St. Mary's and CMMC top Consumer Reports safety rankings for Maine hospitals

LEWISTON — A just-released Consumer Reports study of death and long-term hospitalization following surgery has given Lewiston's two hospitals its top safety rankings in Maine.

The publication gave St. Mary's Regional Medical Center a score of 67, saying the hospital had a particularly good record of avoiding re-admissions or bloodstream infections. According to its data, the magazine found that St. Mary's had not had a single bloodstream infection in all of 2011.

Central Maine Medical Center came in second with a score of 61. It also scored well in avoiding infections.

Maine Medical Center in Portland scored last among the six ranked hospitals with a rating of 47. The hospital did worse than average at avoiding serious complications to surgery, the magazine said. The other Maine hospitals that were ranked are Eastern Maine Medical Center and St. Joseph's Hospital in Bangor and MaineGeneral Medical Center in Waterville.

The hospitals were ranked on a scale of 1 to 100. Nationally, scores ranged from a high of 74 to a low of 14.

Consumer Reports and a health care consulting firm, MPA, gathered Medicare billing claims for a three-year period, from 2009 to 2011. They looked at 27 kinds of scheduled surgeries and tracked the problems that happened after the surgery, from bad reactions to anesthesia and breathing or heart problems to the worst errors such as instruments left inside patients during surgery.

Data were gathered at 2,463 hospitals.

"Our new surgery ratings are part of an ongoing effort to shed light on hospital quality and to push the health care industry toward more transparency," the magazine said in its just-published edition.

"We are very pleased," said Russ Donahue, spokesman for St. Mary's Regional Medical Center. "We have been working to ensure consistency and excellent outcomes for our patients for a period of time, and it's nice to see those efforts being recognized. What makes this even more valuable to us is it's coming to us from Consumer Reports."

Patty Roy, Central Maine Medical Center's director of quality, said the report was fair.

"It's showing in some of its scores what the doctors and nurses and others are doing here to take care of our patents," she said.

"I would want community members in our surrounding towns to feel very good about having surgery in Lewiston and having care in Lewiston, at CMMC and at St. Mary's," said Roy, who is a registered nurse. "I think we should be proud as a community to have such high rankings."

Of course, there are lots of rankings and analysts giving scores to hospitals.

Maine Med, Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, CMMC and St. Mary's were all recently given A's by the Leapfrog Group and its "Hospital Safety Score." Maine Medical Center was recently named Maine's No. 1 hospital by U.S. News and World Report.

"There's been a proliferation of organizations that want to rank hospitals, and frankly, it's extremely confusing for consumers out there right now," said Dr. Doug Salvador, Maine Medical Center's vice president for quality. "The proliferation of measures is such that we wouldn't be able to do a good job if all we did was chase them all down."

Rather, he and hospital staff do their best, given the large quantity of data they already have, Salvador said.

The response at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, which scored a 52 on Consumer Reports' scale, also sounded confident in her hospital's safety record and data gathering.

"There are a lot of these hospital rankings out there, and with limited resources and time, we choose to spend most of attention on the ones that we feel have the most valid data sources and methodologies," spokeswoman Jill McDonald said.

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 's picture

CMMC above the law!

This after CMMC over sites it's trauma classification? CMMC should lose it's licencing and be sued for false advertising. If it were me or you who over sited in our business we would be brought up on charges.

Good job St. Mary's!! way to go I always knew you are a better place for my well being in health care!

Again this shows that CMMC thinks they are above the law and everyone else!! I wouldn't bring my sick dog to you hacks at CMMC.....

 's picture


I think hospital ranking have gone up and the stats show that nosocomial infections and deaths are down, because they ship people out as soon as they can. At a rehab center I work at we got a recent surgery patient, two days out...who bled to death the same day we got him, but he bled to death at the facility, less than an hour after he arrived, so it's a death on the rehab facility..not the hospital. I see people every day who are moved from the hospital to transitional care and rehab facilities avoid those bad numbers.

 's picture


I would bet most come from CMMC and it figures some lawyer figured this out and cuts patients early to avoid law suits again showing how they are above the law......

Steve  Dosh's picture

Wendi ? Friday noon hst ?

Wendi ? Friday noon hst ? Umm . .You need to rate the doctors , nurses , care givers and care takers , and the care facilities you are talking about , work at and have worked at on - line so other people will know in Maine and can avoid them
Especially rate the staff ?
You are on staff , correct ?
Medically trained ?
hth ? Dr. Dosh , Hawai'i •
^^ On a scale of 1 - 10 ^^ ( ten being the best ) ^^ i give this guy an 11 ^^ :D
Post a picture , too • 

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I feel better now.......

As I will be going under the knife again on Monday, I can feel better knowing I wont come home with more than I went in with. Actually This is routine for me, I've never had any problems in the past, and I don't expect any in the future, I hope............

Steve  Dosh's picture

Frank , ßest of luck ! You'll

Frank , ßest of luck ! You'll do okay ;) /s Steve •

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Thanks Steve....

This will be the fourth and hopefully final time for this one. After reading Wendy's post, kind of makes a guy nervous.

 's picture


I would be sick if it is CMMC your going to......good luck!


Yes Mark. The only efficiency

Yes Mark. The only efficiency business people care about is that which lines their pockets. What helps the people is of no consequence.

Yet another argument for single payer government administered health insurance like the rest of the First World. The only reason the United States is mired in the 19th Century way of doing business is that we think a free market exists - it doesn't. The market is controlled by greed - the greed of big business.

 's picture


And Anthem wants to pair up with Maine Med and exclude CMMC.

 's picture


I would like to Thank St Mary's for my permanently Failed Back Surgery, with a massive spinal leak, and permanent nerve damage in both legs, I was at least walking before you allowed him to hack me up, I would not take a dead rat there


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