Police charge Farmington woman with drug trafficking

FARMINGTON — Police arrested a local woman on a felony charge of trafficking drugs Saturday following a three-month investigation and search of her apartment.

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Jennifer Goodwin

Jennifer Goodwin, 35, now living in Sunnyhill Apartments at 276 Fairbanks Road, was charged after police received information she was selling drugs from her residence. Some were her prescriptions and a couple drugs that were not prescribed to her, Farmington Police Chief Jack Peck said.

Sgt. Edward Hastings of the Farmington Police Department and Sgt. Chad Abbott of the Wilton Police Department began working together in July after they received and shared information that Goodwin was selling prescription drugs from her home on Depot Street in Wilton.

She moved to Farmington about two weeks ago, Peck said.

Last week, the officers developed some more information, obtained a search warrant for her Farmington apartment and went there about 8 p.m. Saturday, he said. They found two drugs, Tizanidine and Gabapentin, that were not prescribed to her along with some drugs that were, he said.

Apparently, Goodwin has some medical issues for which she is prescribed fairly large amounts of different types of medications, he said.

They also found a digital scale in her apartment, he said.

Hastings arrested her on the charge and took her to Franklin County Detention Center.  She was released Sunday on $3,000 unsecured bail and is expected to appear in court Nov. 6.

The Farmington department vigorously investigates any information dealing with drug furnishing and sales, especially after an overdose death last November in Farmington, he said.

"It's a scourge," Peck added.


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Its worse then a scourge, people are dropping like flies around here with another woman dying in West Farmington the other day. Its a shame that these people don't value life enough to just say NO!


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