LePage to visit town damaged by train derailment

AUGUSTA— Maine Gov. Paul LePage will visit the small Quebec town just across the border where a runaway train killed dozens of people and leveled much of the downtown, his office said Wednesday.

LePage will attend a memorial Mass for the victims Saturday in Lac-Megantic. Before the ceremony, he will meet with Lac-Megantic Mayor Colette Roy-Laroche and other Canadian officials.

"While a line divides our countries, it does not divide our people, and it is important for Maine to support our northern neighbors during this time of need," LePage said in a statement.

An unattended train carrying oil broke loose July 6 and hurtled down a seven-mile incline, derailing and igniting near the Lac-Megantic's downtown, killing 47 people.

LePage's office said that Maine-Canada Trade Ombudsman Daniel Deveau visited the town last week with a delegation from Franklin County to assess the town's needs and provide support.

"For years, these two communities have forged relationships to share culture and economic growth," LePage said. "And in difficult times like this those bonds extend even farther," he said. "Recovery work remains, and I have pledged to the people of Lac-Megantic and the region our support."

The train was heading into Maine and has raised questions about rail safety in Maine and elsewhere.

After the derailment, LePage issued an executive order directing the Maine Department of Transportation to review the state's rail infrastructure. Through the end of the summer, federal railroad inspectors are also inspecting Maine tracks that are used to transport crude oil, including those owned by the rail company involved in the catastrophic derailment.

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Claudette Therriault's picture


Please don't let him go. He's already embarrased us in front of the whole country...now the world???

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Hey Al,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

You have to remember, LePage must feel the people of Maine have short memories. He's done ,or should I say hasn't done, lots of things in the past. Now however, he's in full re-election mode. All he will be doing from here on out, is trying to trick as many voters as he can to consider him. With the mass state of confusion the Republican Party is in right now, he's got a long up hill battle ahead of him.
From now on, nothing but fake photo op's will be his weapon of choice. Winning reelection, based on a successful previous term in office is something not possible for Paul LePage, or any other Republicans for that matter. He's going to have to win this election the same way he stole the last one..........

AL PELLETIER's picture

I guess it depends on his mood.

Today he's pledging that region "our support" and when Lewiston suffered a major fire disaster he said," your on your own". Go figure?

Steve  Dosh's picture

LePage to visit town damaged by train derailment

Mainers , Weds. night 20:10 hst
Nice gesture given the sister city relatiionship between Farmington and they'ya . Hope they can handle his visit whilst in thei deep mourning . Don't know what he'll laccomplish . You are paying for it . " The train was heading into Maine and has raised questions about rail safety in Maine and elsewhere. " What next ? France ? Jul 13, 2013 ... The train accident outside Paris on Friday that killed at least six people and injured dozens of others was linked to a loose rail joint . Spain ? Rescuers scour debris after Spain train crash kills 77 . ... this July 24th
Don't want to rain on his parade but perhaps he could better work on bringing AMTRAK ® in to Auburn from either Brunswick or Freeport for economic development purposes , tourism , and the Maine state export industries such as Pioneer Plastics ® , palletts , chipboard , paper towels , toothpicks , blueberries & Atlantic salmon fishing below Great Falls . ..
/s , Steve , economic advisor to other countries :D


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