Not guilty

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George Zimmerman enters the courtroom late in the day of jury deliberations in his trial in Seminole circuit court in Sanford, Fla. on Saturday. A Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter Saturday night.

SANFORD, Fla. — A Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter Saturday night in a case that alternately fascinated and appalled large segments of a spellbound nation.

Associated Press

Deputies try to maintain calm after demonstrators become involved in a shouting match outside the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center during jury deliberations in the trial of George Zimmerman , in Sanford, Fla., on Saturday. A Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter Saturday night.

The saga of Zimmerman's shooting of an unarmed African American teenager named Trayvon Martin whittled into the American vernacular, transforming "hoodie" sweatshirts into cultural markers, and provoking a painful re-examination of race relations in this country. Even the racial and ethnic identity of Zimmerman — he has a white father and a Hispanic mother — demanded a reordering of conventional paradigms. He was frequently referred to as a "white Hispanic," a term that, for some, reflected a newly blended America and, for others, felt like an uncomfortable middle-ground.

Attorneys fought over Zimmerman's fate in a heavily guarded and windowless fifth floor courtroom, calling more than 50 witnesses during three weeks of testimony before a sequestered six-woman jury. Afternoon thunderstorms sometimes shook the building, but the participants could see nary a drop of rain as they relived the night in February 2012 when Zimmerman killed Martin after spotting the 17-year-old walking through his gated community in the rain.

A parallel trial seemed to be taking place outside that cloistered space, with running debate on cable television and the Internet spurred by live-streaming coverage of the trial that effectively turned millions of Americans into quasi-jurors armed with every minute detail of the case. Others jammed into the small courtroom, lining up each morning for the coveted 24 seats allotted to the public.

Zimmerman, 29, watched with an unshakably neutral expression, sitting in his customary position at the defense table in ill-fitting blazers that an older friend bought for him to wear at the trial on sale at Men's Wearhouse. Once, he'd dreamed of becoming a policeman or a prosecutor, and at times, he seemed to be observing the proceedings with the detachment of a moderately engaged student. Only at breaks — when the jury had left the courtroom — did he sometimes let his blank stare crack a bit. He would circle the defense table giving congratulatory handshakes to his attorneys before being escorted by a bodyguard and court security officers to a waiting room down the hall.

Behind Zimmerman, on the opposite side of the courtroom, sat Martin's parents — Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. The father, who Martin was visiting in Sanford on the night of his death, watched stoically, his emotions measured best by the slowing or accelerating speed of his jaw muscles as he grinded through packs of gum.

The images on the courtroom screen and those painted by the attorneys were sometimes too much to bear. Fulton, her hair pulled tightly into a bun on top of her head, stood and hurried out of the courtroom on Friday when Zimmerman's defense attorney Mark O'Mara showed a photo of her 17-year-old son in death. She often turned away when close-ups of the bullet that pierced her son's heart flickered onto the screen. She wiped tears during closing arguments.

Zimmerman's parents were banned from the court during testimony because they were witnesses, but took seats just a few steps away from Fulton across the aisle during closing arguments. (Martin's parents were also witnesses, but they were allowed to watch each day because they were immediate family members of the deceased.) The two sets of parents had dueled inside the courtroom and outside it. Each parent testified that they heard their son crying for a help in the background of a key 911 call.

On Apr. 11, 2013 — the 1-year anniversary of Zimmerman's arrest — his mother, Gladys Zimmerman, issued a open letter, saying her son had been taken into custody "solely to placate the masses." She was referring to large racially charged demonstrations, including a "Million Hoodie March," organized to protest the initial decision of local authorities not to charge Zimmerman with a crime. Martin's mother responded with a statement calling the assertion of Zimmerman's mother "disingenuous and disrespectful.'

For all the talk of race outside the courtroom, its role inside the trial was muted — more subtext than central theme. Debra Steinberg Nelson, the stern judge overseeing the case, ruled that prosecutors could say Zimmerman "profiled" Martin, but could not say he "racially profiled" the teen. The decision disappointed some African-American leaders here who had hoped the action inside the courtroom might deepen the national conversation about race that was happening outside the building.

Nelson, a former prosecutor who was appointed to the bench in 1999 by then-Gov. Jeb Bush, a Republican, sparred repeatedly with Zimmerman's defense attorney Don West. In one of the trial's signal moments, Nelson stormed off the bench shortly before 10 pm while West was still talking, abruptly ending a marathon evidence hearing.

Nelson ruled that jurors would not be allowed to see text messages found on Martin's cellphone about fighting and guns because they could not be authenticated. "Why you always fighting?" a message from one of Martin's friend's said, according to a defense expert. West had been eager to introduce the texts to further the defense claim that Martin was the aggressor in the fight and that Zimmerman — who a gym owner described as "soft" and unathletic — was overpowered by the tall and slender teenager.

O'Mara and West, a former rock-and-roll dee-jay with a shaved head and an imposing courtroom presence, succeeded in turning many of the state's key witnesses into assets for the defense. They got John Good, a neighbor, to testify that he saw a figure in dark clothes (Martin's hoodie was dark) straddling another person and doing a Mixed Martial Arts-style "ground and pound" while "raining down blows." They also got lead police investigator Chris Serino to testify that he believed Zimmerman's self-defense account.

Local prosecutors had not pursued the case, but Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointed a special prosecutor, naming State Attorney Angela Corey, of Jacksonville, Fla., to oversee it. Corey's assistants, who argued the case, often seemed to struggle with their own witnesses. Bernie de la Rionda, a veteran prosecutor with a booming voice and a penchant for making fun of his own baldness, tangled repeatedly with Serino. And he struggled with Shiping Bao, a medical examiner and key witness, who testified that Martin might have lived for up to 10 minutes after being shot.

The timing was important because Zimmerman had told police investigators that he spread Martin's arms after the shooting to check for weapons, but the teen was found with his arms under his body. Bao's assertion allowed the defense to suggest that Martin might have moved his hands in the moments before his death.

In their best moments, prosecutors were able to highlight inconsistencies in Zimmerman's accounts of the shooting and build a narrative about him as "a wannabe cop" who shot Martin "because he wanted to know not because he needed to." They had much to work with — police conducted several taped interviews with Zimmerman and recorded a re-enactment — all without Zimmerman requesting an attorney. Prosecutor John Guy said it would have been a "physical impossibility" for Zimmerman to have reach behind his back for his concealed and holstered Kel-Tec 9mm handgun if he was lying on the ground with Martin on top of him.

Vincent di Maio, a distinguished silver-haired forensic expert who entered the courtroom with a Panama hat in hand, spoke at length about the gunpowder tattoo that formed on Martin's skin as the bullet entered Martin's body. The appearance of the tattoo, di Maio testified, were unshakable proof of the defense claim that Martin was leaning over Zimmerman with his sweatshirt failing away from his chest when the shot was fired.

