Portland charter school hosts luncheon for conservative advocacy group

PORTLAND (AP) — Officials at Portland's first charter school are defending a luncheon the school is hosting for a conservative advocacy group.

Baxter Academy, which opens this fall, is hosting a luncheon Wednesday catered by the Maine Heritage Policy Center for Friedman Legacy Day in honor of the late Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, an advocate of school choice.

The Portland Press Herald (http://bit.ly/1cjT9Yt ) reported that Baxter Academy Vice Chairwoman Allison Crean Davis wrote an email saying the purpose of the event is to cultivate a relationship with the policy center. She further wrote that policy center members have the capacity to support the school financially and politically.

Democratic Sen. Rebecca Millett said by hosting the luncheon, the school is aligning its identity with "the extreme agenda" of the policy center.

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Jason Theriault's picture

Just dumb.

Here's the bottom line - if you want charter schools, and not just a political point to argue about, you need to be making them look more appealing to the left. Making your school appear conservative leaning will only re-enforce the perceptions that democrats have that charter schools are a republican attempt to weaken a democratic power base.

Let me break this down for you - republicans are not going to gain more traction in Augusta. And LePage is going bye bye in 2 years. Baxter school better think about what they are doing and make some Democrat friends or in 2 years, they will be on the way out as well.


Maine Heritage Policy Center

You have to wonder why a science and technology school would be getting funding from an organization which does not appear to believe in science or technology. As a parent I would find that odd. Perhaps the parents are into creationism and are climate change deniers also. It truly looks as if the Heritage Foundation is trying to impose their ideology onto the curriculum. But then pushing their agenda is what they do.

Jim Cyr's picture

Ms. Gamache, you

have to wonder why take choices away from our children in learning. And how about the other public scrools that only impose "their" left ideology ? Is that not the American way, freedom to chose where and how our on children are being taught ? Or is control the underline ideology ? No more pledge of allegiance, no more Christmas, no more self reliance teaching only dependence that government is our only savior???? Government was designed to be "our servant" not the other way around !! You " Progressives " must keep tearing at the fabric of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


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