G. Jones: Real fear in the U.S.

Different people have different reasons for fear: cancer, loss of a job, hate crime victim, loss of benefits. Those and many others are cause for fear. But the two things I fear the most are the federal government and the mainstream media.

Consider: On a regular basis, the president, some members of Congress and some career bureaucrats mislead the public for political purposes and the mainstream media refuse to call them on it.

The "phony" scandals — Benghazi, fast-and-furious, the IRS targeting conservative PACS, and NSA's invasion of the public's privacy — are very serious issues involving loss of lives, broken laws and violations of the U.S. Constitution, along with perjury and pleading the Fifth Amendment during congressional hearings.

Lots of meat there for a good reporter on any of those. Instead, the media waste air time on a clown wearing an Obama mask.

And Obamacare (speaking of misleading the public) — is way beyond fearing. The public should be absolutely terrified of this "train wreck," as one of its authors described it.

With 2,700 pages, some 30,000-plus new regulations, waivers and exemptions for political purposes, illegal implementation delays and runaway costs, those are just a few reasons to be terrified. Still the media are nowhere to be seen or heard, in spite of all the evidence. They are too busy televising Obama's daily photo opportunities as he continues to campaign (when he is not playing golf or vacationing).

This country is being destroyed by its own government and the media. That's what real fear is.

George Jones, Otisfield

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As Americans, we are not

As Americans, we are not obligated to be "sheeples" and believe everything we read in the media. Journalists and reporters often don't get the story straight, but then again, it's all about the money and selling newspapers. We are bombarded with "news" about atrocities originating within Syria and most other countries but our own government is deceptive and often acts without our input even though our votes supposedly put these policitians and our fearless leader in office. I am sure the amount of decisions made and actions taken by them behind our backs is immense.

Jason Theriault's picture

You know what I fear?

What I fear looking into the future and seeing all the good paying jobs gone.

I fear that the class mobility that is the hallmark of what makes America great is being outsourced to China and developing nations.

I fear that one side of the aisle ranks America's greatness by it's military power and not by the quality of her citizens.

So when you say the media isn't holding the President to task, I find it amusing. Not everyone is going to agree that the president has done anything wrong. However, there are plenty of media outlets critical of the President. So chill. The system is working. There are far bigger problems than those.

 's picture

The future is here.

Jobs? Mobility? The outsourcing started 30+ years ago, courtesy of labor unions and their wholly owned subsidiary, the Democrat party. Or it might be the other way around.

I agree there's a far bigger problem - trying to make up for past mistakes by printing money and/or redistributing it from those who earn it to those who long ago began demanding more money for the same work.

RONALD RIML's picture

The Labor Unions 'sent' the Jobs overseas??....

No Union had/has the power to do that. It resides with ownership.

They were sent over by those unwilling to pay wage-earners equitable compensation to countries where wage earners rights are not recognized.

And for undemocratic 'Let them eat cake' non-visionaries such as yourself - it's the 'Democratic' - not 'Democrat' party.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The unions have the power to

The unions have the power to do so with the wage structures they 'negotiate'.
The steel industry is a good example. Steelworkers were earning wages that made many of their products unaffordable to American consumers. Nails are a good example. It became cheaper to buy nails made in France than it was to buy nails made in USA. A guy making $18 an hour won't buy nails made by a guy making $35 or $40 and hour; he'll buy the ones that might have been made by a guy in France making a lot less per hour, but earning a decent living by their standards.

 's picture

In order to pay "equitable" compensation ...

... employers have to find customers willing to pay higher prices to provide the income to fork over the compensation. How much are you willing to pay for your next Quarter Pounder so the poor McDonald's workers can get a raise to a "living wage"?

Unions certainly do have that power, and they have used it many times. They would rather destroy the company that pays their members' wages and benefits, put all those people on the street, than "negotiate" any change to reflect reality.

And, Ron, your precious party long ago abandoned any pretense of allegiance to the small D adjective "democratic", so they long ago surrendered any claim to the name big D "Democratic".