The charges against Zimmerman are serious. Second-degree murder carries a maximum life in prison sentence in Florida and a minimum of 25 years because it was committed with a handgun; defendants convicted of manslaughter can be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison.

Even before the verdict was delivered, O'Mara might have summed it up best, saying two lives were changed forever on that rainy night in The Retreat at Twin Lakes. The question that lingered is whether America was changed, too.

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JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

George looked swell in his new suits, doughboy style,

Lets see how he'll look in his new civil suit...possibly federal suit as one get one free, orange jumpsuit, fits him much better.

He would of been safer in prison with bubba watching over his he'll spend more time looking over his shoulder and screaming help from his mommy once again.

David  Cote's picture

Interesting read...

Rem Reider, a media columnist for USA Today wrote a piece regarding the media coverage of this case. He makes a host of valid points in his essay.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Donna makes out TM as a gangsta?

According to a records search on George, he was previously arrested for domestic violence, resisting an officer without violence and most shockingly, resisting an officer with violence — a felony charge that surely could have landed him in prison.
All three of those arrests, however, were mysteriously closed with no semblance of charges for the Florida resident.

Robert Zimmerman, was a retired Virginia Supreme Court magistrate and father of George Zimmerman, who was making the rounds for media interviews with Fox News exclusively.

TM allegedly hits bus driver...
GZ hits cops...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Family states he has issues too...

Zimmerman, an insurance investigator, attended community college and was a credit shy of an associate's degree in criminal justice but was kicked out of school because he posed a danger to the campus, according to family sources.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Amazing; facts and actual statements make them dizzy

9---Nine media sources have this very copied text I posted and you clowns disagree with it, instead of questioning it...goes to show that people like you only want to believe what you want and not accept the facts as posted above...or from his own friends that had dinner with Zimmerman?
One of his first calls was to defense witness John Donnelly and his wife Leanne Benjamin.
Over dinner with Zimmerman recently, Benjamin said he told them he would like to go to law school.

"I'd like to help other people like me," she quoted him as telling them.

Zimmerman, an insurance investigator, attended community college and was a credit shy of an associate's degree in criminal justice but was kicked out of school because he posed a danger to the campus, according to family sources.

"Everybody said he was a cop-wannabe but he's interested in law," Benjamin said. "He sees it as a potential path forward to help other people like himself."

Read the rest yourselves......

Read more:

Steve  Dosh's picture

Jer ? 15:15 hst Sunday

Jer ? 15:15 hst Sunday ?
We're w/ you 100%. . ...and dead kids kids can't talk or - S C R E A M - from the graves in their own defense •
Luckily it wasn't in Sanford ME , eh ?
It's somewhat E Z to forgive , difficult to forget
Gov. Le Page ?
Issue handguns as concealed weapons to all teachers who work on public property . .not • 
/s Steve :D

Steve  Dosh's picture

Not Guilty . ...

Mainers, 08:00 hst Sunday ( @ church )
. .Two wrongs don't make a right
That poor kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time
Say a little prayer for both of them
/s, Dr. Dosh & his kids , non gun owners

Al Sharpton your out! Tawana

Al Sharpton your out!
Tawana Brawley = Strike 1
Duke Lacross = Strike 2
Sanford Florida= Strike 3

Steve  Dosh's picture

Dennis ? You're ignorant /s,

Dennis ? You're ignorant /s, Steve ;)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Elaborate, please. Why is he

Elaborate, please. Why is he ignorant?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

He is profoundly Steve; he must of ate paint chips as a child

He has one brain cell, and it is fighting for dominance.

I know you guys suffer from

I know you guys suffer from mental mind disorder, as do most progressives.

RONALD RIML's picture

And your credentials from the Maine Board of Licensure

in Medicine...>>>

Or do you merely hallucinate that you can diagnose folks over the computer??????

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What are you talking about.

What are you talking about. It was Dosh he diagnosed him as being ignorant. Let's keep it fair and balanced, mateys.

Al Sharpton leads ignorant

Al Sharpton leads ignorant people like you Steve.

Al Sharpton leads ignorant

Al Sharpton leads ignorant people like you Steve.

Susan Byam's picture

Only in Florida can you get away with murder...

If you want to get away with murder, do it in Florida. They let you kill your child and hide it and let off scum like OJ Simpson and now a racist stalker, cop want to be. This guy is a piece of crap and now they've made him look like a hero. Only justice in this is that he has a higher power to answer to for his actions. I wouldn't want to be him on the real judgement day.

Zimmerman in no hero, he's no

Zimmerman in no hero, he's no murderer either, the evidence proved it.. This verdict is proof this should have never gone to trial in the first place.
If Zimmerman had been black, this would have never hit the main stream media. If some how Zimmerman did lie and commited murder, I agree, I would not want to be in his shoes come judgement day.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I wouldn't want to be in his

I wouldn't want to be in his shoes for the next couple of years. Peace and serenity are about to disappear from his vocabulary.

Susan Byam's picture

Only in Florida can you get away with murder...

If you want to get away with murder, do it in Florida. They let you kill your child and hide it and let off scum like OJ Simpson and now a racist stalker, cop want to be. This guy is a piece of crap and now they've made him look like a hero. Only justice in this is that he has a higher power to answer to for his actions. I wouldn't want to be him on the real judgement day.

Catherine Pressey's picture

You Susan Byam:

You do not know GZ from Adam, however you call him a piece of crap, no one has made him look like a hero! The racist here was TM, if we believe Rachel TM's friend. He was being followed by a creepy ass cracker. (meaning pervert and a white one at that) Cracker is their smart, word for white. Sounds like TM could have done things different. Looks like TM was the racist. No where did GZ say one racist word. When he was asked to describe the guy, he said he looks black period. No tone in his voice, and no attitude. Susan I bet you would teach your kids or have taught your kids what to do if someone is scary. Not being where he said he was to Rachel, sure looks to me like his actions TM's got him lots more than he figured. As for judgment day, that is for the Lord God to pass that judgment. The court tried GZ, though everything they could think of at him, and guess what even their own witnesses the prosecution. Showed that all the evidence that TM was beating the heck out of GZ and TM chose to ignore Mr. Good when he said Stop. get out of here. I am calling the police. GZ is no hero, none of us that may have been on his side believe that. I sure believe at that moment in time. He felt threatened enough to pull the gun out and then pull the trigger. Sadly TM should have been taught better. Like when his friend said run, run home. NO HE SAID! NO TWICE TO HER.. She was told he was in his daddy's girlfriends back yard. Now, lets here your idea on how come the altercation took place way up at the top of the T..... .
How the heck do you know what his judgment day will bring. Like Rachel you do not know if he was justified or not, you do not know this man. He is innocent in our way of life here. He was tried, found not guilty. REMEMBER IN THIS COUNTRY YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. I would not want someone like you on a jury, this attitude to tar and feather a man, jump on the band wagon of how dare he pull that trigger. Now how dare we even condemn him, though he was found not guilty he is sentenced to a horrible life, like a man without a country. Those like you that did not give him the benefit of the doubt. And the blacks that always yell racism. At that moment in time both lives were destroyed because they both made bad calls, TM failed to go home, GZ failed to understand what danger he would be in to dare follow this young black, CHILD, as the prosecution wants us to believe. My opinion you sure have yours.


