M. Keim: Got the budget right this time

I send a thank-you to the Auburn School Committee for finally getting a school budget the voters of Auburn will pass. Sad to think it took them three times to get a budget that will spend more money but does not increase taxes.

Hopefully they will listen to the taxpayers next time and get it right the first time.

They now have a whole year to look at what they are going to do next year to keep the taxes down without the threats of this year.

They did it this time and I have faith they can do it next year.

Martin Keim, Auburn

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No matter how you look at it

No matter how you look at it or where the money comes from, it's still an increase of double what the target set for the total spending for the city was set at by the council. A 3.4 % increase. The school committee refuses to recognize what the taxpayers of Auburn have been saying for years, and that is to make cuts in administration, not programs, throughout the entire system.

MARK GRAVE's picture

I agree, but good luck with

I agree, but good luck with cutting administration costs. The administration would rather gut all programs before cutting administration costs; okay, we can make that happen.


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