Sabattus man defends posting

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

David Marsters of Sabattus admits he made a mistake when he used a racial slur and posted "Shoot the N*****" atop a picture of President Barack Obama on Facebook recently. "I didn't say I'm going to do it or someone else is going to do it," clarified Marsters during an interview at his home Tuesday evening.

SABATTUS — David Marsters said Tuesday night that the wording of his Facebook post was a mistake, but he defended it, anyway.

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"(The Secret Service) didn't see no pictures of Obama with bullet holes in his head," Marsters said. "It's not a threatening statement, in my opinion. People take it out of context as a threat."

He added, "I didn't say I was going to shoot the president, or kill — shoot the n*****. Shoot the n***** — that's what I said."

He insisted no threat was made because he didn't say he or anyone else was going to do it.

"I'm pissed off at the system, OK," he said in an interview at his house Tuesday night. "We're about to lose our benefits because of this ass****."

Marsters said his wife, Mary, had been in and out of the hospital recently and if they lose spousal benefits, something he fears Obama will suspend, his wife will die.

He said in retrospect that he should have chosen his words more carefully, adding, "I'm a forward man. I say what I mean."

He said his comments would have been no different had the president been Mitt Romney. "I would say, 'Shoot the n*****, because white people are n******, too." He said where he comes from (Massachusetts) black people call white people by the same slur.

"I fought 30 years for this f*****' country," he said "I'm not gonna let him take it away!"

Marsters commented on Facebook that "(Obama) is not a legal president." Marsters was adamant that Obama's birth certificate was a fraud.

"They've shown us how it's done," he said. "It's all done in layers on computers. How come nobody from his school's come forward to say, 'Oh, I know him.' How come people from his family never say, 'I know him. I went to his wedding; I was his best man?"

Nobody's saying, 'I'm a friend of his.'"

Marsters believes Obama was placed in power by people Marsters wouldn't name.

"I apologize for what I said; that's all I can say," Marsters said. "I did it out of frustration against the man."

Marsters believes like-minded people might emerge to show their support for his run for selectman.

"People of Sabattus, they're all fond of the gun law and they're all against Obama," he said. "Obama's made many mistakes. Can't I make a mistake?"

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RONALD RIML's picture

Here's a couple of old LSJ posts by our friend "Marsters":


By David Marsters, verified user — Tue, 12/18/2012 - 08:07

I believe everyone should be armed with automatic, not semi-auto, rifles. In Switzerland every home owner by law has a machine gun at ready. You don't ever see this country at war and the crime rate is almost 0. People kill not guns. Every politician should get off their high horses and get down to reality. Arm everyone in the USA



By David Marsters, verified user — Tue, 12/18/2012 - 18:02
I am packing as you read this and taking my military pension, police pension, and Social security with me.



I find it to be the height of irony that this man would be urging the assassination of a President who has spent most of his presidency and all of his political capital trying to get affordable health care for people who cannot access it because he "fears", unreasonably at that, that his wife may lose hers. This is typical Tea Party logic. They vote for candidates who are working to defund every government program because they want to protect their Social Security and Medicare. Most of them are receiving military benefits. These are the very benefits conservatives cut through Sequestration and Medicare cuts. It is sad to the point of being pathetic that somebody should be so confused and brainwashed. Well at least we can take comfort in that he has plenty of guns. And before anybody says he is just a racist, we should also take note that every single Republican who was invited to speak at the MLK ceremony declined even the black ones. If they get any worse they will be the party representing the KKK and no one else.

He has one gun...

as has been pointed out multiple times over the coourse of the reporting on this story. So that would be "plenty of gun."

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

"I have a Dream"

2013 and the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin L. King's "I have a Dream Speech" and we still have the hate filled,racist David Marsters' with us.
Now just what could " Shoot the n***** with the President picture mean??
the intent is about as plain as the nose on your face, 100% disrespectful.

"Out of context"

Not sure how he can say that this is out of context. "Shoot the [n!993r]" was the one sentence in the post. It IS the context.

