Discussion on upcoming budget vote to precede Thursday's selectmen meeting

RUMFORD — The Board of Selectmen will be holding a public hearing at 6 p.m. Aug. 15 at the Rumford Auditorium prior to the selectmen's meeting at 7 p.m. to give residents the opportunity to discuss the upcoming Aug. 27 budget vote.

The proposed municipal budget was initially rejected by voters June 11. Then, eight of 12 budget articles were rejected July 23, forcing the selectmen and the Finance Committee to regroup and submit new recommendations.

The new budget recommendations that residents will vote for on Aug. 27 are as follows:

* $655,000 for the Fire Department

* $738,774 for the Police Department

* $922,030 for Public Works

* $652,683 for Public Safety

* $78,000 for General Assistance

* $799,080 for General Government

* $423,000 for Capital Accounts

* $1,390,700 for Unclassified Accounts

Because Rumford splits its recommendations between selectmen and the Finance Committee, a minority vote for neither recommendation can decide the matter if it tops both numbers. That's what happened with eight articles during the July 23 vote.

Unlike the previous budget recommendations, the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee agreed upon the same recommendations for the Aug. 27 vote.

During the 7 p.m. selectmen meeting, the board will entertain a request from Envision Rumford to close Exchange Street between Congress Street and River Street for the Crossroads International Celtic Festival Street Fair on Sept. 14.

The Crossroads International Celtic Festival is a five-day celebration of Celtic music in Franklin and Oxford counties. The festival will consist of live music, dances, visual art, a number of different outdoor events and community meals.


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Sarah HoganCamp's picture

I know im late..........

Wait, correct me if I'm wrong but aren't all rumford police officers exempt from paying property taxes? Damn......i wish my army veteran husband got super star service, I mean, getting shot at and IED's going off while he was in Iraq must of been nothing compared to dangers in Rumford Maine!

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Is it really necessary

for the police to be racing around town all night in that gas guzzling suv?

Phil Blampied's picture

Budget could be lower, here's how

This link goes to a list of 50 Ways to Cut the Rumford Budget

Brad Gallant's picture

Chicken Little

Everytime I visit the "Save Rumford" page I remember the childhood story of Chicken Little and how the sky was falling...I looked at the list on he "Save Rumford" page. I would say there are at least half a dozen things on that list which, if reasonably presented, could be considerations. There are also many things on the list that are opinions with absolutely no facts to support them...but that seems to be the core of the "Vote NO" argument (at least the loudest portion of the group). Lets throw out some opinions with no factual basis, call the people supporting the budget fear mongers, and stop arguing our point (or change the subject) anytime we are presented with facts that show our points do not hold water. I hope every single voter looks beyond the opinion of a few loud people, GETS EDUCATED as to what the budget means, decides what they want, and VOTES. Please attend the meeting to make sure any questions you have get answered.


This is a town employee getting invloved as a citizen I guess. It's your right! But your employment is in the over spending department. Skowhegan 8200 population with police deoartment of 7 with a working chief. Rumford with population of just over 5000 or just under depending on which figure is correct and what size is our force? Skowhegan gets the job done with less and why did you say Rumford can't. VOTE NO citizens.

Brad Gallant's picture

Wrong again...

So yes, I work for the Town I live in. I taught here and am a Police Officer here because I want to better my community and this is how I choose to do it. I also pay taxes here; have for almost 12 years. It is my right to be involved and I will not be going away. The reason I have chosen now to start getting involved is that I believe we have reached a precipice in Rumford. Things need to change, but they can change without being destroyed with the hair-brain ideas and hatchet-like cuts certain people toss out there with no data, experience, or knowledge of how they will affect people and the Town. I am big fan of facts Frank. You should start looking into things before you start spouting off. Skowhegan has 14 full time officers and 8 reserve officers. Rumford has 11 full time officers and 4 reserves (assuming the budget gets a yes vote on the 27th). Officers per citizen is about 1/570 in Skowhegan and 1/530 in Rumford. I don't have call volume for Skowhegan but I would guess it is comparable. One other thing they have is a Maine State Police Troop headquarters in their town, our Troop headquarters is in Gray. Their Sheriff's Department is also the next Town over, ours is 30+ miles away. All things you should look at Frank. As far as a working Chief...I guess you and I have different opinions of what "working" means.

Jack Kaubris's picture

Frank is not big on facts...

...thank you, Brad for refuting yet another lie.


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