The prosecution's case was:

The prosecution's case was: The victim was black, so the white defendant must be guilty. Duke lacrosse 2.0.

Zimmerman was white here just for convenience. If the trial had been of Paula Deen beating Zimmerman to death with a leg of lamb, George would be black as midnight.

But, fear not! Barack Holder will swoop in on his white charger to dispense old fashioned justice: double jeopardy thinly disguised as civil rights violations. And we'll all pay for the circus, not just the taxpayers of Sanford, FL.

CRYSTAL WARD's picture


1.Zimmerman has a Peruvian mother and a white father, making him hispanic, not white.
2. Double jeopardy has never applied to a criminal case and then a civil case (remember OJ )
3. The DOJ has not even made a decision yet --why the name calling?

RONALD RIML's picture

Zimmerman lucky to be found 'Not Guilty' now....

The rest of his life is not going to be a picnic. And deservedly so.

David  Cote's picture

Ron, a question for you...

According to the article, Zimmerman was aquitted of 2nd degree murder AND manslaughter. Did the grand jury hand down indictments on both charges? I was always under the impression a grand jury could not hand down multiple indictments connected to a single crime act. Either one or the other I thought. I'm sure you've been following this case closely. Could you shed some light on this subject, and can Zimmerman be retried in any way possible? Thanks...Dave.

David  Cote's picture

I'm reading on Radley Balko's website...

That Zimmerman was indicted by a grand jury on a murder two charge. So I'm not where your info's coming from.

RONALD RIML's picture

Don't rely on your 'Impressions' - David

Grand Juries can hand down multiple indictments for the same act, if they are covered by multiple counts of of a law (lesser included offenses). This gives the trier of 'Fact' - Judge or Jury - the ability to to knock down a verdict, i.e, from murder to manslaughter.

Zimmermann can be retried by a different jurisdiction; for example, violation of Federal Law

David  Cote's picture

Much obliged, Veritas...

Enjoy your afternoon.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

good post.

good post.

RONALD RIML's picture

Mark My Words.....

Dead Man Walking........

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

As long as we continue to

As long as we continue to kill each other across racial lines, racism will always prevail.

RONALD RIML's picture

This is America - We kill for any ol' reason at all!!!!

And that's why 'Gun Rights' always prevail.......

RONALD RIML's picture

"Payback is Hell" saith the Lord.......

He's going to spend a lot of time looking over his shoulder..........deservedly so.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Agree totally. We live in

Agree totally. We live in times when it's worse to win a fight than it is to lose it, unless, of course, you die in it. You're right, he's in for some hard days and he'll wish he'd handled things in a different way. Meanwhile, a kid is dead for all the wrong reasons.

Sandra Coulombe's picture

I use to miss living in

I use to miss living in Florida. Today is the first day in the 15 years I have lived in Maine I will call myself a Mainer instead of a displaced Floridian. How can someone stalk someone just because they happen to be a minority dressed differently than you think they should and then end up killing them and be found innocent? I admit I keep a closer eye on anyone of any color dressed like a hoodlum but I'm not going to go out of my way to stalk them and then get out of my car to follow them. This easily could have ended with the kid shooting Zimmerman and frankly the kid would have been justified. Martin is the one who was being stalked in a suspicious manner and had rights to claim stand your ground!

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

One of the dumbest comments ever posted on here


PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Was it not Martin who

Was it not Martin who combatively approached Zimmerman and was on top of him pounding his head into the concrete pavement before Zimmerman shot him?

RONALD RIML's picture


Had Zimmerman obeyed Police advice - none of this would have happened. He brought it upon himself.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Spoken by a former cop Ron:

First of all GZ was not told to not follow him right off the bat. And he was asked can you see where he went. Well how and the hell was he going to see that when the street ended and only a walk way was there. The officer or dispatch said are you following him he said yes. The reply was we do not need you to do that . Now in my book do not need is not the same as do not do that! But GZ said OK meaning he was in agreement at that point. Just after that is when it all came down. And TM was not in his Daddy's girlfriend back yard like he told his friend Rachel. He even said no when she told him to run home. That was twice he told her no he would not run. Now this so called scared teenager, was sooooo scared, sure that he did not go home and lock the darn door or call 911 himself. Or go to the nearest house this teen had a attitude according to Rachel, he profiled GZ as a creepy ass cracker. Meaning that she gave the court was pervert and a cracker means white. So I guess he was a racist himself. Ron I have followed this trial each day. This kid was looking for trouble, was kicked out of school, none of this would have happened if he TM was truly scared he would have booked it for home and or call 911 instead of talking to the friend. So lots of blame to go around, in your mind. In my mind he was just looking out for his neighborhood. Just to bad that the other neighbors were to scared to get involved and come to whom ever was screaming for help. And I personally believe it was GZ! If it were TM when Mr. Good said stop, while observing TM on top of GZ, said stop get out of here. and I am calling 911. Trayvon at that moment in time was in my opinion in a rage was going to beat the crap out of that creepy ass cracker, so he did not acknowledge Mr. Good. NOR WAS HE SCARED OR YELLING FOR HELP. As you said Ron someone brought this on himselp, and it was not GZ. So Mr. Ron Riml, the former cop, seems to me you missed some details. Though ever so small! My opinion cjp

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

The dispatcher was not the police in this case.

Just someone answering phones after completing a 1 day class.

RONALD RIML's picture

Representing the Police.

Sorry - you lose.

Was it not Zimmerman who

Was it not Zimmerman who ignored the 911 operator's admonition that he did not need to follow Martin? Had he heeded that instruction, this incident would have not occurred. Had he not acted on his suspicions (themselves rooted in stereotypes about how "they always get away"), had he not followed Martin, he wouldn't have put himself in a situation where (even if you buy the defense case) he felt his life was in danger. He was not a police officer. He was an overzealous neighborhood watch volunteer who recklessly ignored the instructions of the 911 operator and Martin is dead as a result of that.

