R. Caron: Veto LePage out of office

There is a reason why Gov. Paul LePage was voted the 49th worst governor in America, according to one survey. LePage is not for the people, especially the senior citizens who are on limited incomes.

LePage repealed the "circuit breaker" rent rebate program. Each August, I looked forward to that rebate form. No more.

LePage prides himself as the governor who vetoed more potential laws during the past session. What a waste of taxpayer money.

It is time for Mainers to force the lawmakers to address the elephant walking in the halls of the capital.

We must start looking for a governor who will rank in the top 10, not at the tail end. Mainers deserve the right to veto LePage out of office in the next election.

Rolande Caron, South Paris

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 's picture

Excellent letter

But your scope is too limited. No one in Maine should vote for any Republican. In 1991 President George Bush (an honorable man who now could not get the nomination of his party) agreed to support a tax increase. In 1993, President Bill Clinton proposed and Congress passed without a single Republican vote a budget that increased taxes on the rich and lead to 4 years of budget surpluses and the prospect of eliminating the National Debt by 2010. Republicans from Newt to the current governor of Ohio said that recession would follow, unemployment explode, and the debt expand. What really happened unemployment fell to 3.9%. The economy grew at the fastest pace in decades and for the first time in decades the debt shrank.
Nothing any Republican says can be believed.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I'm an angry person, but........

Hey, I'm an angry person, but, I'll never be weened of anything. Paul LePage does that for us. I used to love looking forward to my tax return every year, It wasn't that I needed it, it was just the idea of getting something back for a change.
I worked a lot of years, I paid a lot of taxes, I still pay a lot of taxes. I just don't get anything back now. I don't need to file a tax return so I don't. I still pay for my health care, I don't qualify for food stamps, Rental assistance, heating assistance, or anything. I pay my rent every month, I have to pay insurance on my truck, as well as my home. I have to buy fuel oil, Gas for my vehicles. Yet Paul LePage has decided that my Social Security check is just fine the way it is. The fact that I still have all the same bills I had when I was working, and only 20% of my original income, doesn't mean I qualify for any assistance from the State. That rental rebate or what ever you want to call it, means a lot to a lot of people. Paul LePage doesn't realize that because he has his head so far up in the clouds,(not the phrase I wanted to use), he can't relate to us less fortunate. As long as he stays in office, he will continue to steal from the poor, and kiss the butts of the rich. I just hope everyone remembers that come election day.........

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"I used to love looking

"I used to love looking forward to my tax return every year,"...
Did no one ever explain to you that the refund you were receiving was nothing more than payment of the interest free loan (of your own money) that you had given the U.S. Govt. for the previous year? They had use of your money for a year and paid you jack sht in interest for that use. Nice.
"Yet Paul LePage has decided that my Social Security check is just fine the way it is."
I get a Social Security check and have never found any evidence to support that Paul LePage has or has had any influence on the content of that check one way or the other. How is he able to affect yours?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

You can call it what you want....

I still considered that little tax return check, nine or ten grand I didn't have yesterday. It's not much, but hey, there's no tax on it. As for Paul LePage's effecting my SSDI check, He eliminated my rent rebate (circuit breaker law). He took about a twelve hundred dollar check right out of my pocket.
I know all about the government using my money interest free, I have no idea how much I was paying in every year, but being able to get any of it back used to be reason to party at my house. That little rent rebate, I don't care where that was coming from. All I know is it's because of LePage I don't get it any more. The ironic part is now that it would really help, it's gone. I can work around it, but there are a lot of folks out there who depended on that little boost. Sometimes I swear, he goes out of his way just to inconvenience people. He must be having some twisted flashback to his childhood, then he gets even with the world, by screwing the people. Ya, thank god for LePage. What would we do without him????????????????

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Sounds like an angry person

Sounds like an angry person who is weened off some public money. God bless Paul LePage.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Stupid is as stupid writes.

The " circuit breaker program" was implemented to give property taxpayers a rebate of their own PAID tax money based on the amount of tax paid and annual income. This program was intended to help Maine home owners who, for whatever reason, have suffered a reduction of income to keep their homes.
There is no "weening" here. It's more like pulling the rug out from under you without warning, something Lepage is well noted for.

 's picture

Completely false

The "circuit breaker program" reduced the property owner's municipal tax bill then the State reimbursed the municipality for the lose of tax revenue. The program was intended to bring some progressivity to the property tax and to reduce the property tax burden on those living on fixed incomes and the poor.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Perhaps Maine should make

Perhaps Maine should make Property taxes less painful for all of its residents. Why is a select few individuals always burdened with a disproportional tax bill?

The progressive tax system creates an atmosphere where nearly half of the population gets low to no cost services while the other half has to pay. How is that fair?

Everyone needs to pay for the services that use, so they know when they ask for more, it comes from their pockets too.

Now that is a natural governor to out of control spending.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

The concept is simple. More

The concept is simple. More people that feel the sting of taxes just might change the mind set of people that think the government needs to do more. Kind of like you play, you pay.

As it is now, people demand new services but make someone else pay. The era is coming to an end.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You may have noted that the

You may have noted that the letter writer is not a property tax payer but a renter. Why should renters be receiving circuit breaker rebates?
And, what business does a person earning
$86,500 a year have receiving any kind of financial help from the State of Maine, other than lower taxes?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

That makes way too much

That makes way too much sense.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Roger that.

Roger that.

ERNEST LABBE's picture




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