W. Packard: Can't have it both ways

I was talking with a friend recently who owns property in Roxbury, just up the road from Rumford. He told me that his property taxes were half what they were a year ago, and he also gets a check several times a year because of the windmills located in that town.

Rumford, on the other hand, had a group of people rally support to reject the windmills that were to locate in Rumford. Instead of a greater tax base that would help reduce property taxes, they turned down the windmills and now want to increase taxes. It has gotten so bad that the paper mill in town has threatened to close.

Without any tax increase, the Rumford tax rate is almost twice as high as the average rate in Oxford County. Taxpayers have turned down the proposed budget. Because of the loss of revenue from the town, Black Mountain Ski Resort, along with the Greater Rumford Community Center, don't have fully needed operating dollars.

Anyone voting to reduce taxation is considered a villain.

This isn't a personal vendetta. It is economics. You can't have it both ways.

I would rather have a bird occasionally fly into a windmill than to have elderly folks on Social Security shiver in the cold while eating ramen noodles, trying to save money to pay their ridiculously high property taxes.

If people don't wake up and smell the coffee, they won't be smelling the mill. When no one has a job, who will pay the taxes?

Warren Packard, Rumford

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Mr. Packard


 's picture

Enabling an ill-conceived

Enabling an ill-conceived energy device at the expense of every consumer of electricity just to benefit a few is, as a whole, unproductive to creating prosperity. New found wealth from wind energy facilities is fleeting and the payouts that allow them to proliferate comes out of everyone's income. This is redistribution of money that makes for a poorer overall economic outcome, due to it's false premise of bettering the planet. This is an unwise expenditure of the people's money by the government. Anyone accepting the premise that this ill-conceived energy device is for our economic good is too easily corrupted or fooled.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Right on target Warren

Right on target Warren. The world is full of NIMBY's. They would rather see electricity generated by coal fired plants, because the area being destroyed is not in their back yard.

There are only two real options: Turn off the juice and move back into caves, or turn off your mouth.

 's picture

generating electricity

too bad WIND does not generate electricity.....75% does not blow, 10-30% loss in transmission ..the rest of the time sucks off the grid. Hydro on the other hand is there 24/7 365.......Hydro Quebec could make New England green.

Jason Theriault's picture

American power

I don't want to rely on Canadian power. Besides, Hydro is not that much cheaper than wind. It is more consistent, but I think that green sources like Hydro and Wind and Solar, teamed up with NG power generation as the primary source, is the best solution.

 's picture

WIND is a loss

WIND = does not blow 75% of time.....loss in transmission....sucks from the grid.
WIND is big money for the MASS companies and landowners....the towns will find themselves in trouble if they think WIND turbines are going to increase the value of the towns properties.

 's picture

back-up needed

Until there is a breakthrough in non intermittent green energy or people are prepared to accept power cuts, the company said, it is essential to have back-up for wind power. The greenest and simplest back-up is provided by reciprocating engines, with 100 years of proven history.


Mark Belanger's picture

Great letter. Right on

Great letter. Right on Target..

 's picture

I was listening to a property

I was listening to a property owner in Byron. Maine recently. He told the news channel that he does not get a check nor property tax relief from the WIND turbines in Roxbury. Instead he sees and listens to a dozen industrial turbines in his back yard.
While Roxbury residents may get tax relief this year because of the value of the WIND turbines; give the turbine owners 5 years to fully depreciate the value of the project. As with Rumford, the residents of Roxbury will be used to extra tax dollars and the new fire equipment and road repairs. They will not want to give up their new WINDFALL of money.
So...add more turbines...tell Black Mountain to allow installation of turbines to pay for the ski area.
Every 5 years, when the tax value of each new turbine is gone, add a new line of turbines. Heck, the transmission lines are in place.
In 15-20 years your Maine home that has been in your family for generations is now and industrial waste land.
But, Heck, each megawatt generated does not go to Maine electricity users. It goes on the GRID for the good of the New England population.
Wind as a renewable energy if wrong. WIND does not generate 75% of the time, wit miles of transmission lines WIND loses 10-30% of it's power in it's travels.

RONALD RIML's picture

Really? In his very own back yard???

"He told the news channel that he does not get a check nor property tax relief from the WIND turbines in Roxbury. Instead he sees and listens to a dozen industrial turbines in his back yard."

How did they get a dozen industrial turbines in his back yard????

 's picture

we have big back yards here in Western Maine

but you are right......he only sees and hears them . They are his neighboring towns yard.

RONALD RIML's picture

"His Back Yard" is that which he pays property taxes on....

Not his 'View'....

 's picture

Bravo, Mr Packard -

Well said.


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