S. LeBlond: Budget cuts could be costly

As an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, I am concerned about the impact on victims with possible budget cuts to the Rumford Police Department.

Our agency works closely with the Rumford Police Department in the best interest of victims. Currently, Rumford has two detectives who investigate these cases, which are complex and time-consuming. The two detectives in Rumford are active participants in our Sexual Assault Response Team.

This team works to limit the obstacles individuals face as they struggle to cope with the aftermath of sexual assault. The team includes local law enforcement, the legal system, medical professionals and advocates. SART employs a cohesive, team-based response to assist victim-survivors of sexual violence.

It is in a victim’s best interest to have a consistent person to work with and turn to during an investigation. It is in the community’s best interest to have those cases successfully investigated. Most offenders have more than one victim.

I am concerned that reducing detective hours will put the community more at risk of repeat offenders.

When considering cuts and saving money, communities should weigh the risks of the residents in their communities. In the long run, cuts to the Police Department may actually cost the community more, in money and heartache.

Stephanie LeBlond, South Paris

Oxford site manager, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Everyone understands the effects of budget cutting........

Everyone that is, except our Governor. He has taken it upon himself to put cities and towns in danger of having to cut essential programs. He has created an impossible situation, where the people don't want to pay more taxes, and the Governor has denied Revenue Sharing. Something has to give.
On one side you have the money signs. Those are folks who only see money, not what that money stands for. On the other side you have the folks desperately trying to keep their programs above water.
As long as we have a Governor whose only concern is money, and is willing to jeopardize any and all services to those who need it. We will lose all social support for our citizens. Without support and backing, a lot of people will suffer............

Ed McCaffrey's picture

If the laws would keep rapists and molesters

in jail, rather than filling them up with marijuana users, there wouldn't be any repeat offenders out there to worry about...

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Good comment. The war on

Good comment. The war on drugs has failed in many ways. Most importantly is the militarization of your police forces.

For example, Wisconsin launches SWAT raid on animal shelter and holds workers at gun point to kill fawn.



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