E. Field: Calling all moderate Republicans

Twenty or 30 years ago, Republicans had much more moderate views and were willing to compromise. There was little rudeness and hostility toward liberals. Most wouldn’t have questioned a president’s birthplace or religion.

Many Republicans were pro-choice, socially liberal and fiscally conservative. The word “abortion” never appeared in the Republican party platform until 1976. Religion did not show up until the 1990s. Many Republicans, including Richard Nixon, were environmentalists, not climate change and evolution deniers.

They supported cutting the size of government and certainly did not envision a government that would expand to interfere in people’s sex lives, relationships and family size.

They did not hate taxes because they understood that the country needs to keep its roads and bridges from crumbling, finance the military, pay for education and libraries, police and firemen, provide help for the needy, fund science research, conserve resources and pay all the other costs of a civilized society. As president, Ronald Reagan raised taxes several times and no one went berserk.

People such as Olympia Snowe and Colin Powell were respected, moderate Republicans. Ill-mannered, anti-women’s rights, anti- government loudmouths such as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Allen West, Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachman would not have been tolerated because of their extreme right-wing views.

How did extremists hijack the party from all the remaining rational and educated Republicans? I wish the moderates would take it back, chuck the tea party, and get this country out of its dreadful political quagmire.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

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Joe Morin's picture


The twenty four hour news cycle & Ideologue reporters casting opinions as facts has polarized both parties. It allows people with like partisan views to high five each other and validate their beliefs. I left the Republican party over social conservatism & big spending but to read posts from Liberal ideologues about how just Republicans are the boogey man is absurd.... I'll trade you 3 BHOs for 1 Bill Clinton

" Do not pray for easier lives, pray to be stronger men."
"Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
(John F. Kennedy)

AL PELLETIER's picture

Back in the day.

It was far more difficult to decide what party would be most effective in doing the right thing for America. I voted Rep. as many times as I voted Dem..
Today with the likes of McConnell and Boehner pledging to make their primary objective making Obama a one term president, instead of trying to work towards good compromises the republican party in DC has lost touch with mainstream America.
Yes Ellen, I'd like to see the GOP become the GOP of days gone by too.

RONALD RIML's picture

I was a Republican for a number of years

('Was' being the operative word)

I don't recognize what this 'GOP' is today.....

Freakin' crazy people..... Like an old black & white horror movie......

 's picture

By implication you are saying ...

... that the Democrat party IS in touch with mainstream America?! Yup, mainstream America wants constantly expanding invasion of privacy, an IRS that looks more and more like the SS, a DOJ that puts itself above the laws it's supposed to enforce, and an emasculated military that can't protect diplomats - and, of course, ever higher energy costs forcing ever higher everything costs. And mainstream America wants all that so the flow of baubles and trinkets to the gimme classes is not interrupted.

With all that touching, mainstream America is on the endangered species list.

We missed the chance to achieve the real primary objective: to make Obama a ZERO term president.

 's picture

Ellen, perfect example of why the Republican Party you

respected will never come back. I respected Everett Dirksen and my Republican Senator when I was growing up. But when the haters started to take over in the 60's and the Party became the party of the Southern Confederacy in the 90's it became very clear that lunacy not policy was the goal of the "New Republican Party".
They campaign on jobs but what do they pass. 40 repeals of Obamacare which were dead on arrival. No jobs bills. Nothing to improve the economy. Instead they have fired 300,000 plus public employees, cut the remaining's pensions and health care, appointed economic dictators who can override the will of the people; passed two hundred anti-abortion bills that are and the sponsor proudly proclaim are unconstitutional on their face; endorsed government rape by device; tried to destroy unions; and disenfranchise African-Americans; let concealed weapons permit holder vote while denying students in state institutions of higher learning the right to vote; the list simply grows daily.
Compared to the "New Republican Party", Democrats are the socially liberal, fiscally conservative, constructive, work with anyone party you are looking for.

Jim Cyr's picture

Dems are

"fiscally conservative" ? With 30 years of Dem control in Detroit has shown their true colors of conservatism. Not to mention the nearly 50 other large cities following suit . Dretroit is a prime example of the "petri dish" design the Dems have in store for our country.

 's picture

Another distraction

1. I was describing obviously the national republican party; not local situations
2. So what. Cities and States have been going bankrupt for 200+ years. The major reasons are national and international rarely local. You know things like the very "fiscally conservative" Bush years - $6 trillion in new debt, Wars that don't protect national security in fact threaten it, huge increase in the gap between rich and poor, and the most devastating Depression in 80 years which is partially responsible for the bankruptcy of Detroit and was caused by specific Republican economic policies which when implemented always fail.
3. As to "petri dish" I don't understand tha reference probably because Republicans don't believe in science, critial thinking, rational thought, or any of the other skill associated with petri dishes.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And, the democrat party has

And, the democrat party has no haters, right, Jon? It's all fuzzy wuzzy with cookies and warm milk at night before bed.

