Lewiston Mayor Macdonald opposes Anthem plan

LEWISTON— Mayor Robert Macdonald on Monday came out against a plan by Anthem insurance that could take Central Maine Medical Center and more than 300 affiliated physicians off of Anthem's approved provider list for most individuals.

In a news release issued through City Hall, Macdonald urged residents to attend public hearings on the change and complain to the company.

"This anti-competitive plan is designed to make it more difficult for Anthem patients to seek local medical care and services, will force many to change physicians, and will negatively impact Central Maine Healthcare, one of our region’s largest employers," Macdonald said in the statement. "This proposal is bad for patients, bad for CMMC and bad for the entire Lewiston-Auburn region."

Maine's Bureau of Insurance is conducting public hearings around the state this month on Anthem's proposal. The local hearing is scheduled for 5 p.m. Aug. 29 in Kirk Hall at Central Maine Community College, 1250 Turner St., Auburn.

Anthem made a deal with Portland-based MaineHealth, which owns Maine Medical Center, that excludes CMMC, Rumford Hospital, Bridgton Hospital, Parkview Adventist Medical Center in Brunswick and two others from its network.

In the release, Macdonald said the change could force residents covered by individual or small group Anthem health plans to change doctors and to travel significant distances to receive care.

"It is clearly intended to advance the financial interests of Maine Medical Center and the Portland region to our detriment," Macdonald said in the statement. "I urge all area residents to speak out against it."


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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Get used to it

We are not going to be privileged with a proper health exchange. As a result, the competition will be aimed at financial interests as apposed to actually helping the people. Thousands of people are due to be kicked of MaineCare in the near future, most of the rest of the country is insuring new patients. Insuring new patients, at no extra cost to the States participating in the exchange. I can only assume that Anthem is planning to benefit somehow with insuring those left uninsured by LePage. They can offer dirt cheap rates for dirt cheap services.
Yesterday morning at nine o'clock am, I was lying in the "pre-surgical ward at the hospital of my choice. At eleven thirty I was in the post-surgical ward at the hospital of my choice. At one o'clock yesterday afternoon I was sitting on my deck enjoying the sunshine at my home.
If the people of Maine are forced to comply with the what ever it is that Paul LePage feels is proper health care, I would most likely never had the "NEEDED" surgery I had yesterday. It has nothing to do with personal choice, it has to do with the limitations I have as a result of a disability.
I feel there will be an influx of insurance companies trying to take advantage of our lawless Governor and the open gap in healthcare, he has created with his ignorance.........

Gail Labelle's picture

Anthem plan

Bad for business, bad for patients and bad for the local economy. Another way of a large supplier of medical insurance to cut their cost and grease their own pockets.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Lewiston Mayor Macdonald opposes Anthem plan

Mainers, 19:30 hst Monday
Lewiston Mayor McDonald - h a s - health insurance , a pension , and his annuity already . . l o l , of course he will oppose change , innovation , and different ways of ' skinning a cat . '
/s, Steve , Hawai'i
. .He posts here --> http://www.twincitytimes.com <-- not an endorsement
Gee, the Boston Globe AND the Washington Post BOTH sold ?. .Hmm . ...

David  Cote's picture


MacDonald is right. Anthem's plan is to eliminate up to 300 doctors off the plan. I'm with Anthem and my doctor may be on that list. MacDonald's action protects a lot of people from going through a mess of bulls*** down the road.

Greg Rose's picture


You know what's really annoying? Someone from thousands of miles away, thinking they have some credibility or relevance here in Maine, typing comments to virtually every news story on the LSJ, in a Morse-code like language that rarely, if ever, makes any sense. Go to the beach, man.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

It's not so bad..........

It's not so bad if you understand Morse-code. Hey Steve, pick me up on the way to the beach, man...............


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