When you say Martin "combatively approached Zimmerman," you turn reality on its head. You are entitled to your (typically ill-conceived and ill-informed) opinions. But you are not entitled to your own facts.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Was it not the dispatch that:

Said can you see where he went, then GZ went to investigate a wee bit. Than when the dispatch said are you following him, he said yes. They said we do not need you to do that. Now if TM was in his Daddy's girlfriends back yard. This would not have happened TM was a kid looking to beat the heck out of what he felt was a pervert, creepy ass cracker. If anyone stereotyped anyone it was he that chose the batter yell. With a punch to ZM's nose. Lots of inconsistency in TM friend, Rachel. Saying TM was whispering to her and she said, I see him again. Now in that moment in time, he was supposed to be in that back yard of where he lived. NOT, Where he said he was. To his friend, you see all GZ was doing is walking on a public sidewalk within the complex. When Dispatch said We do not need you to do that, he reply's OK, clearly on the tape. So he than headed back to his Vehicle now if TM was in his Daddy's girlfriends back yard. None of this would have happened. Clearly GZ had injury clearly Mr. Good saw TM on top, Clearly he said to them to stop and get out of there. Clearly TM did not acknowledge the man, speaking to him, because he was in a rage and intent on fighting, sure was not scared because he had a out, right then the Lone Ranger Mr. Good was seventeen feet away. All he needed to do is turn his head and said help me or get up off the guy on the bottom, GZ period. My opinion, cjp So Michael Sargent if you think your right, what excuse is there that the kid did not stop on the order from another adult. Could it be he did not have any respect for others. And sure beat on GM. Yep! Jury made the right call, this does not mean I am happy that the kid is dead and I watched 99% of the trial. Martin is dad as a result of his lack of respecting adults, period. He was thrown out of school and had anger issues that the jury did not even see. Sadly he is dead!

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

And neither are you. a 911

And neither are you. a 911 dispatcher has ZERO authority to instruct Zimmerman to do anything. Zimmerman was no breaking any laws by following Martin. Martin was the aggressor. He attacked and brutally assaulted Zimmerman leaving him no choice but to shoot in self defense. If Zimmerman had been a woman, do you think she also should have just lay there and took her beating?

RONALD RIML's picture

So you've also ran 9-1-1 Centers?

Two less than I have.

Zimmerman's going to be very liable in his civil suit.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Not Liable in self defense, with all this evidence:

Ron you say civil suit, yep! Now lets see how they can win Mr. Good can testify that TM was on top of GZ, GZ should sue, the family of TM for the beating he took, before he finally got to that moment in time when he felt he had no choice. Period. In civil court you can not win if you were committing a crime. The crime of a battery on another. So also with the friend Rachel of TM. To testify that her testimony was true. That TM said he was in his Daddy’s girlfriends back yard. Clearly a lie. The injured person here is GZ, cost him his life as he knew it simply because he was trying to keep his neighborhood safe. And on what planet or what good kid would fight with an adult leaving him battered and cut. And not stop the battery when Mr. Good said Stop. Get out of here. I am calling 911. I can not believe they can win that battle either.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Not Liable in self defense, with all this evidence:

Ron you say civil suit, yep! Now lets see how they can win Mr. Good can testify that TM was on top of GZ, GZ should sue, the family of TM for the beating he took, before he finally got to that moment in time when he felt he had no choice. Period. In civil court you can not win if you were committing a crime. The crime of a battery on another. So also with the friend Rachel of TM. To testify that her testimony was true. That TM said he was in his Daddy’s girlfriends back yard. Clearly a lie. The injured person here is GZ, cost him his life as he knew it simply because he was trying to keep his neighborhood safe. And on what planet or what good kid would fight with an adult leaving him battered and cut. And not stop the battery when Mr. Good said Stop. Get out of here. I am calling 911. I can not believe they can win that battle either.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Not Liable in self defense, with all this evidence:

Ron you say civil suit, yep! Now lets see how they can win Mr. Good can testify that TM was on top of GZ, GZ should sue, the family of TM for the beating he took, before he finally got to that moment in time when he felt he had no choice. Period. In civil court you can not win if you were committing a crime. The crime of a battery on another. So also with the friend Rachel of TM. To testify that her testimony was true. That TM said he was in his Daddy’s girlfriends back yard. Clearly a lie. The injured person here is GZ, cost him his life as he knew it simply because he was trying to keep his neighborhood safe. And on what planet or what good kid would fight with an adult leaving him battered and cut. And not stop the battery when Mr. Good said Stop. Get out of here. I am calling 911. I can not believe they can win that battle either.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Your experience is irrelevant

Your experience is irrelevant because I'm factually correct. The dispatcher in this case had ZERO authority and Zimmerman had ZERO obligation to follow their instructions. Regarding civil suits, Zimmerman should sue Martin's estate, the Sanford police, and most importantly the liberal media for intentionally distorting the truth.

RONALD RIML's picture

Go plant some more tomatoes......

Then sue the white flies......

Catherine Pressey's picture

Ronald Riml

Yes! of course its me. Coming from a former Cop I guess you know how to plant something, I figure this man was tried and not found guilty. And the evidence supported the same. I watched this darn trial 99%, we were not there, the detective and police called it self defense, until both the President and the mobs took to the streets. Then they (those guys) put this woman special prosecution, no Grand Jury ruled. No due process, No evidence at all, to support the prosecution's non case. The attorney's for GZ had to fight tooth and nail to get the same evidence, including the pics of GZ. This is a witch hut, blacks can call people creepy ass crackers, and they can call each other the N>>>> word. But do not let that word come out of our mouths. NOT EVEN A EYE WITNESS THAT TM WAS ON TOP with arms moving in and out. No one came out other that Mr. Good. No one to help GZ, Rachel the girl friend of TM came on TV today. She said that beating was very mild to the kind that her neighborhood guys do to others. I say now just how bad could this have gotten, how bad would GZ have been hurt, if in that moment in time. A shot did not ring out. HOW FAR WOULD TM GO WITH THAT BEATING: period. I think there is going to be lots of suits before this is over. With GZ attorney suing the darn Special prosecutor, the woman that has been on TV and spoke after the verdict. NOW I HAVE HEARD THIS SAID MANY TIMES, THE JURY HAS SPOKEN, NOW WILL EVERY ONE STOP. THIS IS NOT RACIAL, OTHER THAT FROM THE BLACK KID'S PROFILE OF GZ CREEPY ASS CRACKER IS SURE TO POINT THAT. Good day Ron, My opinion. cjp. LOL


The Southern Poverty Law Center (who has more experience fighting racial bias than I do, and I suspect more than you too) makes the case better than I:

Let's compare facts then

My basis for saying that Zimmerman ignored the dispatcher's instruction: The 911 recording documents that Zimmerman was advised that he did not need to follow Martin. Zimmerman followed Martin.

