D. Smith: Recycling saves money

Even though the recycling program has been reinstated in Auburn, anyone who thinks the city can save money by eliminating curbside recycling should think again. Every pound of trash a community sends to a landfill costs that community a tipping fee. I would like to know if the city council calculated what the cost would be for taxpayers to pay that fee for the poundage the city has been recycling. I strongly doubt most citizens would go out of their way to drop off their recycling at the designated locations. At least 90 percent of what is currently being recycled would go right back into the trash can.

If the program is ever halted in the future, it would be difficult to get citizens to break the habit of throwing their recycling into the trash.

Recycling saves money as well as the environment.

Dyanne Smith, Auburn

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A wider view on recycling...

Recycling should extend to architecture too. Rather than demolish them for parking lots, significant older buildings should be reused, saving man-power yet allowing more substantial structures not to be replaced with particle board replacements or ... with next to nothing: parking lots.

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Ask Councilor Walker

Councilor Walker is the city council's representative on trash and MMWAC. A couple years ago, it was reported that regular trash is dumped at $29.00 a ton and recycling is dumped at $76.00 a ton. So, economically it doesn't add up for the taxpayer - if these numbers are still correct.

Of course there is some benefit to the environment with recycling and that is a cost that I haven't heard. I fully support recycling and would like to see some innovation to bring the cost of this service down.

It can also be argued that MMWAC is recycling in that the trash is burned to produce energy. That is their argument.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Dyanne, You are claiming that


You are claiming that recycling saves money, so the burden of proof is on you. The biggest cost to any city is man power, so every time someone touches the garbage, it costs money. Perhaps more so than just dumping it in the landfill.

Maine is fortune to have an abundance of low-cost open space.


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