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

NOT afraid

I am not afraid of the Federal Government or the media.
The congress and president are often brought to task by the media – the problem it which media are you believing? Just because something is repeated 1000’s time does not make it true.
All of the so called “phony scandals were investigated and reports by all sides made but the “right” could not prove their made up stories about them—their “truth” was not found to be the truth.
The US Constitution was not violate—and if you believe it was what parts were violated – site the section, clause, amendment your believe was violated.
OOPS-- You are NOT guilty if you plead the fifth –that is what the constitution says—so do we follow the constitution or not??
The Affordable Care Act has already helped millions of people and in several state uninsured people are going to be able to get insurance. You cannot be dropped by your insurance company for pre-existing conditions, closing the “donut hole” in the drug program for those on Medicare, making policies for the uninsured, and lowering cost in several states-- the insurance companies are so afraid of this law because they can’t get away with so much greed !! and all those 6 AND 7 figure wages.
The implementation delay was not illegal just done because companies needed more time to get ready something the Republican had said was needed and then screamed when it was done.
The media is giving evidence –but it may not be what you want to hear.
Really- the old tired--- the presidents playing golf and on vacation – ALL presidents go on vacations some even during wars – even republican presidents, and we are still standing – the world’s oldest constitutional democracy.
No the “sky is not falling” the constitution is still working and although the government is having a tough time- this too will pass – just like it has at other point in our 200+ year history.

 's picture

Please point out one instance ...

... where this president was "brought to task by the media". How could they find the time, they're so busy fawning over him? Well, there was that time a few weeks ago they got sort of testy when they learned the NSA was peeping at their communications - but their memory is short, their ethics shorter.

5th: No person ... shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself ... It flies in the face of 200+ years of precedent to proclaim innocence and then plead the 5th. To do so displays petulance and arrogance, two qualities that are in abundant supply in this administration.

ObamaCare is law, right? Where does the Constitution enumerate the president's authority to amend a law retroactively? He should have directed a minion to submit a bill to change the law, but he suspected (rightly) the bill would go down in flames, fanned by more than few Democrats. The implementation delay was not illegal just done because companies needed more time ... - that is, the ends justify the means.



We have an entire media structure which survives largely on generating fear. Just listen to the weather reports these days. Are we really seeing the "storm of the century" once a month? It used to be their motto was "If it bleeds it leads". Now it is the disaster of the day and the scandal of the week. Heck they are even digging up scandals on dead people. Last month the "Murder of Princess Diana" resurrected yet again. And how many more times the "Kennedy assassination conspiracy". Politicians are now campaigning full time. They have no time for legislating. So every week or so they have to come up with new mud to throw. Sadly some people cannot see through this. It reminds me of my five year old son with a towel wrapped around his neck who thought he could fly like Superman. These people are becoming overcome with paranoia and fear of the future. Most wise people know the road to perdition comes from living too much in the past or in the future. The only thing that is real is the present. And frankly that should be scary enough for anybody.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

You bring up a couple of interesting points.......

Personally, I feel most of the controversy bought up by the right, has more to do with the up coming elections than it does with actually fixing anything. Second you mention ObamaCare. Try calling it what it's really called. The Affordable Care Act. Notice the word "affordable", then there's the word "care". Those two words put together describe what is needed, not what might happen. Everyone knows there will be lots of problems. Problems can be fixed. Many problems can be fixed.
Death is something that can't be fixed. When you die, there's no replacement parts, no miracle reversal, your done. The ACA is aimed at preventing death. That means saving lives, Evidently, some folks don't seem to feel saving lives, is worth the trouble of effectively developing a health care system which everyone can take advantage of, and will save lives. Mitt Romney's answer to catastrophic illness? The Emergency Room. Spoken just like a man with the best health insurance money can buy.
My personal health insurance and most importantly my Medicare health coverage has kept me alive. I know that for a fact. My doctor has told me that without recent procedures, I would have died. Procedures that were a result of a medical exam I never would have received, if not for health insurance.
I see peoples obituary's, young people, lots of them. How many of those people could still be alive with the proper health care. I'm 55. I know a lot of people my age who haven't been to a doctor since mommy took them. Having no health insurance isn't a very good incentive to see a doctor. Not seeing a doctor could be why I'm reading a lot of those obituaries. Give the ACA a chance, it just might save the life of someone you know...........

