M. Goodwin: Sad day for Rumford

While reading about the loss to the town of Rumford (Black Mountain of Maine Ski area), I was reminded of a day many years ago.

I was in high school at the time. My family traveled to Rumford to watch my cousin, Richard "Tink" Austin of Brattleboro, Vt., compete in a ski meet. I was so excited to watch him in the events, especially the jumping.

I can't help but think that his participation in ski events around New England may have helped mold him in the choice that took him to join a branch of the service where he would be participating in a ski patrol unit in Europe during World War II.

I was so proud of the white parka he sent me, an exact copy of the parkas his unit wore, skiing under cover, through the Alps.

How many other people have had their lives formed in some way by the different sports areas throughout this country?

A sad day for Rumford.

Marj Goodwin, Farmington

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Economics Marj

You live in Farmington. Move to Rumford and start paying our tax levels. You might reconsider. Yes Black Mountain is a great place but the tax payers can no longer afford to help. Maybe if town budgets were lowered to accommodate the decreased population the tax payer might change their vote if the mil rate were 17 to 19 mils. And any moneys given to any organzation were within that 17 to 19 area. If the mill decides to close Rumford will be history ,if nothing else comes in to contribute to the tax base. If services stay the same and the mill closes the tax payers are looking at possibly 40 mils.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Times change, which is not a

Times change, which is not a bad thing.


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