 's picture

Apples and Oranges

The Republican Party is coalition of haters of various kinds not a few individuals.
The Democratic Party may have a few individuals but they are soon marginalized and drop out.

 's picture

Notice what Claire did?

She completely ignored why I am against Obama's policies - that I believe they are absolutely the wrong path for the country. When anyone says something like that, all she hears is what she styles as irrational, raging, racism.

The height of irrationality is cooperating with someone you believe to be dead wrong, just for the sake of bipartisanship. We must DO something! (cue the hand wringing) It's that kind of brain-dead compromise that dug the hole we're in - more of it won't help us get out, it will just make it deeper.

Al: Save the ad-hominem junk for those who appreciate it. You can see them all in the nearest mirror.

 's picture

She's right

Since nothing you wrote is true or correct or even by twisting the truth comes close to reality, is not surprising she wouldn't even trying to set you straight. You wouldn't not accept it.
" The height of irrationality is cooperating with someone you believe to be dead wrong, just for the sake of bipartisanship." That shows that you know nothing of politics. If the Soviet Union and the United States can cooperate during the height of the cold war any of us can cooperate over issues to benefit the country. Well most of us. The losers can't.

Jason Theriault's picture

That's the problem

"The height of irrationality is cooperating with someone you believe to be dead wrong, just for the sake of bipartisanship. We must DO something! (cue the hand wringing) It's that kind of brain-dead compromise that dug the hole we're in - more of it won't help us get out, it will just make it deeper."

That's the problem - you have assumed that you are right and the people who disagree with you are wrong. The reality is that there is no right or wrong, just different opinions on how to move forward.

Jim Cyr's picture

Monsieur Theriault,

Monsieur Leblanc is correct and that there truly is a right and wrong. The "Progressives" are wrong and the "Constitutionalist" are right !! NO COMPROMISE !! Smaller government is the answer along with "Free Enterprise" and reversing the tide of give aways.

AL PELLETIER's picture


Claire is right. You are a drama queen. Stick to tomatoes ,Mike, you make a lousy Rush Bigmouth.



Talk about drama queens and hyperbole. It's talk like this that makes it hard to take Republicans seriously about anything. It's all about manipulation and effect and has little to do with anything going on in the real world. Obama was elected president twice and no amount of raging will change that so people should probably get over it by now. In any case he is not running again so they should stop running against him. At some point politicians need to stop campaigning and start thinking about how to do the most good for the most people in their districts. There is just as much danger in electing people who care about nothing but gaining power for themselves as there is in electing a black president or even a liberal. I too miss the Republican party and wish it would come back.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Rome is burning and Nero's

Rome is burning and Nero's followers are buying marshmellows for the cook out.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

To qoute you Claire

To qoute you Claire "At some point politicians need to stop campaigning and start thinking about how to do the most good for the most people in their districts. There is just as much danger in electing people who care about nothing but gaining power for themselves as there is in electing a black president or even a liberal." This is exactly the truth.

I can't believe I agree with you on anything.

 's picture

Let's render this down for substance

It is: Anyone who objects to the policies and shenanigans of the glorious liberal imperium is to be expelled from Congress and deported - or at least sent for a nice long stay at a reeducation camp.

The essence of the country is contention of ideas, often angry, rarely violent. George Orwell and others described societies where bland agreement was required. Be careful what you ask for in the name of bipartisanship.

One person's quagmire is another's stand against tyranny.

Must be familiar territory

In your orthodoxy, Mike, anyone who disagrees with the True Conservative (TM Tea Party Express) point of view is not only to be expelled from Congress but also from any and all Republican meetings and conferences.


A contention of ideas

It is true that the essence of democracy is a boiling cauldron of conflicting ideas and emotions but when the contention becomes the be-all and end-all and takes precedence over the ideas then that is not taking a stand against tyranny it is a power trip. It is called "My way or the highway". Even Obama is now saying that if he's for something the conservatives in Congress are automatically against it. They even contradict their own previous positions to be against his. There is more to intelligent debate than being against something. At some point people need to be practical enough to admit that blocking everything is damaging to the nation. To put your opinion above all else, always, no matter the consequences, is nothing but excessive pride. Nobody is right about everything all the time even when they feel strongly that they are. That is the real essence of democracy. People listen to others and have the humility to give them credit for having good ideas once in a while.


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