Your basis for saying that Martin was "the aggressor" and that he "attacked and brutally assaulted Zimmerman": ??????????

I hope that the young Black men I know and care about (and middle-aged ones such as myself) are never around neighborhood watch volunteers or would-be vigilantes who are armed and leap to such conclusions as rapidly as you do.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You mean typically is in you

You mean typically is in you show up for these forums only when race or gay marriage are involved? Your more timely than the average train on that stuff. But, as am I, you're entitled to be here too, so.....join the fray.

And all reasonable folks will

And all reasonable folks will notice that you chose to change the subject, rather than actually respond to the substance of what I (and also Mr. Riml) said.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What exactly do you want me

What exactly do you want me to say? Zimmerman shot Martin during a fight. The prosecution couldn't prove his guilt and the defense was able to convince the jury that he wasn't guilty of murder. The jury found him not guilty of murder and you believe it was a race issue.
Were you this upset when Simpson walked? He was freed by a non-white jury. Was that racism too?

Well, I actually recall that

Well, I actually recall that Detective Mark Fuhrman's testimony was racially charged, but not in a way that would be helpful to your argument. Nevertheless, as Chris Rock put it, O.J. didn't get off because he was Black; he got off because he was famous and rich.

In any case, my reaction then to that case is irrelevant to assessing the veracity of what I said to you.

I will permit you to have the last word.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Chris Rock would know. Have a

Chris Rock would know.
Have a nice day.

John Goddard's picture

Zimmerman trained 3 times a

Zimmerman trained 3 times a week, for a year or so, in mixed martial arts. regardless if he stunk at it, he till had the experience. He had a gun, and wanted to use it. I am sure he will again. The evidence was there supporting the 2nd degree charge. The State did not convince the jury of it. Too many missed opportunities. I bet, Zimmerman tussled with Trayvon, got so he was on bottom, laying on his concealed weapon, so as to look like he was losing, than had reason to shoot him straight too the heart.

Real police do not shoot to kill, when there is a kid with an ice tea, and skittles. They would shoot the leg, arm, or other non vital area.

I'd rather fight with a good fighter, than fight with a sissy with a gun,.

A sad day in Florida.

Catherine Pressey's picture

John Goddard what planet:

did you come from no evidence is no evidence. Did you watch the trial, your one of the those people that want to tar and feather GZ what a crock of crap. Self defense period, TM started the fight that ended his life. TM was not in his daddy's girlfriends back yard as Rachel the girl friend said. He was all the way the other direction, if you listened to the guy from the martial arts place. He mostly worked out on a punching bag and did exercise to loose weight. None of that matters here, what matters is TM set out to beat his ass and it ended his life. The jury has spoken! As for the police that shoot the arm or leg, that is a crock too! We in Maine have seen several cops shoot to kill the person that is out of control. Do not give me that bull crap the cops are trained to injure not kill. I once said that, too! But have seen the evidence that this is not true. As for the angle of the shot, your right GZ was not sure just where that heart may be. Heck he didn't even know he had killed the kid. Of course persons like you must believe that was a lie too! I bet you would not know what to do in this case, and I bet you could careless about your neighborhood. Being a kind man like GZ and a good quiet man, does not make him a sissy. I bet you were a bully in school, the word sissy. Sounds like a profile to me. TM figured that he was a pervert and was not afraid of him. That is what the prosecution said, afraid, bull crap. My opinion cjp

Sean Frechette's picture

real police

real police are trained if they have to shoot its shoot to kill.

RONALD RIML's picture

WE REAL Police Officers are trained to shoot at the

"Center Mass" We shoot to immediately neutralize the threat.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

A case of well picked jurors.................

If nothing else, this case should graphically point out that not everyone is capable of becoming a police officer.
George Zimmerman had this guy tried and judged guilty just from some misconceived stereotype. He went after this kid, with the full intention of stopping him from some perceived crime. He profiled, he convicted this kid.
Even police officers can't seek out an individual without just cause. As soon as he left the safety of his car, he already knew what he evidently had to do. His mentality being as such, allowed him to place himself in a position of guardian and savior. It was up to him and him alone to stop this kid. Police officers would have held back and allowed for back up primarily to avoid a violent confrontation.
This is usually what happens when someone bites off more than they can chew. He sought this kid, he called the police to justify his intent, then upon confronting the gentleman got his ass whooped. Even though he was the aggressor, he was found justified in shooting the only weapon involved. This is where a properly selected jury plays a pivotal role. Their less than extensive experience with the type of person Zimmerman is, led to his acquittal. That and a very poor presentation by the prosecution.
Basically they found Zimmerman fired in self defense, they did however fail to address how Zimmerman got to the point of having to defend himself. This he did himself. He started the fight and only prevailed by the use of deadly force. Had he acted properly, this all wouldn't have happened................

Catherine Pressey's picture

What a wee bit of crap, your story is:

GZ was not as you say, if you watched the trial, and can not give this man the benefit of the doubt. Innocent until proven guilty. That is our way here in the country. All the evidence points that the kid was a the aggressor, and GZ was just trying to see where he had gone like the dispatch asked of him. When they realized that meant that he had to get out of his car and follow, they asked are you following him. He said yes! They said we do not need you to do that. He said OK! Headed back to his vehicle. If TM was in the back yard of his Daddy’s girlfriends home like his friend Rachel said. This altercation could not have been where it took place. TM laid in wait for GZ whispering to Rachel, I’d bet he was right behind that porch the black screened one of the lady that first called 911. She said she heard a mumble conversation. Yep! We can all come up with our stories, however the Jury found him innocent. That is what it is here in our country you are innocent until proved guilty. NOT GUILTY ON BOTH OR ALL COUNTS. Our stories do not matter. I will leave the final judgment on our God.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

It's not illegal to follow somebody

It's not illegal to follow somebody. That's all Zimmerman was doing when Trayvon jumped out from the bushes and proceeded to pummel him into a bloddy mess. Zimmerman in fear for his life fired at Martin in self defense. Trayvon was the true aggressor and the jury with more facts than you made the proper verdict.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

TM was protecting his life too, but a tea can was not a gun

Trayvon was the true aggressor? What happen to stand your ground...protecting himself from an unknown perpetrator, possible assailant, somebody following in the dark, oh right, doesn't apply to a black teenager....

Try following a cop and see what he says when he pulls you over; you are breaking the law, stalking and harassing..

Ever gotten followed Eric, ever get mugged?....Ever have to beat the followers down? Didn't think so.....

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

You're not allowed to

You're not allowed to physically attack a person for following you. That's not even close to Stand Your Ground

FRANK EARLEY's picture

It's not illegal to follow somebody...........