 's picture

You simply can't deal with delusions

"The "phony" scandals — Benghazi, fast-and-furious, the IRS targeting conservative PACS, and NSA's invasion of the public's privacy — are very serious issues involving loss of lives, broken laws and violations of the U.S. Constitution, along with perjury and pleading the Fifth Amendment during congressional hearings."
These isolated, out-of-context, misrepresentations to a rational person are just the normal attempts by dangerous people to undermine the government and weaken the American people. They are the same people who yesterday were applauded President Assad and his slaughter of innocent civilians in Syria.
Once again, The IRS did not target conservative PACS; they investigated PACS that were seeking special status which they were not entitled to both conservative and liberal. The scandal is the selective presentation by the House to mislead the public. NSA has invading the public's privacy using the laws and authority adopted by the current programs' authors. Republicans criticizing the laws the Republicans championed just 10 years ago is hypocritical. The US Constitution hs not in any way been violated. Pleading the fith in front of congressional hearings is using the constitution as it should be especially given the witch hunt those hearings were.
Be afraid, but be afraid of real things; like the right-wingers attempt to dismember American Constitutional government because they are losing the support of the people due to their exclusionary, racist, and elitist philosophy.

RONALD RIML's picture

Fear, Fear, Fear!!!!

I'll see your Benghazi 'scandal' and raise you Bush's 9/11.......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

That's like comparing the

That's like comparing the attack on the USS Cole to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

What the hell conspiracy

What the hell conspiracy theory are you talking about now Ronald?

Bush is gone, long gone. Time to deal with the present - if you can.

RONALD RIML's picture

Time to make rational comparisons - If you can....

You're obviously not up to it.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Time to stop living in the

Time to stop living in the past for we cannot change the past. We can only deal with the present and influence the future. I understand as people age, they tend to cling to things in the past, perhaps they lack comprehension of the present.

 's picture

Those who cannot remember the past...

...are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana,16 December 1863 in Madrid, Spain.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Continuing to blame Bush in

Continuing to blame Bush in the present for past actions that no one can alter is not simply understanding history. It is more like making excuses - deflecting blame.

For example, if some one said that Obamma's approach to Syria is playing out like Bush's approach to Iraq, then I may believe you are using history to measure contemporary events.

I addressed the former - making excuse.

Bruce Hixon's picture

which is better

Ignoring history that may interfere with your present opinion doesn't validate your opinion.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

So what purpose does bashing

So what purpose does bashing Bush achieve other than take the focus off current affairs - tell us!

Can you change the outcome - No. You are not formulating policy, so you cannot claim you are avoiding mistakes of the past. So tell the readers, to what end?

Bruce Hixon's picture

I made no references to Bush in my post.

Throughout history, the successful resolution of significant events has been directly tied to the study of historic cause and effect in similar events. Any effort which hinges on ignoring history in the resolution of current conflict historically fails. You may be of the opinion that ignoring the past doesn't affect decisions concerning the future, but in reality, aren't you simply eliminating supporting historical data that refutes your opinion? And as to your assumption that my opinion is politically motivated, it is not. I have respect for many politicians past and present from more than one party. I was motivated by Barbara Jordan's keynote speech in Texas, two opportunities to sit at President Eisenhower's kitchen table in Abilene as my father interviewed him for the Clay Center Dispatch some 40 miles north. There are Republican legislators in Maine I respect simply because they do their job. I have no problem working and paying more taxes here in Maine than you do in Florida. I am also not as willing to throw Maine's less fortunate citizens under the bus to keep taxes down as you appear to be. Can I change an outcome? perhaps. The difference is that you support those who represent you my friend. I support those who represent their constituencies and the best interests of all Maine's people. I'll pay more to help the needy, and you won't. I spend a lot of time at the statehouse at public hearings on a multitude of issues, and testify when I have personal experience. I do lot's of volunteer work, so I'll let the readers come to their own conclusions. I hope you have a sunny day! Bruce


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