N. Smith: The source of the information

This is in response to Marcel Morin's letter, "A dangerous man" (July 6).

I honestly thought the letter would be about former President George W. Bush. It seems many people have a problem with President Obama and I would guess it revolves around their source of information. Why does Morin find Fox News factual and creditable and the liberal media biased?

Morin complains about where the money will come from to support all of the jobs being added because of Obamacare. Was he just as concerned when President Bush created "Homeland Security" and got the U.S. into a war that was based on lies? Where did the money for those expenditures come from, or was it passed along to the next president?

What is wrong with the leadership of the Republican Party (conservatives) when the only commitment they make is to make sure President Obama is not re-elected? Are they doing the work of the citizens who elected them?

I am concerned that too much of the vitriol is related to the color of a man's skin, which is extremely dangerous to all of us.

Norman Smith, Poland

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Mike Lachance's picture

"...and the liberal media

"...and the liberal media biased"
Liberal Media....hmmm. Not "media" but "liberal media".
I'd say that pretty much explains it.

A non-liberal media would have no bias.
A liberal media would have bias.. Need it explained again?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

CNN and MSNBC report that

CNN and MSNBC report that oBAMa made a personal call to an over the hill NBA player by the name of Collins congratulating him on having come out of the closet with the announcement that he is gay.
FOX reports that the IRS is in a state of scandal and out of control.
Which of the above will have the greater impact on your life, Mr. Smith?

RONALD RIML's picture

Paul: The Sun-Journal indicates that your write the President's

names as "oBAMa"

Are you in 3rd Grade, or 4th?? Or should we ascribe this to Fox viewership??

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yeah, and a lot of your stuff

Yeah, and a lot of your stuff is right out of the claptrap. Stop playing word cop or clean up your own act first.


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