Gay marriage opponents praise LePage for Vaseline comment

Troy R. Bennett/Bangor Daily News

Michael Heath, former executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine, gives a statement in Augusta on Wednesday supporting Gov. Paul LePage's recent sexually explicit comments, for which the Governor later apologized.

AUGUSTA — Two longtime gay-marriage opponents commended Gov. Paul LePage on Wednesday for speaking up against sodomy with a crude reference to Vaseline that garnered the chief executive national attention.

LePage’s administration quickly distanced him from Michael Heath, best known as the former executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine, and Paul Madore, director of the Maine Grassroots Coalition. The two said at a news conference at the State House on Wednesday that when LePage said Democratic Sen. Troy Jackson claimed “to be for the people but he’s the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline,” he advanced anti-gay causes because it portrayed sodomy in negative terms.

“Gov. Paul LePage was in good company using an allusion to sodomy to condemn expensive, big-government solutions to the challenges confronting Maine people,” said Heath to reporters and about a dozen members of the public. “Those condemned by the governor’s remark are the very same leaders who are promoting sodomy in our schools. This fact makes his allusion even more powerful. He used figurative language to reveal a profound truth about our current situation. Maine is being sodomized by the left, especially our impressionable and innocent children.”

Health and Madore’s 40-minute presentation ranged from attacks on lawmakers and citizens who have supported gay rights to, in Madore’s case, scathing criticism of the Catholic church for “covertly” supporting a “gay agenda.”

LePage was traveling in Pennsylvania on Wednesday but Adrienne Bennett, his press secretary, distanced the governor from Madore and Heath unequivocally.

“This group has no affiliation with the Office of the Governor or the governor nor do they speak for the Office of the Governor,” said Bennett. “This group does not reflect the views of the governor.”

Maine Democratic Party Chairman Ben Grant called on LePage to go even further.

“I thought we had moved beyond this point in Maine,” said Grant in a written statement. “Gov. LePage should denounce these comments immediately.”

Troy R. Bennett/Bangor Daily News

Michael Heath, former executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine, gives a statement in Augusta on Wednesday supporting Gov. Paul LePage's recent sexually explicit comments, for which the Governor later apologized.

Troy R. Bennett/Bangor Daily News

Maine Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, condemns anti-gay and anti-Catholic Church statements made by Michael Heath and Paul Madore in Augusta on Wednesday.

Troy R. Bennett/Bangor Daily News

Paul Madore, director of the Maine Grassroots Coalition, aims criticism at Maine Catholic Churches for "covertly" supporting the "gay agenda" at a news conference in Augusta on Wednesday.

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 's picture

Madore & Heath

I have said previous that Mr. Madore and Mr. Heath both need to find something more to do with their time. They both have way too much time on their hands, and need to leave people alone to live their lives the way they feel comfortable living.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Those two animals need to get a room and work it out... 8>)


First impressions

Every time I see a photo of Michael Heath or Ralph Reed, all I can think of is how much they look like a little boy caught hiding in the closet with Dad's copy of Penthouse.

He and Madore are typical rightwingnuts who claim to be Christians. To them, the Bible is like a software license. They don't actually read it - except maybe select parts of Leviticus. They just scroll to the bottom and click "I agree."

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Can we all at least agree

Can we all at least agree that sodomy is a vile and disgusting practice?


Obviously, we can't ALL agree to that. I don't particularly care for that, but there there are a lot of sexual practices I don't particularly care for that are far more disturbing than taking it in the back end, but I'm not going to tell someone who likes it not to do it (unless there is a risk to health and life -- like copraphilia or asphyxiation).

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

I Think

That people that marry obese and ugly people is vile and disgusting, so we should not allow that either...Get a life....

Heather Cote's picture

What the hell is wrong with you!!??

