Maine conservative Senate candidate dances in Speedo

AUBURN — A state Senate candidate seeking election in 2014 said he's proud of a video clip that includes footage of him dancing in a Brazilian Speedo.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Eric Brakey of New Gloucester smiles as he holds a Vita Coco drink before the start of a news conference in front of the Great Falls Performing Arts Center in Auburn on Tuesday. The 2014 state Senate candidate and actor said he's proud of a video clip that includes footage of him dancing in a Brazilian Speedo for an advertisement meant to tout the beverage that recently came to light.

screen grab from YouTube

Eric Brakey appears in a screen grab from an ad dancing in a Brazilian-style swimsuit. Brakey, of New Gloucester, is a Republican candidate for the Maine Senate in 2014.

Courtesy photo

Eric Brakey

Eric Brakey of New Gloucester said Tuesday that the footage of him dancing in front of a mirror is part of a national ad campaign he worked on as a professional actor in New York more than two years ago.

"That's my background, and I'm still doing a lot of acting," Brakey said. "I'm an actor, and when I was working professionally in New York City this was a real fun, wonderful opportunity doing a commercial for a national brand."

Brakey posted in the online forum As Maine Goes, defending his work in the advertisement.

He is chairman of the Defense of Liberty PAC, a conservative political action committee formed to support conservative candidates in Maine.

The ad was meant to tout Vita Coco, a coconut drink. "The idea is . . . people drink it, they want to dance and be Brazilian, so you've got people dancing in Brazilian Speedos. It was a real fun time and I stand behind the work."

The actual rough cut of the Vita Coco ad features several men dancing in similar swimsuits.

Mike Hein, a former employee of the Christian Civic League in Maine, sent a link to the compressed version of the video to media outlets, criticizing Brakey's "family values" for dancing in a pair of underwear.  

In a separate message to the Sun Journal, Hein said he did not create the compressed video but simply saw it on As Maine Goes.

In a post on the video on YouTube, Hein wrote, "Well, well, well. If it isn't Mr. "Family Values Matter" state Senate candidate himself flamboyantly prancing around in his underwear."

Hein sent a copy of an email message he sent to the pastors of Brakey's church, East Auburn Baptist. In that message, Hein describes Brakey as "dancing around in his underwear in his bedroom, as though he were demon-possessed."

Brakey is running for Maine Senate District 15. The seat is held by John Cleveland, an Auburn Democrat. The election isn't until 2014, but Brakey announced his campaign earlier this year. The district includes Poland, New Gloucester and Auburn.

Stavros Mendros, vice chairman of the Androscoggin Republican Committee on Tuesday said Hein and those who support him are part of a "far right wing" fringe and "crazy."

"Eric is a pretty conservative Republican, but unfortunately we have some in our party that are just off the deep end," Mendros said. "It's unfortunate people need to be that childish and petty. He was an actor doing a job. Is anybody going to criticize Tom Cruise for his dancing in 'Risky Business?' It's unfortunate when we have real issues facing the state."

Brakey said he continues to work as an actor and will be appearing in an upcoming production of "Spamalot" by Lewiston-Auburn Community Little Theatre, which opens this weekend. Brakey is a member of the chorus, he said. He also recently starred in the theater's production of "The Odd Couple." Brakey played the role of Felix Unger. 

Brakey will star in the lead role for the theater's upcoming production of "Arsenic and Old Lace."

Hein also criticized Brakey for supporting abortion when  the mother's life is in danger, but Brakey said Tuesday he hadn't taken any formal position on abortion.

"I don't know where he is getting that from," Brakey said.

Monday was "National Underwear Day." Brakey said he was unaware of the coincidence.

He addressed the ad again Tuesday afternoon in a brief news conference in front of Lewiston-Auburn Community Little Theatre in Auburn.

"If Ronald Reagan could get away with 'Bedtime for Bonzo' and then become president of the United States, I think voters  here are going to be happy seeing some of my dance moves," Brakey said.

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Randall Pond's picture

Really Seriously?!

You think this is Newsworthy? I've seen the commerical and it's not at all embarrassing it shows a young man doing his job as an Actor.

God only Knows, We had enough other people that are actors in Congress What's one More? Long as he can Do Good for his Area he represents Who Really Gives a Rat's Behind and if you do, You're a Very SAD Person!

Noel Foss's picture

Last I knew...

A speedo was a swimsuit, not underwear...

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Goes to show you have to be

Goes to show you have to be crazy to enter politics. God save America.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Dancing in a speedo>>>>>>>>>>

Democrat, Republican, I don't care what you are, dancing around in a speed-o is, well, just that dancing around in a speed-o. Fortunatly for us we have Mr. Mike Hein, after all he is a former employee of the "Christian Civic League". We need people like Mr. Mike Hein, to spotlight any and all of the disgusting actions of, well, just about everyone. I mean without Mr. Mike Hein's vigilant attacks on unscrupulous activities committed by anyone, except of course, Mr. Mike Hein, where would we be in our fight against immoral behavior. Who else but a former employee of the "Christian Civic League" could keep track of such unspeakable, lewd behavior. If it weren't for his diligence, the only other way of learning about such unspeakable acts would be viewing it ourselves on the interne... Wait a minute, How did Mr. Mike Hein find this unspeakable video? What other unsettling "evidence" is he storing on his private hard drive? Could it be that his former employment with the "Christian Civic League" is just a sham to hide his true identity, an undercover You-Tube addict. Could it be that Mr. Mike Hein, isn't really as outraged at Mr. Brakey's dancing in a speedo, as he is upset with himself for not coming up with the idea first himself. Oh, this story could get very interesting I'm sure................

