M. Armstrong: Disgusting backroom deal

In an article reprinted in the Sun Journal July 23, Chris Cousins of the Bangor Daily News wrote, “ ... some factions of the party have felt unwelcome in the GOP at times. It was perhaps never more evident than last year at the Republican National Convention in Florida when several Ron Paul supporters from Maine were not allowed to be seated because of organizational problems caused by a huge turnout at the state convention months before.”

Really? Did the janitor simply forget to put out enough of those cold, metal folding chairs?

What happened was that half of the delegation from Maine, elected by Republican voters from all over Maine, was replaced by individuals appointed by Republican Party insiders. All 10 elected delegates were Ron Paul supporters, while all 10 replacement delegates supported Mitt Romney. That was no organizational snafu. It was a disgusting backroom deal between the Republican National Committee and Maine GOP leadership.

During the campaign one seldom saw the name Ron Paul in the news without the accompanying words, “can’t win.” While that meme, which was repeated often in the establishment press, turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, the phrase “Ron Paul won’t be allowed to win” would have been more accurate.

It turns out that Maine Republicans, even those in Washington County, expect their votes to count.

While predetermined outcomes are acceptable in entertainment venues such as all-star wrestling, most people prefer elections to be on the level.

Welcome, Chairman Rick Bennett and good luck.

Mark Armstrong, Lisbon

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Jim Cyr's picture

Lets hope that

the "establishment GOP" has realized that they have lost there vision of their own platform. They are responsible for the loss of the election. The "establishment GOP" seems to be favoring with the "Progressives" and losing touch with the Constitution and the vision of our "Founders". This next upcoming election will be the last chance they get to wake up, if they truly want to turn this ship around.

 's picture

Since Tea Partiers have no understanding of the Constitution

and never had the vision of the Founding Fathers, that can't be the problem "establishment GOP" had in the last election. Nothing proved the point better than the 2010 Maine Republican Platform. Had anyone campaigned on the Platform; they would have had difficulty reaching double digits in the vote. The Platform was a temper tantrum of the ill informed funded by the Koch Brothers (America's premier polluters) and Tobacco Companies (America's premier killers) that contradicted the US Constitution in just about every way possible. The Constitution is a framework of government; the 2010 Maine Republican Party Platform a framework to end government. Sabotaging the US Economy and government is not a winning campaign.
The Republican Party needs to stop playing games and marginalize the crazies in their ranks. Then get back to the business of governing.


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