Sabattus calls emergency meeting to consider removing Marsters from boards

SABATTUS — The chairman of the town’s Board of Selectmen has called an emergency meeting for Thursday night to consider removing resident David Marsters from service on all town boards and committees on which he serves.

Amber Waterman, Sun Journal

David Marsters of Sabattus says he made a mistake when he posted "Shoot the N*****" atop a picture of President Barack Obama on Facebook recently. "I didn't say I'm going to do it or someone else is going to do it," Marsters said during an interview at his home Tuesday evening.

This is the only item on the agenda.

The meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Office.

According to Town Manager Andrew Gilmore, Chairman Mark Duquette called the board meeting because “he believes, and I agree wholeheartedly, that timing is of the essence to make it very clear that the town government and this community as a whole are in no way aligned with Mr. Marsters, and what we perceive to be his extreme, radical views.”

Marsters recently posted a comment on Facebook: “Shoot the N*****” atop a picture of President Barack Obama.

Public reaction to the post has been highly critical. Marsters was interviewed by the Secret Service for about an hour Tuesday. His wife and neighbors also were interviewed and police searched Marsters’ home for guns.

As of Wednesday, he had not been charged with a crime.

According to Gilmore, town officials “encourage everybody’s right to have ideological views anywhere on the spectrum,” but Marsters' offensive call to harm the president “clearly steps way over the line,” Gilmore said.

Marsters, who said he owns one handgun, wanted the town to require, by ordinance, every household to own a gun and ammunition. Selectmen refused to consider such an ordinance, and Marsters has since taken out papers to run for selectman this fall.

A past member of the town’s Charter Commission, Marsters serves on the Board of Assessment Review, the Budget Committee, the Ordinance Review Committee and the Citizens Road Committee.

Interviewed at his home Tuesday night, Marsters said his Facebook post was taken out of context. He insisted no threat was made because he didn't say he or anyone else was actually going to do it.

"I'm pissed off at the system, OK," he said, noting that he was worried his family might lose health benefits under the Affordable Care Act. He blames Obama, whom he says was elected to office thanks to the use of a false birth certificate and other identifying documents.

"I apologize for what I said; that's all I can say," Marsters told the Sun Journal. "I did it out of frustration against the man."

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The nut case has resigned

According to the Town of of today this Marsters guy has resigned from all activity in this town..thank God...he is in no position to hold any type of position with his way of would drag the town back by at least 60 years...wonder where he'll pop up next??? he's kind of like the game Whack a

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

In Japanese Tradition, no whack a mole;

Hara-kiri would be fitting for losing face....but then again he doesn't come close to being of any type of samurai quality...most PO's would eat lead, easy way out for failure in life.

Nichiren Sh?sh? teachings of cause and effect in the universe is normally so true.

At least he did the correct choice of removing himself, before the good town of Sabattus of having too; he wouldn't of had any credibility for any comments on any believable, reasonable representation.

SCOTT GRAY's picture

Way to go Jerry and Ron. Life

Way to go Jerry and Ron. Life just wouldn't be the same without listening to your Stupid s_ _ t on here. I'll be glad when the two of you run for some worthwhile office seeings how you have all of the answers all of the time. And by the way, listening to your comments, it must make you feel big or important or something to insult those that disagree with your limited thoughts on worldly matters. Also, look at who agrees or disagrees with you. That should tell you something, unless you just like to irritate people, which you seem to do very well.


Gee seem to be the pot calling the kettle black...the majority of people agree with what they say and you seem to have a problem with that...are you one of those people that like to argue just for the sake of arguing???? The people of Sabattus don't agree with the nut case Marston...he is an old man with nothing to do and stirs the pot anytime he can to get his face on the Sun/Journal...he makes no sense, especially with his comments about being frustrated with President Obama..but I'm sure he is one of the people that voted Republican all the way across the board and wanted to see his taxes slashed by cutting the "unnecessary " programs..well there you go Marston...the programs are cut, and not just for the poor...How does it feel "IDIOT"..I could almost bet you are also on the same page as time think before you vote..there are more issues other than gun control...maybe if people did a little bit of research before they voted, they would do it right the first time can't undo it now buddy..