Eric, did you even follow the trial? Answer me a couple of questions. First, how is it possible for someone to follow an individual who is lying in wait in the bushes? Second, why was Zimmerman repeatedly advised by law enforcement to remain in his car, not to approach the subject? In the taped voice recordings, Zimmerman is clearly heard describing every move Mr. Martin was making as he followed. He was itching for a fight to avenge previous burglaries in the area. Also, just what do you consider a "bloody pulp"? The guy had a couple small cuts on the back of his head.
What George Zimmerman did, by his own admission, was so blatantly wrong, it could only be described as intentional manslaughter. With his vigilant mentality, and his lack of proper training, Treyvon Martin was a dead man the minute Zimmerman laid eyes on him. Zimmerman got off due to the excellent jury selection by his attorneys. They had six women, who most likely never had a run in with the type of personality possessed by Zimmerman. It's not the type of behavior experienced on a regular basis.
Zimmerman was found justified due to self defense, That was an absolutely wrong verdict. You simply can not stock someone who is unarmed and instigate a confrontation, then shoot the unarmed victim and call it self defense. There is no way, Treyvon Martin could have remotely put George Zimmerman in fear for his life, if Zimmerman had followed the advise of the police in the first place. There is just no way to justify his actions...............

Catherine Pressey's picture

GZ did nothing wrong:

I followed the trial, and I do not know where you heard that he had to remain in his car. That was not part of any of the recordings that I heard. I clearly heard the dispatch ask him if he could see where he went? Next thing the realized he was out of his vehicle, and they said are you following him he said yes. Reply we do not need you to do that! Not do not do that! But his GZ reply was OK now in my book that meant the was in agreement, period. TM was not where he told his friend Rachel he was, he was not in his Daddy's girlfriends back yard. How darn dare you to rewrite the story for the Prosecution. They did not get it right! The Jury that they also agreed to and most of their own experts proved the defense case. As well as the world famed Pathologist. The Jury made the only verdict that they could make. Trayvon was the agressor and if this kid was Not the agressor he would have acknowledged Mr. Good when he said Stop! get out of here. I'm calling 911. How do you know how GZ felt at that moment in time. And as for TM could surely have put GZ in fear for his life, TM was going to beat the heck out of that creepy ass cracker that meaning Pervert, that is White. if racisum is part of this it was coming from the black kid. As for GZ being advised by the police, you got that all wrong. No clear order of any kind. Other than can you see where he went. Prompting GZ to get out of his car. My opinion and I leave God to know what none of us can ever know. No way was TM justitied to jump on a man and beat the hell out of him. And not stop when another man said Stop. Mr. Good. Dream on with your ideas, the kid was the one in control, until that moment in time.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Your entitled.........

Your entitled to your opinion, by exiting his car GZ put himself in harms way. I didn't rewrite anything. If I'm so wrong, why the total outburst, nation wide over the wrong verdict. Even the jurors are starting to admit, their hands were tied by the instructions of the judge. The justice department wouldn't be investigating if they didn't feel a guilty man was released. Or worse yet an innocent kid is dead.
Monday morning quarterbacking being what it is, it's easy to go with your emotions. You have never had to deal with the GZ, type of mentality. I have, I have had to fire indeviduals because of liability reasons. I couldn't have someone, who's itching for a fight, and a person who desperately wants to be a cop, loose in my clubs. Believe it or not those are the guys that usually get the crap beat out of themselves because they overestimate their abilities. The security company I worked for in Boston used to have a list posted on the wall of individuals they were not allowed to hire. I have seen one here in Maine, evidently in his mind, being a bouncer in a night club, is a license to settle every problem that came up, with violence. He was sadly mistaken, and was quickly shown the door.
All I'm saying is, if you stick your nose in where it doesn't belong, and you get a beating as a result. You do not have a right to shoot a person.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Zimmerman was following

Zimmerman was following Martin until he lost sight of him. Zimmerman than began to walk back to his vehicle when he was jumped by Martin. He was NEVER instructed by "Law Enforcement" to remain in his car. The dispatcher, who has ZERO authority told Zimmerman "we don't need you to do that" Bottom line, the dispatcher isn't law enforcement and has no authority. Zimmerman's nose was broken and his head was slammed repeatedly off the asphalt causing bleeding from the back of his head. He had good reason to believe he was in mortal danger. His actions were clearly self defense and he should have never been charged.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

You would have.......

You would have made a perfect candidate for a juror. You evidently truly want to believe that Zimmerman could not have possibly been wrong in his actions as a "Neighborhood Watch" member. Last time I checked, the requirements to be a professional law enforcement officer are somewhat more intense than the training Mr. Zimmerman had.
Lets try this, "Law Enforcement", enforces the law. "Neighborhood Watch", observes the neighborhood. If George Zimmerman was doing what he was supposed to be doing, why wasn't he in his car observing? As soon as he exited that car, he crossed the line, If Zimmerman was following me in that same manner, I would have acted in much the same way.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Who you kidding Frank:

GZ did not cross the line, he was asked by dispatch can you see where he went, to do that unless he could drive on the lawn and walkway he had to get out of his car. Now what GZ failed to understand is this kid was a threat to him, this kid was not going to run, call 911 for help! You Frank truly do not want to believe that this kid just may have been up to no good. Funny how a slim gym was found in the bushes after the fact. OF course no way to connect the two, just like no way to connect the honest to God truth that the kid was looking to beat the ass of the creepy ass cracker,(Pervert White guy) The kid was the racist that is what has been going on in most cities where we Americans try to live side by side. Let the chips fall where they may, those chips are on the shoulders of the many blacks that continue to intimidate whites that had nothing to do with slavery just like Miss Ali the black woman on HLN she is a very angry person hell bent to punish today’s whites for the sins, yes sins of the forefathers. Now if Trayvon was so innocent than he should have hung up the phone called 911 or ran to the nearest home and beat on the door for help. GZ stated OK when the dispatch realized he was out of his car. And said we do not need you to do that! Not do not do that, none the less GZ said OK acknowledging agreement. And was returning to his vehicle when, somehow TM (who was not in his daddy's girlfriends back yard) approached GZ and belted him in the nose. As he was about to call dispatch back, all down hill from there. You Frank can not place yourself in his shoes, he was only trying to protect his neighborhood, his mistake was that the neighborhood lives in such fear that when someone either or, was screaming for help, they all huddled in their homes failing to care that, one of their neighbors GZ or TM was about, or getting very hurt. With only one exception Mr. Good who bravely with concern stepped out and said Stop! to no response from the kid on top of GZ! The kid did not stop what he was doing or address, Mr. Good. seventeen feet away. He said STOP, GET OUT OF HERE, I'M CALLING 911. The kid did not look back clearly the aggressor. One in a rage much like the demonstrators after the verdict. Sadly TM is dead, sadly he loved to fight and had anger issues, not allowed to be shown to the jury. My opinion cjp. P.S. Frank you a hoot if you want me to believe you would have acted in much the same way, NOT. You would have called 911 or booked it for home. Period.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Not necessarily.......