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Does that video get the blood

Does that video get the blood flowing for you Frank. I expect more from our leaders.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

You mean our past leaders????????

How about or illustrious Ronald Regan, he was an actor. You want to bet he was never assigned to do something stupid, or off color as some people like to put it, in his pursuit of stardom. If your going to hold anyone up to criticism, maybe you should keep it close to home. Once you start judging others, your own actions become a lot more visible............

Randall Pond's picture

I agree

Just like it says in the Good Book by Christ Himself. Judge Not that Ye May Be Judged! Period, AMEN!

No one really cares What the Christian Civic League Says. Hell, David in the Bible Danced before God with Just about as Much on.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I did not know Christ

I did not know Christ authored the good book himself.

We all judge, just like you are judging me right now. To judge is to be human. Don't try to hide your humanity behind God, he sees right through it.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

You are fooling yourself to

You are fooling yourself to think that we all don’t judge. We all make judgments thousands of times a day. The fact that someone does not realize this tells me that they really don’t know themselves as well as they think they do.

It is one thing to practice your art in private. Posting it on the internet is a sign of voyeurism. Say hello to Anthony Weiner for me.

Jason Theriault's picture

Ah, but he didn't

He did this as part of a commercial ad. He got paid for that.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

What goes in the cloud stays

What goes in the cloud stays there forever. Folks, remember this.

Randall Pond's picture

Hey Mark

Would you Not Loved as a Child? Maybe you Just need a Hug?

And Maybe a life! He's an Actor doing his Job! GET OVER IT! You don't like what he did, Don't vote for him but, for Heaven's Sake, GET OVER YOURSELF AND STOP WHINING!

Jason Theriault's picture

That's the truth.

That's the truth. You gotta be careful. That said, however, he's isn't a voyeur, he was an bathing suit model. I mean, it's still fair game to laugh at him, but if that's the worst skeleton he has in his closet, thats not too shabby

Steve  Dosh's picture

Maine conservative Senate candidate defends dancing in Speedo

Eric , 11:35 am hst • Tuesday
T M I , Mr. " Guido in a speedo . " Isn't there a law against this in Maine yet ? Oh , we forgot . You can't argue with stupid ?  This is an old law in Flori-duh prohibiting " Men from Maine wearing dresses .. .." Mark G. .string . .
Alo'ha from Pahoa , home of the daggers , /s Steve

Andrew Jones's picture

Nice pun!

Brakey addressed the ad again Tuesday afternoon during a brief press conference in front the Community Little Theater.

LOL :)

I love it Brakey!

You're a great dancer! I was going to vote for you even if you can't dance just because your message and your actions are all for protection of our liberty! Message to all, I hope you dance!

Steve  Dosh's picture

Linda ? 11:45 sm hst ?

Linda ? 11:45 sm hst ? Tuesday
Yeah , you and Tony Wiener ( NYC mayoral candidate )
Post a picture , Linda
Your icon shows you as a guy
/s Steve

When Brakey wins, I could

When Brakey wins, I could care less if he dances in a grass skirt or a moo moo. I don't need a've all seen my photo before. Does it matter really?

 's picture

C'mon Mr. Hein

It pains me to agree with a Republican, but Stavros Mendros, the vice chairman of the Androscoggin Republican Committee, is right Hein and those who support him are a part of a "far right wing" fringe and, "crazy."

David  Cote's picture

C'mon Scott...

One would believe you'd find more important stories to work on.

Jason Theriault's picture

No, this is good

I'm glad Scott wrote about this - light can be a great disinfectant for crazy. And if you leave crazy alone, it can grow like a fungus.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Oui J.T., and there is a

Oui J.T., and there is a fungus among us , . ..running for ME Senate. ...1/2 naked •  /s Steve

David  Cote's picture

Well, in all fairness...

It is kind of funny watching a politician emulating Tom Cruise, (another crazy fungus), from his "Risky Business" days. Ok, Jason, you earned an "agree". Cheers!

 's picture

I agree Jason,

look at all the fungus in the liberal/socialist Democrat party. That fungus grows in broad daylight.

Jason Theriault's picture

That fungus doesn't have a political lean

I could start writing names of people in both parties who flew their freak flag at the wrong time. Wide stances to hiking trips in Argentina, both parties have freaks in em.

To be fair, as long as you keep it legal and don't lie about it, I don't care how you get your kicks.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Mainers, noon hst Tuesday .

Mainers, noon hst Tuesday
. . J.T., †ony weiner ? , too
Think we'll stay here in Hawai'i this summer , t y v m :D
Did we mention that the ' clothing optional ' beach is about 5 miles from our house ?
What i wanna' know , J.T., is ,
Q: How come al the people at that beach are ppl we do N O T want to see nude n e way ?
/s Steve


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