Rumford man charged with stabbing

RUMFORD — Police charged a Rumford man Tuesday with stabbing a man on Waldo Street on Monday afternoon, Detective Sgt. James Bernard of the Rumford Police Department said.

Erik B. Hanson

Aaron Stone

Erik B. Hanson, 27, was arrested on a charge of elevated aggravated assault and transported to the Oxford County Jail in Paris.

Hanson's brother, Aaron Stone, 22, also of Rumford, was involved in the altercation and was arrested on an unrelated warrant, Bernard said. Stone was also transported to the jail.

Police Chief Stacy Carter said that on Monday, officers were dispatched to the area of 318 Waldo St. for a citizen dispute. When officers arrived, they found people tending to a 34-year-old man, who Bernard declined to identify. The victim was stabbed multiple times in the arm, torso and leg.

The victim was transported to Rumford Hospital and later flown to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

Witnesses later reported that Hanson fled the scene in a red Dodge vehicle and returned to the scene approximately an hour later. Carter said he was brought to the Rumford Police Department, where Bernard and Detective John Hainey of the Maine State Police questioned him.

Carter said Hanson was cooperative.

The investigation continued over the next 18 hours, which resulted in Hanson's arrest.

Hanson is scheduled to appear in Oxford County Superior Court in Paris at 8 a.m. Oct. 18.

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The person stabbed and those arrested as from what I've been told are known for their drug dealings in the area. Like any other town they appear for various reasons. Cheap welfare rents, or driven from other communities and end up here in Rumford until fianally they screw up here. . They will be out on bail granted by our weak court systems and continue to do business. How unfortunate.

Jack Kaubris's picture


Is cutting/eliminating the police budget going to help our town with this problem? I don't think that would be very wise at this point in time. While our population may be down from 30-40 years ago the criminal element and the need for community policing are as relevant as ever. Educate yourself on the consequences of the coming budget vote...!


Go out different nights and observe different areas. Info booth, Turn out Rte. 2 Virginia, behind baseball field at Hoosmer and the Aubuchon lot and do a time test on 2 patrol cars window to window talking instead of patrolling. Being seen helps prevent crimes. Not socializing.

Jack Kaubris's picture

Not true by a mile Frank

I have seen the cops patrolling many, many times and very rarely do I see two patrol cars from the same town 'socializing'. Instead of disparaging the police officers and firefighters and teachers, you and your shameless group should be out on the street thanking them for educating our children and protecting our families. You have absolutely no idea of what they do for a living. With your work history, Frank, you should be the last person criticizing a working man!

Jack, Jack, Jack

When they do good I thank them individually and personally. If they don't want criticism then they shouldn't help promoting it. I do know what they do Jack. Do you really know? Now for the personal attack. Let's swap places. You be me and I'll be you. I would love to be as healthy as you. Count your blessings. Remember Jack if it wasn't for the people you work for I'd still be working. Good thing your in management because the streets caused most of my problems but management didn't care. Right Jack? If your going to attempt to slam me you better tell the whole truth. I'd tell you right where to go but can't on this venue.

Jack Kaubris's picture

Frankie, Frankie, Frankie...

I wouldn't swap places for a million bucks. And I am not talking about your alleged 'health' issues either. If you want me to tell the whole truth - I will. It won't be pretty. You can go ahead and tell me where to go. What you need to do is take some individual and personal responsibility as a selectman to come on here and spread blatant lies about the police officers who are protecting this community. I challenge you on your statement that you 'know what they do'. What experience have you had as a police officer? Except for your documented run-ins with the law, what experience do you have to criticize what they do? Time for you to 'fess up Frankie.


The saint that you are. At least I learned from my mistakes. One thing I've never done is sell my town down the river like some are doing Jack. Blatant lies. Do you think I'm the only one who has observed Jack? Others have also but say nothing for fear of retaliation. Let put an ad out there and ask those who have been retaliated against. They do a good job when called upon Jack. Don't turn my comments around. I said if they did more patrolling and be seen then they would be able to prevent crimes better. Jack I fessed up long ago on my life Jack. When you become a senior citizen Jack I don't think you'll have any problems living on all fronts. But the majority are struggling to do so. Mil rate increases can't be afforded anymore. Safety should not be the issue if the job is done more efficiently Jack. You should know that Jack. USPS does more with less people. They do it because they want to keep their jobs. The Postal service is trying to keep going within their means like every other company nation wide. Those people do the job bottom line. Cuts living and surviving within their means and not over is what it's all about Jack. I know who I work for Jack! The people who can't afford it anymore. What about you?

Brad Gallant's picture

Retaliation...and more...

That is interesting Frank. I would love someone to explain how they have been "retaliated" against. We are constantly documenting what we do and a significant amount of interactions are recorded. If there are people being targeted then they need to file complaints if they have a legit complaint. But, for the record, someone getting a ticket/arrested for a violation of some not retaliation. I know who I work for Frank. If you truly knew who you worked for and stopped representing a small pocket of like-minded voters...we would have a budget right now.

Richard Greene's picture

Frank, which side of your mouth should we believe?

On one hand you are saying cut the police force because we don't need it. Out of the other side of your mouth your saying that there is a drug problem that is the cause of serious violent crime in our town. Cutting our police force isn't going to help it and taking a detective off the street that is doing criminal investigations and undercover work to reduce the amount of drugs in our town sure isn't going to make our town a better place to live. The criminals will love it though.

Jack Kaubris's picture

You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy..., 'Donna'. Nor, apparently, are you in Ormond Beach. According to a Google search, Ormond Bch doesn't appear to be the oasis of safety that you are pretending that it is. Perhaps you should try living there someday. Here are the crime data stats that show up on the first site....Ormond Bch has had 268 violent crimes in the latest annual data. For a comparison, the National average per 1,000 people is 3.9...Florida's avg is 5.15 and Ormond Bch is 7.02. Hardly the tranquil community that you claim to live in. Let's look at Property crime...Ormond Bch had 249 burglaries, 1103 thefts and 59 motor vehicle thefts in the latest year's data....the Nat'l avg is 29.1 per 1,000 people, Florida's is 35.22 per 1,000 and Ormond Bch is 36.98 per 1,000. I'm calling bullshit...that you even live in Ormond Bch ....or that it feels any safer than Rumford,ME. Your suggestion to plant flowers is a great crime deterrent though...maybe we can flog the criminals with a bouquet or two...that'll show 'em that we are serious about public safety!

Jack Kaubris's picture

There may be a dozen Donna Wilsons... Ormand Beach, but that doesn't mean that you are one of them. Why don't you comment on the crime statistics of your so-called hometown? It appears that Ormond Bch is much more crime infested than Florida on average, and certainly more so than the national average. But, then again, if you lived there then you would know this.

Brad Gallant's picture

Apples to Oranges...and ignorant statements...

To say there would be no impact is simply ignorant. The distain you feel for the police department, Candice, clouds any chance of you making a realistic evaluation of the services and their impact on the community. You also need to stop trying compare a city of nearly 40,000 outside a major metro area in Florida to a small town in the foothills of Maine 40+ miles to the nearest large city (which still is not close to the size of the city you are making a comparison to).


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