A. White: Important decision on education

I just completed reading Carol Libbe's letter to the editor about education (Aug. 1) right after reading the Washington Post article by Courtland Milloy that was printed in the Sun Journal the same day. Very different opinions for sure.

Do most people believe that the current education standard in this community meets the needs for the future?

Is our world the same place as it was when we were children?

I see a much different world now than when I was a child. The technology, complexity and speed with which things change has created a much different world, with different educational needs.

Are people in the Auburn community willing to vote only their pocketbooks now, or are they willing to make the investment that will be needed to meet the educational needs of future generations?

I am willing to invest in the future, as the current children will become the decision makers. Hopefully, Auburn residents are not so shortsighted to deny them the educational opportunities required to meet the world's demands.

I urge your readers to really consider their decisions in the next, and in future school budget votes.

The futures of all of us depend on it.

Anne White, Auburn

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Anne White states:

Anne White states: "Hopefully, Auburn residents are not so shortsighted to deny them the educational opportunities required to meet the world's demands."

Anne, the kids are not currently getting the educational opportunities required to meet the world's demands, and throwing more money at the insatiable beast will not achieve that goal. The educational system is broken and ineffective! We need intelligent people who are capable of critical thought to fix it. What we do not need, is people who play on parents emotions all while using the children as mere pawns to keep the money flowing!

MARK GRAVEL's picture

What does all this gibberish

What does all this gibberish mean?

Many people of my generation made our way through elementary, middle, and high school without even seeing a computer until our adult lives.

Yet many of us now work in high technology industries and some of us even create these technology products you see on the market today.

In my opinion, education provides less value today than it did when I grew up. We have abandoned the basics for this false perception of technology is king. Teach the kids how to learn and the rest will work itself out. Teach the kids that leaning does not stop when you graduate. Graduation only means you are now expected to go out in the world and learn the real stuff; it was just practice up to this point.


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