L. Carrier: Obama looking less like Gandhi

The people awarding the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 treated Barack Obama like he was Gandhi. I wonder what those folks think of him now?

Since winning his Nobel prize, Obama took a dislike to Hosni Mubarak and helped kick him out of Egypt. There's chaos there now, not peace.

Obama then decided he didn't like Muammar Gaddafi and helped to take him out. There's chaos in Libya, not peace.

Benghazi anyone?

Obama doesn't like Bashar Al-Assad and is looking to unilaterally take him out, so chaos is sure to follow in Syria.

Obama is no Gandhi.

Larry Carrier, Sabattus

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RONALD RIML's picture

How apropos: Gandhi wore a 'White Sheet'

as do most of Obama's detractors.....

Yet in a different context

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

He said when they awarded him

He said when they awarded him the NPP that he had not done anything to deserve it. For once he had told the truth. Another time he told the truth was when he said he would fundamentally transform the United States of America. He now presides over the fundamental transformation (read decline) of the U.S.of A. This country has survived 4 years of Carter, 8 years of Clinton, 8 years of Bush and, if he doesn't get us all killed as an aftermath to having bombed Syria, we will have survived 8 years of oBAMa, despite all his efforts to 'save' America. The only thing America needs to be saved from is him.


Ah, good to see that you got

Ah, good to see that you got your daily dose of Rush today. How can anyone who listens to that blob on a daily basis be taken seriously? You couldn't have parroted today's noon time poison any better if you tried. Is your life really as bad as Rush says it is?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You must listen yourself or

You must listen yourself or you wouldn't know what you think you know. As it happens, I've not listened to Rush Limbaugh in two weeks , but I would ask you, what part of my post is not true? Don't know what Limbaugh said about my life being bad, but I know this; the current occupant of the WH is taking this country right down to where no one fears or respects us anymore. But, I'd best not say too much more about the Liar In Chief lest I be called a racist.

 's picture

"Obama doesn't like Bashar Al-Assad and is looking to

unilaterally take him out, so chaos is sure to follow in Syria." Obama has never said or supported any such policy. And the author's conjecture that chaos will surely follow in not fact at all.
Obama never said he was Gandhi and I'm not aware of anyone other than the author who has characterized him in that way. I suspect he would be offended (both Gandhi and Obama).

 's picture

What we need to do...

...is get rid of all those people referred to in various situations as "those folks." Unfortunately, we can never find out who they are or why they hold so much power.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yes, and we need to get a

Yes, and we need to get a petition going to abolish the First Amendment so we can get all "those folks" to stop saying mean things about oBAMa.



Blaming Obama for the problems between Sunni, Shia and Israel is like blaming FDR for WWII. It is simplistic beyond all reason. You may as well blame him for space dust. Somebody needs to read more. You may very well take exception for the way he is dealing with the mess but he is hardly the cause. And I'm not hearing any better solutions from Rand Paul either.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Everyone knows the situation

Everyone knows the situation in Syria is Bush's fault. Just ask any liberal.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"I wonder what those folks

"I wonder what those folks think of him now?"

Amazingly, some of those people are still defending their decision. What else can they do?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Those folks" would defend

"Those folks" would defend him if he were found in a closet with a dead woman or a live boy.


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