RONALD RIML's picture

"Look at who agrees or disagrees with you."

You're freakin' clairvoyent., Scott? You can look and see who agrees and disagrees with us??


I have an 'Office' - making life miserable for self-appointed Rectal-Rajahs like David Marsters and his Peanut-Gallery consisting of folks like yourself.

Have a Ball!!!!

BTW - you forgot to fill out your profile. Ever accomplish anything in your life???

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

If I or Ron

irritate you Scott, than that is just one more accomplishment well worth serving for the likes of you....your assessment of the Kudos marks are nothing as to you are one of those nothings that mark the disagree, just due to a name of the poster....

RONALD RIML's picture

From the Governor's Office........

Governor LePage reportedly sent a message of thanks to David Marsters this afternoon for deflecting the Press' attention away from Gubernatorial blunders and faux pas; thus allowing the Governor much needed rest and time away from journalistic scrutiny. Mr. Marster's new appointment as the Maine State Armorer will be made during the next legislative recess.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Just goes to show;

That once an idiot(s) like him and LePage, makes it on the AP their name is Mudd!
They hung him for assisting John Wilkes Booth, looks like Marsters may be in line for an orange jumpsuit soon...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Sorry; I was thinking of the first woman hung helping Booth

Mudd, was, Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas.

He was officially released on March 8th, leaving his mark on the Dry Tortugas and on U.S. history for centuries to come due to his heroic action and leadership during the yellow fever epidemic on the island in 1867.

RONALD RIML's picture

Check out David Marster's Facebook Photo

This photo is from David Marster's 'Facebook Page' showing him as a young "Ship's Serviceman" on the USS Bennington down in the ship's laundry. At first glance, it appears he was drying "Fart-Sacks" (Mattress-Covers and Sheets) - on second thought now, we wonder if he may have been getting ready for a certain 'Fraternity Meeting'........


JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Might HAVE?

"I think it's a lot of hogwash," Marsters told the Press-Herald. "I did not threaten the president ... I might have used the wrong words ... I didn't say I was going to do it."

Not only does Maine have a guv'nor that is an idiot with his mouth, Sabattus has this other idiot who can't figure out or conceive that his words and comments are totally unacceptable by any human standard.

This guy is clueless to any concept of right and wrong and doesn't belong serving any taxpayer. He should be put away for his actions, just like others that shoot off their mouth from anger and ignorance by making threats or inciting harm on others.

The state of Mass. should be investigating his service record with the Police Dept he served with to see about his racist demeanor with his job and what he might have done to other blacks as a peace officer.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Ignorance is Bliss

"I'm pissed off at the system, OK," he said, noting that he was worried his family might lose health benefits under the Affordable Care Act.

He is a political buffoon, that is his real issue...

The man has no concept of the ACA or how it actually works and is shooting off his mouth and his anger from plain stupidity.

This type of person has no business on running or making decisions for any citizen. Sabattus would do right by removing him from any chair at any table.

Peter Jokinen's picture

He's just one of those people

He's just one of those people who swallows the rhetoric and bald-faced lies coming from the public mouthpieces of the Reactionary right, without bothering to even examine the most obvious parts of the lies. Thinking anything through is too much hard work for such people. Many of us will still come to wrong conclusions if we don't have the right sources to fact-check against, but at least those of us will have bothered to consider why they believe so.

(Radical is extreme left, Reactionary is extreme right, so I've been taught)

"Taken out od contyext"?

That statement IS the context He suggests that the President (whom, it should be noted, he does not consider the legitimate President, because Marsters is a Birther) be shot. No, didn't say he would do it, but he is still recommending that SOMEONE should. Serious or not, it is at best gross disrespect of the Chief Executive. Disagreement is fine. Disrespect is not.

Claudette Therriault's picture

Kudos to Mr. Duquette! You

Kudos to Mr. Duquette! You rock!

Mark Wrenn's picture

good move

There is no place at any level of government for such a clown.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Oh contraire`

A government prison would be a good level for a place.

RONALD RIML's picture

But there is a place in prison for people advocating

Hate Crimes


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