 's picture

He's got...

...more friends that you do, Mr. Marsters.

 's picture


I think he was very disrespecful to the President...People need to keep an eye on this guy...

What was that again ??

I couldn't believe what I read for headlines this morning. Well, considering the source I probably could. I've had a number of discussions with Mr. Masters on gun issues over time and this is what I would expect him to think and say. This could likely go viral and put Sabattus back on the national map again. Whether you agree or disagree with a President, politician or your fellow neighbor this kind of rhetoric is unacceptable. I can only ask the question: Is this the type of person one would vote to help run a town? I feel empathy for the residents of Sabattus and all decent gun owners. This is not a good example .... of anything. To think Mr. Marsters was a police officer in Massachusetts makes me cringe. I was born and raised there and hope to God he was wasn't where I lived "protecting" us. Just exercising my freedom of speech.

Whew !!

I just finished with the Portland Herald and there it explained he was in Malden, MA. Close but far enough that he was someone else's concerns. Also interesting that I read that he belongs to other committee's? I hope the townspeople are keeping a close eye.


We certainly are!

RONALD RIML's picture

"I did it out of frustration against the man."

And where do you get your information about the President??

Neutral, unbiased sources such as Rush Limbaugh? Glenn Beck, the Fox News network??

I feel your pain.......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Come on, V...everybody knows

Come on, V...everybody knows the only way to be truly informed is to watch Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow and the Rev. Al. Sharpton. Now that's fair and balanced reporting.

RONALD RIML's picture

How does it work for you???????

Bill Maher is a Comedian. So you would lump him in with Bill O'Reilly???

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Maher my be a comedian as you

Maher my be a comedian as you say, but he considers himself to be a sage political pundit, and frankly, I think he fails at both. O'Reilly really isn't that funny unless he's jabbing with Dennis Miller. Who is more credible; Shawn Hannity or Al Sharpton?

RONALD RIML's picture

A 'Political Pundit?'

No-o-o-o...... Commentator, perhaps, but no way a 'Pundit'

You do know what a 'Pundit' is, don't you??? The origination of the word. If not - then look it up. Obviously of Indian origin.

Since you asked - Hannity and Sharpton both have credibility problems. Sharpton's obviously going back to Tawana Brawley case; Hannity's not even trusted by his employer.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I said, "Maher considers

I said, "Maher considers himself to be a political pundit, I did not say he WAS one. I know the meaning of the word as well as you do.
What I don't know though, is how you can take David Marsters, ex police officer, 30 year military veteran, civic minded citizen (you being all three of these yourself), and simply just throw him under the bus because he happens to dislike obama, likes guns, and did something incredibly stupid. How do you do that?

RONALD RIML's picture

I've never known Maher to consider himself a "Pundit'

Comedian and Commentator - Yes - but certainly not a 'Pundit' (one who opines in an authoritative manner - you should dig into the etymology of the word" "Pandit")

If, as you say, Maher considers himself to be a "Pundit" - you should have no problem digging up a reference where he claims to be so. Post it at your leisure.

How can I throw Marsters "Under the Bus?"

He threw himself under the bus. Do you recall when he used to post here? I got into several discussions with him. He claimed he was going to move to Switzerland because residents there were required to a gun in each of their residences. I looked up the immigration policies for Switzerland; and questioned whether or not he met the requirements. We got into a hell of an argument. I told him he was nuts then. He didn't merely 'Throw himself" under the bus. He played 'Chicken' with it. - and lost. He'll have a good 'Insanity' defense if he's criminally charged.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What?? You and Marsters in an

You and Marsters in an argument? Come on, now. Next thing you'll be telling me is that Kerry has incontrovertible proof that Assad has been using WMD on his people and that it is America's humanitarian responsibility to attack Syria. obama wouldn't do that, would he? Can you say Bush redux?