Catherine, there are more ways to defuse a situation than fighting and shooting. Way back when I was almost eighteen, I went to work part time nights for a company that supplies security for different events. I had to train for six months before I became eligible to work at actual events. Even then, I was still in training for a year on the job. All this training has stuck with me over the years. Every time I wanted some extra cash, I could work events for this company, concerts at Foxboro Stadium , the Boston Garden even the Fleet Center. Even after I moved to New Hampshire. I even branched out to various night clubs in Boston and N.H. as well as here in Maine. I've worked at various venues for 23 or 24 years.
Everybody thinks that working as a bouncer in a club, means a lot of fighting. Well if you watch the movie "Roadhouse" enough times you would get that impression. All that training I received when I was younger, and what I've learned working since that time, is what really works in the most violent of situations. Sure we were trained in two different disciplines of Karate, but more importantly to their insurance companies, we were trained in the art of "De-fusion". Sometimes I did have to resort to actually fighting, it was always a last resort. A professional would never walk into a fight. Even if you are expecting trouble, there is a better option. and it takes specific training to Keep yourself as well as the subject of the incident, injury free. In 23 years, I would say less than twenty percent of the situations I had to deal with ended up in violence. That's not bad considering all the intoxicated concert goers I had to deal with. Thats why they paid us so much, with us it wasn't a matter of self defense, it was obeying the liability insurance regulations. For the owner of a venue, that's what counts the most.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Frank, more ways:

I agree, I too! have done a small bit of security work, never at a level to need a gun. I could see a time that I could have been GZ or in his place. Though owning a side arm is a bigggg step. I just want to make my point that we, you or I, or anyone else can not know how it felt to have this young black guy beating the heck out of GZ. I worked in Deering Oaks Park in Portand for a small company on the night shift. They needed someone to keep an eye on the stage lighting for the children’s theater, not armed, me and a friend split the 12 hour shift. One of us slept in my cap on my pickup. I sat in the cab. I more than once got out of the truck because I could not see the person. Clearly that had approached the equipment. However I did say right off the bat, Security, and of course I also had my German Sheppard dog with me. Now she would not know how to attack, not trained that way. I did feel she was at least sending a message. Beware she may be trained in that manner. Mostly while I was there just turning on my lights letting them,,,,, those people. You see GZ is blamed for saying they always get away, now I listened to most of the trial, with the 911 voice recordings. GZ did not deliberately do anything that should have gotten him jumped. Watching the HLN show again tonight, a guy from New York called in to ask, how come if Rachel TM friend said, TM was in his Daddy's girlfriends back yard. The encounter could not have taken place at the other end of the back walkway. Clearly the lady 911 caller said the conversation came from out front left to right. First with a sound of someone talking low, kind of frustrated. I think that was TM hiding behind her, jut out porch that is black. Rachel said the call kept getting dropped. The cell call, that is, between she and TM. I believe this girl was caught between a rock and a hard place. She had to say something that would support that TM was not the aggressor. She would face the others of her neighborhood that she lived in. This girl added stuff not on her letter to TM mother or other statements. She had the same attitude that TM had, combative. TM did not go home now she is on TV saying he did not want to have this guy follow him home to where his 12 year old bro. was alone. (who leaves a 12 year old alone) however TM should have called the 911 operator. His Dad should have known about the neighborhood watch, and been informed. Frank your right, lots of ways this could have been avoided. First of all no kid in my world would have let a creepy man get close enough to punch or grab him. TM said he was not going to run home. twice to Rachel . He did not call 911, he did not go to the nearest home and beat on the door for help, BECAUSE he was not scared, like Rachel said tonight, the beating GZ got from TM was nothing like what they get in their neighborhoods. So bottom line yes lots of things went into play, but his kid did beat the man, a man that is his elder. Creepy or not at what point does anyone have the right to assult another. Then with Mr. Good saying STOP get out of here, and I am calling 911 no, absolutely no response from the guy on top. Not one person came out and stayed or walked up to the mess. All afraid of the situation, people need to make a stand and if someone is yelling for help, darn it how can you hide inside. I am just the kind of woman that would be right out in the middle saying stop, get off that man. Sure would not have watched from a distance. Scared is OK but I could not stand by and let this all happen. Truly TM in my opinion was at fault, he was the aggressor. OR WHY WAS IT NOT IN HIS DADDY'S HOME BACK YARD. The jury made the only decission they could. Self defense, that went all the way to the bottom, with no other law broken. I am not happy a young man had to die, however out of his own action or non action, to call 911 for help or run home he met the fate he did. Leaving GZ injured and bleeding. And no injury is necessary in self defense. I will not believe that GZ had the gun out, and was hunting prey like the lady Special prosecutor said today. She was out of line, the jury spoke, she said in one word GZ is a murderer. Now how is that going to defuse the unrest. That was way out of line, GZ had his day in court they threw every thing they could at him, they the prosecutor had a hand in selecting the jury. Now I think they all should shut up. The man was and is innocent, like anyone in this country, innocent until proven Guilty. NOT GUILTY leaves him innocent period. You and I do not know what was in his heart, clearly he is a nice guy, by all that spoke for him. Have a good day. My opinion.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

truth spoken

truth spoken

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

He may have "crossed the line" in your opinion

He may have "crossed the line" in your opinion but nothing he did was unlawful and that's the bottom line.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

We shall see................

It ain't over yet...................

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

You're right

You're right. Zimmerman still has a civil suit against NBC for libel.



I guess this verdict sort of evens out the O J Simpson one. What is with Florida that they cannot figure out how to run elections or the justice system ? Imagine if the situation had been a black neighborhood watchman who shot a white teen defending himself with a bag of skittles ? The trial would have been over by noon.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What trial? There wouldn't

What trial? There wouldn't have been any.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

As long as we're switching roles Claire

As long as we're switching roles Claire. What if Zimmerman had been a woman? The case would have never made it to trial because it was clearly self defense against a brutal assault.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What's the difference? If

What's the difference? If Martin had shot Zimmerman, Zimmerman would have suddenly become Hispanic instead of white Hispanic.
Either way, the race card would have been played as it will be now.

PAUL MATTSON's picture

This is the second time in

This is the second time in recent history where the President of the United States acted stupidly condemning and innocent man.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

and Nixon condemning Charles Manson being the first.

with Nixon condemning Charles Manson being the first.

David  Cote's picture


Are you actually saying Charles Manson was not culpable for the Tate-Lobianco murders? Really?

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

I thought we were all just saying crazy stuff.

Like Trayvon was an innocent victim.

David  Cote's picture

From what I read and heard...

