E. Ayer: Not the best candidate

Here we go again. Members of Congress are home on vacation to listen to people's complaints of having Obamacare shoved down their throats with no regard for the consequences. But there are still no meetings scheduled to talk about it that I have heard about.

Just another example of elected officials' total disregard for the Constitution that they all swore an oath to uphold. Witness all the scandals that are passed off as phony — not a protest out of any Democrat.

Now comes Rep. Michael Michaud directly from that cesspool of corruption in Washington declaring his candidacy for governor, in full campaign mode, attending fundraisers for his own gain rather than holding meetings with the people (who pay his salary and other perks) to discuss the issues.

The only thing that I have seen in the newspaper even remotely concerning Michaud's standing on Obamacare is that he backed Nancy Pelosi 86 percent of the time. Enough said.

Is that the best that we can do? Let's be honest, why would anyone even buy a used car from him?

Everett Ayer, Sumner

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Bruce Hixon's picture

Sour Grapes

Nothing new here!!

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All votes need a "none of the

All votes need a "none of the above" entry on every ballot...


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