"Who is more credible; Shawn Hannity or Al Sharpton?"
Neither has a shred of credibility. Nor O'Reilly, Miller, Limbsaugh, Beck, Moore, Coulter, Maher, Maddow. All are considered funny by someone. Just not me.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You must like someone. Why

You must like someone. Why not share that with us?


I like my wife... but in the talking nead pundit class, I avoid all of them. I prefer to do my own thinking.

I would say jon stewart, but he's more social commentator and shuns the description of himself as anything but an entertainer. but what like like about the Daily Show is that whi, e he may be more on the liberal side, the show takes no sides when it starts going after and mocking the hypocrasies of both ends of the spectrum, politically and in the media.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Agreed. Don't watch him much,

Agreed. Don't watch him much, but he's the only one of the left wingers that doesn't raise my BP.

Hold on there buddy

"People of Sabattus, they're all fond of the gun law and they're all against Obama," he said...NOT TRUE for all the good people of Sabattus...this guys talks like the whole town knows him and likes him...I beg to differ..this is a nut case that many of us do not relate to... he talks just for the sake of talking...he is and old man that has been given way too much publicity for all the wrong reasons..enough coverage of this guy...he should be dealt with and maybe he should spend more of his days looking for another State to live in...preferably on the West Coast..

Stacey Hall's picture

Another Sabattus resident

Agreed Linda. He's an embarrassment that chooses not to educate himself & then defends a clear threat against a president as "just joshin, but "everyone" here agrees!" That isn't a fellow resident we support.



Has this man had a psychiatric evaluation?

He was, is and will continue to be the poster boy for why we need mandatory background checks that include mental stability. As someone here pointed out, he is a bomb waiting to go off. Someday, the headline will be more serious than Marsters says, I'm right, the world is wrong.

Jason Theriault's picture


This is funny. Not because of what he said but that he thinks he can walk this back. Oh, and "because white people are n******, too"
Yeah, cause slavery and segregation were pretty rough on us white men.

Listen, what Mr Marsters needs to do is wait till about 7:20 tonight, right around sunset. Then, on a bugle or trumpet, slowly play taps. Once done, he needs to take one of his guns and shoot his computer until any chance of it connecting to the internet is a erased. Then go back inside, kiss his wife and watch Matlock.

Oh, and pray the USSS feels lenient.

Claudette Therriault's picture

I believe that Marston needs

I believe that Marston needs to have a psychiatric evaluation! He owns many guns and is very angry. He is a ticking time bomb and sooner or later, someone will get hurt. He even brags about how he forced what he says were drug dealers out of his neighborhood. Did he point a gun at them? The hatred that spews out of his mouth is scary.

By the way, I'm a Sabattus resident and I'm a Democrat and I voted for Obama as did many residents.... we don't want this man in our town. Can we deport him back to Massachusetts??

I agree with you Claudette

I live in Sabattus too, and have seen him crawling around the town dump..I am assuming he brings his weapon with him wherever he goes...I find it kind of scary to have him in our town...who knows what will set him off, and then we will be reading another headline about how this nut case gunned down someone that didn't agree with him..we need to make sure he doesn't get into our Sabattus politics...

Claudette Therriault's picture

Right now, national news is

Right now, national news is focused on the Martin Luther King celebrations. When the AP wires pick this up, our beautiful little peaceful town will be portrayed as a place where gun toting idiots roam free!

 's picture

There is no defense

There is no defense for what you wrote. Unacceptable. Period.

Laurel Frost's picture

If all you listen to is Glenn

If all you listen to is Glenn (selling 'end times' with his sponsors) Beck and Alex (still not 100% sure that Obama didn't send the tornadoes to Oklahoma) Jones and you don't talk to people who disagree with you, I bet the world is a much scarier place... This case is just plain sad. He didn't realize that there were slightly more Democrats than Republicans in Sabattus?


Way to double down, Dave.

Oh, and...

I live in Sabattus and I think your gun requirement idea is nucking futs. So "All of them are for it" is not accurate.


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