A. Barnett: Residence rights lost

Because of a plumbing violation, state officials have taken away my rights. Because I didn't have the proper land use permit for my outhouse, the Maine DEP has classified my home a "recreational vehicle," which allows wind developers to erect a 500-foot high turbine in my back yard.

My definition of a "recreational vehicle" is something that can be towed or driven down a highway. My home cannot move down a highway. It has a 17-foot pitched roof and a 20-by-30-foot insulated, heated addition attached to it.

We live there. We haul water and walk to the "pit privy." We have solar panels for electricity and wood for heat.

Any folks in Maine who use an outhouse (pit privy) and who do not have the proper state land use permit are not protected. Their rights can be violated.

Alice Barnett, Carthage

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Total disconnect

I strongly suspect we're getting incorrect information here from someone who simply doesn't like turbines. And look at the key words... "do not have the proper state land permit use" and "plumbing violation." Sounds an awful lot like she's either squatting on land that isn't hers or she's set up a trailer (camper?) with hard structures that are probably not up to code and likely built without a permit. In my book, such flouting of state and town ordinances pretty much guarantees you didn't have any proper rights to be taken away.

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3 year old says to me "I can squat.".....u can stay.

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In an email dated June 11,

In an email dated June 11, 2013, Ms. Barnett indicated that she had no permit for the pit privy associated with the recreational vehicle. Therefore the Board finds that no planned residence as defined above exists on the property, and thus, the applicant is not required to meet the protected location sound level limits on that property

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DEP nerw rule.

The setback distance must be measured to the edge of the wind turbine foundation closest to the property line.

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Industrial wind turbine set

Industrial wind turbine set backs for receptors should be measured from property lines, not structures. By not measuring zoning set backs from the property line, the wind developers are being given the free use of your land and you're being denied the use of it. The town will still tax you but you won't be able to use it or sell it. Isn't this illegal taking?

Norman Mitchell's picture

In Justice

I do not think that because of a code violation that would make your home a non home . I would ask any one of you who have commented on this LTE if you would agree that if you violate one rule that you or your family no longer live in a home ? Now don't just go off with a smart response think about this, Really ! The issue here is because of a code violation her home is not classed as a home and so it is not provided protection under the DEP rule , wouldn't you think that protection should be provided as long as there would be a fix to the issue , and remedy in a timely manner , this would be the America I want to live in ! But then some of you would just bend to corporate greed never mind the little guy who gets trampled under their feet while on the quest for your Tax dollars. No place for the natives here in Maine !

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You break the rules and it's somebody else's fault? Oh, okay...

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RONALD RIML's picture

"Your Backyard?" Is that 'Your' land - or someone else's??

Your 'Backyard" stops at your property line.

Be more specific as to where exactly that '500-foot high turbine' is being constructed.

Your property or someone else's.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Just think, Ron

A wind powered privy. Imagine the possibilities?

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Methane powered.

Wind is sooooooooo messy. This reminds me of a Joe Perham story, "The Chemical Toilet". If you haven't heard it, you're not livin'. I would repeat it here but it is too long and I might get in trouble with the copyright thing. Try to find it on U-Tube.
It's a gas, man!!!

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wind has a permit

wind has a permit


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