M. Jalbert: Obstructing country's progress

Recently I saw House Speaker Rep. John Boehner say with a straight face that the president’s speeches are all sizzle and no steak. Boehner should realize that he and his side of the House are the steak, and it’s burning.

He dares criticize the president about jobs. He has apparently forgotten that President Obama sent him and the House a jobs plan more than two years ago. Of course, no attention was paid it because it was derailed by obstructionism, which is really at the heart of Boehner and his House.

To me, the “not doing anything” attitude should result in “no work, no results, no pay.” The majority of Americans are workers who understand that people are required to work for their pay, and if they don’t, the usual result is “goodbye.”

Faith in the government is at an all time low due to the inaction of elected representatives, who take on a personal war rather than doing what they were elected to do. It is not only shameful, but criminal that this has been allowed to last so long.

I wish there were something the public could do to get things going. Letters and petitions seem to be discarded, or sent to the electronic recycle bin.

We are being cast aside and ignored. Though the public has control at the ballot box, there is too much time between what the majority would like to do and when they are able to do it.

Sad isn’t it?

Marc A.J. Jalbert, Lewiston

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Very true, Marc.

Most polls suggest that a big majority wants to repeal ObamaCare before it gets cast in concrete. When can we do it? Democrats are desperate to keep it, because there are no other coattails to hang on to. Republicans are afraid of opposing it for fear of being branded mean and uncaring. Both groups are terrified of conservatives, the one political ideology that actually cares about Americans and America, and of the very real possibility that 2014 will be an even bigger bloodbath than 2010.


Two party system

This country has done well with the two party system when both parties had as their objective to serve the country and its citizens. When you have one party trying to run the government and one party whose stated objective is to destroy the government because regulation interferes with profits what you have is not government but civil war. All the smoke and mirrors the conservatives are throwing around about the greedy masses is all about hiding the fact that corporate America, most of whom are now multi-national and no longer have any allegiance to America, is walking away with the bulk of our tax money while cutting their own tax contributions and dumping all social costs on workers while at the same time trimming their wages, benefits and safety. The evidence that corporate America is thriving while workers are not is very clear and it is not the result of chance. It was engineered in Washington and is being sold to us using deception and bigotry as restoring traditional values. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Traditionally Americans love America and put it ahead of self-interest and ideology.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"walking away with the bulk

"walking away with the bulk of our tax money"

Talk about greed, it is not your GD money. If a corporation has sales in another country, has operations in another country, has employees in another country, as bank accounts in another country, pays taxes in another country, how in the hell do YOU think you have claim to tax money earned in another country.

God, talk about greed -- sound like you are the greedy one. That attitude is 100% greed.


Then why did his majesty just

Then why did his majesty just propose to reduce corporate income tax rates, while leaving individual rates alone? Top Tax Rate Should Be 28% for Corporations, 40% for Small Businesses. Perhaps he switched parties while no one was looking. Why not? He does everything else when all eyes are elsewhere, then says he just got back from a four year vacation and takes no responsibility for anything.

The Democrat party pretends to know what is best for the country, and the herd of sycophants, including most of the media, backs it up. If anyone suggests those policies might not be best, the herd starts marching and chanting about greed, obstructionism and racism. More traditional Americans every day are realizing that the herd is marching through its own ...

I couldn't care less about the color of his skin. I care about the color of his ideology - red.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Herd the sycophants, they

Herd the sycophants, they follow with glee. Moreover, Obama proposed reducing corporate tax rate on the one hand, but wants to remove deductions on the other hand. The net results is that corporation pay more in tax liability. How in the hell is that a tax cut?

You damn well that Obama will preach he cut corporate taxes, when the math shows he raised taxes.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I certainly thank God for the

I certainly thank God for the little things in life. I would really hate to see my tax liability of there was not opposition parity.

You do know that in the last days of the Roman empire the Roman government sent itself into a hole trying to placate the masses. Kind of like this government is doing.

Thank God for the little things in life - government opposition.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Government opposition,

or government obstructionism? The republican party has chosen the latter.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

When the defense prevents the

When the defense prevents the offense from scoring it is called 'great defense'; not obstructionism. Big difference.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

The failure of Detroit is all

The failure of Detroit is all inthe hands of Democrats. What a lab experiment. We both knew what the outcome would be.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

All that we have to do is

All that we have to do is look at Detroit to see what decades of single party control produces.


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