Just because someone is obese or is "ugly" to you does not mean they don't deserve to be loved and respected! There is no law that people cant marry obese or ugly people, why would you make such a horrible comment. The issue here is gay rights! Seriously Jerry im sure your mother taught you to respect people no matter their size,color or how they look. Wouldn't you want the same respect if you were obese or ugly to others??? It's Not ok to put people down cuz of their looks, size or any other reason!! Learn sum RESPECT!!!!! GET A LIFE JERRY ARIPEZ!!!!

Holy cow...

Never have I seen anyone miss a point by such a margin. Please, go to and look up "irony" and "facetious"

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

I've got to say


JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


It was pure sarcasm to the other need to chill and take a pill....Word!!!!1


The beauty of any act of physical or sexual intimacy lies in the emotional connection between the two consenting adults who engage in it. The trust, the affection, the vulnerability, the communication (verbal and nonverbal)...these are all special, whether it's a man and a woman or two people of the same gender. Moreover, if you reduce any sex act to its physical mechanics (including heterosexual vaginal intercourse) it can be made to sound unappealing. All that sweat and stickiness and panting...yuck. Who'd want to do that?

Seriously, it's a bit small minded to obsess on sodomy this way. Move on and grow up.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Prime Example

Why people are leaving congregations and churches and churches/buildings are vacant, when you have chumps like these that just live to create HATE & Division.....who the hell are they to judge, they have their god that will do all that for them and others....

David Lingard Jr's picture


These people need to leave these things alone. you know not everyone wants to block there child from the real world and become haters to something they do not understand. I do think that there is a higher level of grade before the y start teaching these type of things in school. I also believe that is the parents responsibility to be teaching what is out in the world with the assistance of the school system. That is somewhat what the schools are for is get the kids ready for the real world not a one sided world but a diverse world. You know really the actions of the students in school is from what they learn at home not at school. The schools do not teach children to have sex at a young age or be pregnant at a young age. The one reason they learn it at school is from there peers that they learn out of school. So lets stop pointing fingers at other people and things. Start realizes you are the ones who are responsible for hate in this world that is obviously trying to go with the times of now and what the future holds of reality. Oh and please stop blaming people for what you take in the wrong text of the great book. You wanna know something you are only upsetting god. He is the only one who judges not you. You are not his deliverer of his word. An individual is the one who gets his word and keeps it to him or herself. Stop spreading hatred. I am done thank you.

 's picture

What is the deal with these two??

Alleged Christians filled with hate. Not sure why anybody shows up when they announce a press conference. They should be relegated to shouting on the street corner next to the dude proclaiming "the end is nigh!"

Usually, when one is as

Usually, when one is as rabidly anti-Gay as these two are, it is because they harbor a dark secret in their closets... Like Larry Craig.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

100% False

and there is ZERO evidence that supports your absurd comment


I just PUT the evidence in the poist. Larry Craig, former stalwart opposer of all things gay. And who was the guy in Florida claiming to "cure" homosexuals caught on camera with a male escort? That's only two of many.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

So 2 examples equals "usually"

So 2 examples equals "usually"? If I can give an example of a gay pedophile does that mean gay men are usually pedophiles? It does by your logic.

Can't have it both ways

I gave two examples because you said "not one shred of evidence." So I gave a shred and now that's not good enough? Sorry, I don't play games with moving goal posts.


You said "ZERO evidence. I still showed you more than zero. So next I'll get Aresnault to yawn at you. He has terrible breath.

The company they keep...

Anyone who still objects to same-sex marriage should take note that this is the company they're keeping.

This is probably the company

This is probably the company they WANT to keep. I guess Heath and Madore are courting the Westboro Baptist Church vote.

Memo from the GOP and the LePage office

Dear Paul and Mike,
Thank you.

Jason Theriault's picture

LOL - Paul Madore.

I went to school briefly with his son Ethan. They pulled him out of Saint Peter's elementary because they were teaching how our naughty bits worked.

 's picture

Naughty bits

That's funny. I feel bad for Madore's family though.


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