It was Zimmerman stalking Trayvon, not the other way around. Given that scenario, if you were in Trayvon's place, (and skin), what would you have done?

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

I would have said "excuse me,

I would have said "excuse me, why are you following me" I wouldn't have started beating the hell out of the guy.

David  Cote's picture

You've convinced me, Eric...

Some people commenting here are saying "crazy stuff."

RONALD RIML's picture

'Legally Innocent' - 'Factually Guilty'

It wasn't the 'Sandman' that shot Trayvon Martin after stalking him......

I wonder what will be Al

I wonder what will be Al Sharptons next gig.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

National adviser on Race

National adviser on Race Relations. Depends on how long oBAMa remains in office.

RONALD RIML's picture

Eventually commenting

on Zimmerman's "Wrongful Death" Law Suit.....

He'll never see a single penny of book, movie royalties, etc....

I hope Zimmerman sues NBC for

I hope Zimmerman sues NBC for millions for their doctored 911 call news clip.

RONALD RIML's picture

Dennis - Explain to us how this alleged 'Doctoring' - and what

that 'Doctoring' consisted of - harmed Zimmerman.

This is how NBC doctored the

This is how NBC doctored the 911 call

RONALD RIML's picture

PJ Media also edited the call to suit their needs.

I have managed two different 9-1-1 Emergency Call Centers during my careers in Public Safety. I've often had to monitor and analyze recordings of Public Safety radio transmissions and 9-1-1 telephone calls.

The audio provided by your link to PJ Media's analysis does not provide Zimmerman's 9-1-1 call in it's entirety. Without this, it is impossible to provide an objective analysis of the call as compared to PJ Media's alleged alleged 'Doctoring' by NBC

PJ Media's objectivity is also called into question by their own admitted conservative slant.

It is my experience that News Outlets, when presented with tape recording of 9-1-1 calls and radio transmissions, rarely report complete narratives - but limit based upon time restrictions. Nothing presented by NBC is factually untrue.

Its no wonder you believe the

Its no wonder you believe the way you do, when you can see what NBC did to that 9-11 call, taking that call right out of context. The left is good at that, distorting the truth to all of their low information voters.

RONALD RIML's picture

That 'Call' wasn't supplied by Sanford PD -

But by PJ Media.

How do we know they didn't 'Doctor' it? They are an admitted Conservative Media source.

And you question how others believe????

When Zimmerman sues NBC for

When Zimmerman sues NBC for doing it, we'll find out the truth. I've seen how NBC operates over the last few years. They've lost alot of credibility with viewers with their biased news reporting.

When Zimmerman sues NBC for

When Zimmerman sues NBC for doing it, we'll find out the truth. I've seen how NBC operates over the last few years. They've lost alot of credibility with viewers with their biased news reporting.

RONALD RIML's picture

Are you a 'Media Analyst?'

What is your background for assessing and analyzing alleged media bias? Professional and educational background?? Nothing is listed on your 'Personal History' Background which would indicates your expertise.

Would you mind sharing it with us?

RONALD RIML's picture

Hope in one Hand, Defecate in the other......

and see which one fills up first.......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You can't hope yourself out

You can't hope yourself out of a situation you behaved yourself into.

Racism still lives

So George Zimmerman walks as a free man after being acquitted of stalking and shooting a teenage boy walking home from the store with a bag of candy.

"Stand Your Ground" is a heinous law, which applied in this case allowed one man to get away with murder using lies and classic racism to do the job of acquitting him.

Be afraid of other states enacting the same law. Even ours.

Offend someone or look different to them, and they can shoot you..then get away with it-because they were 'protecting themselves'.

Especially if you're not the 'right color'.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Of course, racism still

Of course, racism still lives; the race card players will never allow it to go away.....never.

Gerry Thompson's picture


already have the Maximum Force Law. Better than the Stand Your Ground.

David  Cote's picture

Many shocked with the verdict...

I've been reading tweets from different notables regarding the verdict and practically every one places blame on the jury for what they perceive as injustice. One individual, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White, went so far to say the jurors, to paraphrase White, should go home and kill themselves. Quite a ridiculous request. White and many others are understandibly emotional over this verdict. However, they are directing their anger in the wrong direction. The jury considered what was presented to them during the trail. It was the prosecution that could not strip down Zimmerman's story and discredit his account. Was this verdict an injustice? Yes it was. Was it racially motivated. I don't think so. The case was handled with incompetence by the prosecution.

David  Cote's picture

In my intent, I don't think you'd agree with me Ms. Wilson

I think Zimmerman is guilty as sin and got away with murder...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Agreed. He went out with a

Agreed. He went out with a gun and got in way over his head with it. But, we are a nation of laws, and prosecutors could not prove guilt of the charges brought against him. Had they charged him with reckless homicide or manslaughter at the outset, they might have gotten a conviction. Justice may be blind, but satisfaction is never guaranteed.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

With the provable and

With the provable and incontrovertible evidence the prosecution had, the case should never even have gone to trial.

Tony Morin's picture


Yeah Donna, cause I'm sick and tired of dudes walking down the street with Skittles.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Dangerous stuff, skittles.

Dangerous stuff, skittles.

Betty Davies's picture

Trayvon tried to stand his ground

Trayvon stood his ground against a white man who'd been following him in a suspicious and threatening manner. He got shot to death.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Betty ? Justice was served .

Betty ? Justice was served . .it seems ...
Let's - all - try to never let the †ruth be the enemy of the good
Say a prayer for Flori-duh ( and all children w/o guns )
/s, Steve , Sunday morning at church . .

Steve  Dosh's picture

Happy Bastille Day

Bob , Claire , AL , Ed., TJ , AJ , Paul , one of the Marks , Olympia ( mother of Gov Dukakis ) :) & ƒriends , Sunday 15:00
Happy Bastille Day , Mainers !
Hums " Macho , Macho , Man "
Today in church we heard †he sermon about ' The Good Samaritan , " the guy who helped the person by the side of the road traveling from Jeru-Salem ( place of peace -- like Dar-es-Salem ) to Jerico instead of simply smoting , cutting or shooting him down
Ref : an other recent LSJ ® J. Meyers editorial - Violence is and has been a social norm here since Lafayette helped us out against the British after ƒirst landing in Annapolis , MD , the Treaty of Paris was negotiated and signed by Ben Franklin in Paris , Europe , that succesfully ended our own particular revolution ( we are revolting , after all ) , and L'Enfant designed the District of Columbia conveniently for us
It's much like Pairs , in fact . DC is a low , small , southern & smelly city with plenty of round - a - bouts just going around in circles that is also much too small to contain the egos that work there
Shalom , Salem , and Peace
hth ? /s Steve
btw - i know about enough ƒrench to get my faced slapped Pattie :D


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