C. Libbey: Simple definition of an 'act of war'

According to Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Edition 10, "war" is defined as "a state of usu. open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations." Which part of this do Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry not get?

I don't have a Ph.D. but I know that shooting missiles, even from Navy vessels, with the intention of bombing another country across its borders is an act of war. I also believe it is safe to say that the targeted country will retaliate in a similar or more creative manner, whether it is the brainchild of Assad or the opposition factions.

Despite Mr. Obama's "smoke and mirrors" and Mr. Kerry's rantings, there are Americans who can see through their endless fast talk and coercion.

If Congress does OK attacking Syria, Mr. Obama will simply play another round of golf and Mr. Kerry will keep closer tabs on his stock portfolio.

Carolyn Libbey, Lewiston

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RONALD RIML's picture

Carolyn... Don't bet your F'n Wagnalls on that.....

but care to share with us what you normally do during so-called 'Wars' when you give up recreation and checking your 'financials?'

MARK GRAVEL's picture



PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Carolyn has nothing to worry

Carolyn has nothing to worry about. oBAMa and Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) have just clinched a deal where all will be cookies and warm milk in Syria after they've just pulled the wool over Putin's eyes. Not true you say? Just ask Nancy Pelosi, she'll tell you. oBAMa's a national hero. Never mind that he couldn't lead a flock of sheep across the average living room.


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