N. Willard: Party doesn't always matter

It appears that Thomas Shields (July 25) believes in a black and white world in which all things Democratic are black and wrong and all things Republican are white and right.

An Indian belief: “Never judge a person until you have walked many moons in their moccasins.” Too many people today are prejudging others based on religion, color of skin, ethnicity, sexual preference or political party. There are many who hate President Obama because he is black.

Maine has had some outstanding political leaders: Margaret Chase Smith, Ed Muskie, George Mitchell, Bill Cohen and Olympia Snowe were very good, as are Susan Collins, Angus King, Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud. Political party doesn’t always matter.

Gov. LePage is not among them.

Corporate interests now control the Republican Party which has gone against citizens in its attempts to suppress voting rights and to eliminate family planning (which many women rely upon for feminine health care). The party has made 40 attempts to do away with Obamacare, which has lowered health insurance costs in some states.

I do not know what the Republicans' solution to health care is, as it has not been announced. I doubt they have any.

Republicans campaign against equal rights for same sex couples and would do away with a woman’s right to choose an abortion.

Democrats do not believe government should interfere in people's private lives; people are created equal. Democrats work to benefit the lives of people after they are born.

Nancy Willard, Woodstock

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MARK GRAVEL's picture

"Democrats do not believe

"Democrats do not believe government should interfere in people's private lives;"

Democrats interfere with my life everything they spend the local or federal government into debt, raise my taxes, or force me to buy healthcare.

The takeaway here is that government interferes in people's private lives - period.

Noel Foss's picture

"party doesn't always matter"

Followed by a letter comprised entirely of generalities about the parties, lumping all Republicans together using language and all Democrats together using positive language.

Ms. Willard seems to have deviated slightly from her original premise...

Noel Foss's picture


"lumping all Republicans together using NEGATIVE language" that is.


Cradle to grave

It is interesting to me how many Tea Partiers are collecting military pensions and getting their health care at the VA while calling everyone else who gets government benefits leeches. If you look at the Federal Military during the early years soldiers were treated about the same as Perdue treats his chickens. There was only primitive medical care, no ambulance service. most wounded were left to die on the field. There was no agreement on the treatment of prisoners. Many were shot or starved to death. Corpses were desecrated. There were no pensions, no ID tags, no burials in many instances. Pay was often sporadic. So was food and ammo. Families were not notified of their relative's death, never mind survivor benefits. There was no medical care after discharge and no pensions never mind home loans or college education funds. If military personnel have these benefits today it is thanks to the bleeding heart liberals who fought for them. And if the tea party succeeds in kicking off all the leeches getting benefits from the government in the civilian world, veterans can be sure they will go after theirs next. They have already eliminated funding for education. They also need to remember that old axiom about the Nazi death camps. First, they came for the Jews but I wasn't a Jew so I didn't care. Then they came for the disabled but I wasn't disabled so I didn't care...........When they came for me there was no one left to speak for me.

Noel Foss's picture

Give something to get something.

Veterans receive benefits earned through service to their country, often at the risk of their own lives. Their benefits and pensions are repayment for said service.

Many of the government benefits paid out to civilians would more accurately be described as charity, as there was no service provided as a means of 'earning' them.

That, I think, is the main sticking point many of the "Tea Party" veterans have with our current system. Not being one myself (either a tea partier or a veteran), I'm just speculating here.

Incidentally, you might be interested to know that military benefits in the US have been around since before the US, technically. Plymouth colony established a rule in the 1630's that anyone disabled by a wound suffered while defending the Colony would be supported for life by the Colony.
During the Revolutionary war congress offered land grants, pensions of half pay for 7 years to soldiers who served until the completion of the conflict, as well as providing pensions for soldiers who were disabled in the conflict. Granted, Congress made the individual states responsible for the expenses incurred, but in those days the federal government was not the giant overarching entity that it is today.

Not really that sure what any of it has to do with the article at hand, though...

Jim Cyr's picture

Ms. Willard, the only

way for the" progressives " can win is by having more people on the dole. There is not much of a difference between D/R anymore. The GOP has lost it's Constitutionally conservative platform, but the Dems have hung on to there Marxist agenda but chose to call it Liberal or Progressive same o, same o.

 's picture

"Democrats work to benefit

"Democrats work to benefit the lives of people after they are born." Yup, cradle to grave benefits, as long as those people manage to make it from conception to cradle.

"Democrats do not believe government should interfere in people's private lives ..." Evidently emails and phone calls are not private, especially for certain reporters. But I have long suspected that the press is some other species, not real people.

Republicans have pretty much surrendered on ObamaCare. It's those nasty conservatives who want to repeal it before the future arrives: lots of healthy people, bankrupt, standing in long breadlines, and sleeping in homeless shelters.

Party doesn't matter anymore. Rational thought does matter, and it is in very short supply, especially in DC.


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