Court documents say Auburn mom smothered 2-year-old

BANGOR — An Auburn mother charged with murdering her toddler was apparently suicidal when she drugged her 2½-year-old daughter, duct taped her face and then suffocated her last month, according to a search warrant affidavit filed in the case.

Superior Court Justice Ann Murray ruled Friday morning to unseal two search warrant affidavits in the case against Leanna Norris, 24, of Auburn and formerly of Stetson, who was charged July 3 with murder in the death of her daughter, Loh Melody Grenda.

Investigators have released few details about the toddler’s death except to say she died in Newport on June 23 and was found early the next morning in a car in Stetson.

“Leanna Norris drove Loh Grenda to Durham Bridge Road in Newport around 8:45 p.m.; that Leanna stated it was [an] area near the water; that Leanna Norris gave Loh Grenda two or three syringes of Benadryl to make her go to sleep; that Leanna Norris put black Gorilla [duct] tape on Loh Grenda’s mouth and nose; that Leanne Norris put a blanket over Loh Grenda’s face so she would not have to look at Loh’s eyes; that Leanna Norris said that she killed Loh Grenda,” the affidavit states.

Murray held a hearing at the Penobscot Judicial Center on the motion brought forth by Martha J. Harris of Bangor, Norris’ court-appointed attorney, to seal the warrants until her trial.

After the body was discovered, Norris was taken to a medical facility in Rockport where she received treatment until her arrest, according to Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Norris, who went to Central High School in Corinth and graduated in 2007, according to her Facebook page, was secretly indicted by the Penobscot County grand jury in June, so no probable cause affidavit has been filed stating why she was arrested.

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Heather Cote's picture


I am a single mother and i am sickened at the fact this so called mother could do this to her child! Clearly she does have mental issues! Issues that no one can can begin to imagine! This poor angel deserved a better mother! The father has nothing to do with this. Yes they made a baby but the mother is the one that took her life! I hope this women rots in hell for what she's done! she is a disgrace to real single mothers and frankly to everyone that has a child! People like this deserve the death penalty!!

Kim Gerry's picture


What happened to this baby is beyond comprehension. I will never understand how a mother could do this to her child. I also don 't understand why so many of you are calling for her head when you should be thinking of peace for the child and as far as the womens lib and liberals being to blame for this @John Clement you are a complete and utter fruitcake.

It is not appropriate to be slinging mud when a child has lost its life but if you must then let me ask this. Do you think most women who are single moms chose that? I would have to say in a majority of cases no would be the answer. If anything womens lib gave us a generation of men who were never taught to stand up to the plate and act right. They were never taught to provide for their families and they were never taught that it is not o.k. to walk away from their families so they could do whatever they pleased. So stop blaming the single mothers for being single mothers and stop blaming liberals for the woes of society. The only person at fault for the fate of this poor child is the mother not liberals, single mothers or whoever else you want to stand on your soapbox and preach against.

 's picture

The details of the murder are

The details of the murder are devastating.That this baby suffered this way breaks my heart.I just don't understand how the mother ended up doing this,with no one noticing that something was so wrong with her.This child will never get her life back,and that is so unfair.I have cried over this little girl,and I hope somehow,this may make people look more closely at each other,and report problems.We are all so afraid to step up when it comesx to other people.

Jon Cantin's picture

What a tool she is.

What a tool she is.

 's picture

Apparently the father

Apparently the father couldn't be reached for comment. But then, after 60 years of feminist theory about men being irrelevant, I don't expect that part of the story to be covered. Or was it the part about "it takes a village"? If so, the village failed. This is where the statists have failed so miserably. Everything in life is licensed and regulated so why not children? If a single woman wants to have a child she should be strictly regulated in order to not be a burden on society. You want a child, you pay for it,, otherwise we end up with this, a dead child and a woman we now pay for a trial and prison, $30K a year for the next 50 years. Thank you liberal leftist moonbats for teaching this woman about life choices.


The tools exist to address

The tools exist to address mental illness but we don't do it because it might help someone who doesn't deserve it. It's more fun to judge and feel superior. If we fix the problem, then who can we compare ourselves to, in order to be higher on the totem pole? Now, does that remind you of any liberals you know? Cause it reminds me of a lot of conservatives. The liberals are the one trying to dole out help, not withhold it.

P.S. - the father gets no consequences for deliberately making babies with a mentally ill woman?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


A guy with his IQ should have a low voice too!

I would safely say his dog is more intelligent than he is!

 's picture

Where does it say she was

Where does it say she was mentally ill? Are you just assuming mental illness because she killed her child? I am judging society, not her as an individual and I can do that since I am part of society. Since liberalism is a mental disorder then I assume you are mentally ill.


Would a sane person kill

Would a sane person kill anyone, much less her own child?

Sarah HoganCamp's picture

Maine needs to start the death penalty!

She needs to die, not the same way she took that innocent, beautiful, helpless little angels life, don't give that poor excuse of wasted flesh any Benadryl.....just the duct tape will do!

Ken Perry's picture


This sick POS should be hung. I will donate the rope, tree and ladder and will kick the ladder out just to save the State money. May she burn in hell. Unbelievable, very sad.

Death for this m other

This woman should have the same thing done to her.


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