneau, Auburn

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Hey Moe, just a thought......

The third center turning lane is going on Turner St. Rt. 4, not Court St. It is desperately needed on Turner St............................

 's picture

Remember this in November

The only way to stop this type of foolish spending is to remember these decisions in November.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Moe, You provide too much


You provide too much common sense. Perhaps your bothers, Larry and Curly work in government, yuk, yuk - just kidding.

Seriously, you make loads of sense.


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