LePage extols the virtues of Maine lobster with care packages to other governors

AUGUSTA — In an effort to promote Maine's lobster industry, Gov. Paul LePage is shipping packages of lobster meat to the 49 other U.S. governors.

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Maine Gov. Paul LePage poses with a box of lobster and lobster products. LePage is sending 49 of the packages to the other governors in the U.S. in hopes of promoting the state's signature seafood.

“What better time than summer to share the iconic Maine lobster?” LePage said in a prepared statement. “I want my friends and colleagues across the country to experience the flavor of Maine."

The packages, being shipped overnight, contain boxes full of prepared lobster meat as well as lobster products processed in Maine, including bisques and spreads. 

“These items represent a small sample of products available from Maine companies that process and add value to Maine lobster, which is harvested from the pristine Gulf of Maine waters,” LePage said.

LePage said the seafood was not only a Maine product but a product of the U.S. as well and an opportunity to increase domestic seafood consumption. LePage also noted the long-standing practice of managing the lobster resource and its sustainability.

“I’m proud of the hardworking men and women who have made this one of the most lucrative industries in Maine," LePage said. "Last year, a record 126 million pounds were landed, generating nearly a $1 billion in economic impact to our state.”

In his statement, LePage highlights the many different ways lobster can be eaten.

"It can be eaten alone, served on a bun, or prepared in a variety of dishes," LePage said. "Lobster has less calories, less total fat and less cholesterol than lean beef; whole poached eggs; and even roasted, skinless chicken breast.”

He said regardless of how it is prepared he hopes his colleagues around the U.S. will enjoy it and help promote lobster sales nationwide.

“I’m sure that everyone who gets a chance to enjoy Maine lobster will agree that, no matter how it is prepared, it is one of the best things they’ll ever taste,” LePage said.

A spokesman for LePage said the cost of the promotion was about $5,000.

In July of 2009, then Gov. John Baldacci, signed a proclaimation making August, "Maine Lobster Month." Former Gov. Angus King also signed a proclaimation making August lobster month in 1995.

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JOHN PAINTER's picture

My first job and career was

My first job and career was lobstering and I still have family and friends in the industry in Owls Head and surrounding towns. I'm very pleased to see the Governor finally promoting Maine lobster, and not missing to point out the excellent resource management practices. For the most part worked out (argued and sometimes fought) between fishermen without much state or federal regulatory oversight!

I do wish he was promoting lobster abroad more, not just in the US. since Maine lobster can compete with the European (Homarus gammarus) lobster which is way over priced. It's a branding thing.

In general I'd like to see much more promotion of Maine goods, my wife and I always take canned Maine blueberries, lobster spread, etc with us when we visit her relatives in Hungary. We've got a huge market right across the Atlantic, and a couple deep water ports with potential, I'd like to see Maine smartly using its resources sitting all around us with more emphasis on that from the Blaine House than political wrangling that sometimes seems to go on.

Steve  Dosh's picture

. .SendingMaine lobster with care packages to other governors .

Mainers , 13:45 hst ? Monday ( our ƒunday ) . .^^ at Maine taxpayer expense and embarrassment
We hear they returned them , undelivered
C O D doesn't work that well with the bankrupt us postal service these days , Paul
It's a joke . Only a joke
hth , Dr. Dosh , HI ( FSO ret.)

AL PELLETIER's picture

I can hear em now.

"I want my friends and colleagues across the country to experience the flavor of Maine".

Governor of Louisiana--Hey Martha, lookey what the govna of Maine sent us.
Wife, Martha--Wassat? crawdad meat?
Governor--Kinda looks like crawdad meat. Wonda if it taste like crawdad?
Martha--Says hear you can make a hogie with it. We'll try it for lunch.
Governor--I'll try leftovers with grits in the mornin.
Martha--Crawdad ain't no mornin food, give the leftovers to Fido.
Governor--That Maine govna must be a nice fella. Next year I'll send him a flat of crawdads and a couple ears of corn.


Steve  Dosh's picture

AL { grins } . . †hey - do

AL { grins } . . †hey - do -prefer cajun craw-daddys n e way , snakes , eel , black widows, crocks and alligator , too we hear . .. Think they'll send him one ?
Q: You know - why - the ocean roars , right ?
A: You'd roar, too , if you had lobstah on your bottom ?
/s, Steve , bottom feeder •


Thank you

I have to say I am pleased to see the governor has found something about Maine that he wants to promote. It's too bad we had to wait until he was coming up for re-election but as they say "Better late than never". Now if he could also get up enough enthusiasm to promote our blueberries, lumber, tourism, schools, cities ports, railroads, parks, rivers, wind power and work ethic he might actually turn things around.

Steve  Dosh's picture

. . Monday 14:00 hst ? †yvm

. . Monday 14:00 hst ? †yvm Claire , yet once again . " blueberries, lumber, tourism, schools, cities ports, railroads, parks, rivers, wind power and work ethic " . He doesn't work SShhhh. .but he is probably gonna' keel over like Dick Cheney after a BIg Mac ® Super Size Meal ® some sad day
How many heart attack - ack - acks did VP Cheney actually have whilst in office ? i used to watch them stop all traffic in DC to bring him to work. .in an ambulance . .down Constitution Avenue , right prior to and after 9.11
You can't make this up
Liƒe imitates art •
/s Steve , HI
ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Cheney

 's picture

Effective advertising or a waste of taxes.

I'm sure at those Govenor's will spread the word about the great Maine lobsters all to their constituents and will result in a tremendous overflow of sales for our state!


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