Six families build homes together

Fifteen members of six families work together to build a home in Sumner for Nicholas and Nariko Conant. The team is working together under the leadership of Community Concepts Foreman Mike Donahue to build homes for each family. Donahue has managed the construction of 49 of the more than 200 homes built with Community Concepts' help since 1992. The Conants hope to move in early next year with their two young daughters. Workers on site Saturday included Mike Donahue, foreman for Community Concepts; Nicholas Conant, owner; Nariko Conant, owner; Amber Beaudoin, Dan Crosby, Chad Gammon, Trevor Gammon, Ken Irons, Krissy Labbe, Adam Labbe, Zack Lapointe, Josh Lapointe, Tiffany Moses, Becky Sprague, David Sprague Jr. and Dawn Wing.

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 's picture

Incredible concept, harkens

Incredible concept, harkens to the barn raisings of old. Many hands make light work. Every community should be so blessed! This should have been a full blown story with lots of pictures!

Steve  Dosh's picture

Penny ? Yes ;) if fact,

Penny ? Yes ;) if fact, your Amish up north in The County do it this way, still /s Dr. Dosh HI

 's picture

Yes, I know. I watched them

Yes, I know. I watched them build an enormous barn in Sherman. In two weeks the job was done.


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