G. Boardman: Sending aid would be more useful

If the goal of the United States is discouraging the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and aiding or kick-starting the peace process, then bombing Syria in response for use of chemical weapons in their civil war makes no sense.

My suggestion would be to place armies of aid workers at every border crossing with the aim of helping every Syrian citizen who desires to be out of danger to find a life in another country or in a refugee camp awaiting repatriation once the warring factions inside the Syrian border have exhausted themselves.

Surely this is no more naive than what President Obama currently offers.

Greg Boardman, Lewiston

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 's picture

Border crossings where?

Lebanon or Iraq: It may be safer to stay in Syria.

Turkey: Technically possible, but as the most "western" Muslim country in the region, they haven't been exactly enthusiastic about providing aid for Syrian refugees.

That leaves the two sane neighbors.

Jordan: Well, go ahead. What are you waiting for?

Israel: The rest of the world dumps on them as the Zionist aggressors whenever they presume to defend themselves against incoming missiles. And, they have the shortest border with Syria of all neighbors.

Where do you want to plant these armies of aid workers?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Or simply do nothing. Civil

Or simply do nothing. Civil wars always burn themselves out.


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