J. Braun: Story did the situation justice

My compliments to staff writer Mark LaFlamme and the Sun Journal for the informative, respectful, front page article, “Crowd protests moving oil by rail” (Aug. 29).

I also compliment the protesters for their bravery and members of the Auburn Police Department for their professional response. That was a model of civil disobedience on an extremely important issue.

Bravo to all involved.

Joan Braun, Weld

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MARK GRAVEL's picture

How about you do your part to

How about you do your part to reduce fossil fuel usage and turn off your heat this winter?

Doesn't that sound silly? Yet people oppose transportation of crude oil, which is vitally needed energy necessary to keep this country's economy moving. People of this country cannot have it both ways.

Noel Foss's picture

If this is the correct Joan Braun I'm thinking of...

Then she and her husband Henry (or Harry? I'm drawing a blank) live Off-Grid in Weld. Their fossil fuel usage for heat is probably pretty low.
She's probably one of the few people around who aren't in fact hypocrites when they talk about lowering energy usage.

 's picture


And you know her heat source how?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I'll take that off beat

I'll take that off beat comment to mean you got my original message.


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