Recruiter bill votes earn letters from LePage

AUGUSTA (AP) — Maine Gov. Paul LePage has penned letters to Democrats who voted against his bill aimed at ensuring uniformed military recruiters get access to public schools.

Rep. Brian Hubbell of Bar Harbor told the Portland Press Herald that apparently all 45 Democrats who voted against the bill received hand-written notes.

Rep. Charles Priest of Brunswick, who won a Bronze Star in Vietnam, said LePage wrote that he hadn't "seen or heard such disregard" for the military since the Vietnam era. Other lawmakers said LePage capitalized "WRONG" and "SHAME."

Critics said the bill was unnecessary because federal law already ensures access for military recruiters.

LePage's spokeswoman said Sunday that he also wrote notes of thanks to Senate President Justin Alfond and House Speaker Mark Eves for supporting the military recruiter bill.

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Edward S Phillips 's picture

Federal Law means nothing any more.

Federal law is only good if enforced. With the present President and Attorney General. Who only enforce what is in their agenda. You can bet military recruiting is not. Just look at illlegal immigration and the misnamed Affordable Care Act.
If it is not popular with the ultra liberal agenda than it will not enforced.
Bet that the GLT group can get in and address any time.

RONALD RIML's picture

Go back to Canada where you hid during Vietnam, LePage....

Have you no shame!!!!!


When you need some face time

on the tv news, invent a crisis, wrap yourself in the flag and sing the star Spangled Banner while whacking everyone in sight with your DD-214. Oh wait. You don't have a DD-214 do you. Maybe it's just time to put your tail between your legs and slink away.

Mr. LePage - when every superintendent you accuse says you're lying, frankly I believe them - not you. The Sgt Major you said sent the e-mail hasn't backed up your story either. If he sent such an e-mail, he is probably in deep doo for circumventing the chain of command with his complaint. If he didn't send an e-mail - a far more likely scenario, he's been told to keep out of the brouhaha you created.


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