LePage sparks debate over expanding Medicaid

AUGUSTA — Republican Gov. Paul LePage said expanding the state's Medicaid program, MaineCare, would mostly benefit younger men who smoke and drink heavily.

AP file photo

Gov. Paul LePage

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Forum: Medicaid expansion anything but 'free money' from the Feds

Pointing to a newly released study in the Annals of Family Medicine, LePage said expanding the state's health care program for poor to include more single adults would only hurt elderly Mainers already on waiting lists for medical help.

“This study illustrates why we oppose a very costly Medicaid expansion,” LePage said in a prepared statement Monday. “This expansion of welfare would provide services to a younger population, while depleting scarce resources that are critical to care for those who desperately need assistance. We must ensure our neediest Mainers, the elderly and disabled, are put at the front of the line."

LePage also said he wanted the public to understand the expansion proposed under the Federal Affordable Care Act and largely supported by Democrats in the Legislature is for Medicaid programs and not Medicare programs.

LePage also pointed to an analysis by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services that shows the expansion would cost "Maine millions of taxpayer dollars in the short term and $150 million each budget in just a few years."

As proposed under the ACA, the program expansion would be paid for by the federal government at 100 percent for the first three years but then gradually ratcheted down to 90 percent over time.

The study's conclusions also seem to counter LePage's concern noting, "physicians can anticipate a potentially eligible Medicaid population with equal if not better current health status and lower prevalence of obesity and depression than current Medicaid beneficiaries . . . "

"Given the higher prevalence of tobacco smoking and alcohol use, however, broad enrollment and engagement of this potentially eligible population is needed to address their higher prevalence of modifiable risk factors for future chronic disease," the study states.

Democrats have also said the proposed expansion, which would add an estimated 70,000 to the state's MaineCare rolls, includes 3,000 Maine veterans who have no health insurance and are ineligible for federal Veterans Administration health benefits.

“Gov. LePage is spreading misinformation about a common sense bill to make it easier for more Maine families to see a family doctor when they are sick,” said Speaker of the House Mark Eves, D-North Berwick. “The truth is that tens of thousands of hard-working Mainers who work as cashiers at our grocery and hardware stores, take care of seniors, and nearly 3,000 veterans will benefit from health care expansion.”

Republican House Minority Leader Ken Fredette of Newport joined LePage in holding the study up as more proof an expansion of MaineCare would only end up costing state taxpayers more while further denying resources to the neediest Mainers.

“When Democrats expanded Medicaid over the years, they created a crisis where we saw massive budget shortfalls, a huge debt to our hospitals, and our disabled and elderly sitting on wait lists so that droves of younger people could get free medical welfare," Fredette said. "Medicaid has doubled as a share of the state budget in just the past 15 years and that’s not sustainable.” 

Rep. Deborah Sanderson, R-Chelsea, attempted to amend a bill that would have expanded Medicaid to childless adults in 2013. Sanderson's amendment would have required the state provide services to the disabled and elderly on the current wait lists before expanding MaineCare to childless adults.

The amendment would have cost the state about $75 million a year and was defeated in the House of Representatives. LePage ultimately vetoed a 2013 bill that would have expanded MaineCare and that veto was sustained.

Mitchell Stein, the policy director for the Maine-based Consumers for Affordable Health Care, said LePage picked only one part of the a lengthy study to focus on.

"It seems like the press release is very selective in describing the study's results," Stein said. He also noted that an overriding theme of the ACA is on preventing illness and disease and the study's findings support that as well.

He said getting younger people, even those who drink and smoke, access to health care will be less expensive than caring for them when they are older and with chronic illnesses that could have been prevented.

"It's cheaper to keep people healthy than to wait for them to get sick and then try to cure them," Stein said. "Access to these services is what these folks need to prevent high health care costs to themselves and society down the line."

State Senate President Justin Alfond, D-Portland, also weighed in on LePage's statements Monday.

"It is clear that the governor does not want Mainers who work and are still poor to have the opportunity to see a doctor when they are sick,” Alfond said. “It is time the governor stop using misinformation and fear to pit Mainers against each other and join what doctors, hospitals, the business community, and many others know is the right economic and moral thing to do — expand health care to more Maine families.”


Potential Adult Medicaid Beneficiaries Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Compared With C...

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Carol Durgin's picture

In reply to Bob White over Gov and Medicaid

I think your so right on many of the issues. I have medicare and had to get a supplemental insurance also. There is no easy solution to this problem. I feel as you do, that there are many who are able to work, who are getting benefits illegally. There are others who deserve to get benefits. In the last 5 years things have gotten worse. You like me, know where much of the problem stems from. Our country as a whole, has many problems. Many of these comments are petty. We might ask, WHO DID YOU FOLKS VOTE FOR last election?

Carol Durgin's picture


The majority of those that drink and smoke will continue their habits. If cirrhosis and lung cancer, COPD, and emphysema can't deter them from smoking and drinking then why should tax payers be responsible for their vices? I feel the elderly should be the main concern. If our President continues on this downward spiral there will be few who can afford health care, period. Employers are cutting down on hours, cutting health insurance. Will eventually everyone be on medicaid? This is a big problem. It didn't all come about in a day and the problem won't be solved in a day.
I Think if there was a massive clean up of those getting assistance, who were committing fraud, there would be more money to help fix some of the other problems Maine is experiencing. That goes for the country in general. There is way to much abuse of the welfare system in this country. Where will it all end?

 's picture

It is so popular these days

It is so popular these days to scream fraud every time someone goes on disability benefits,or assistance programs.It is very easy to point to someone and say they are faking illness or injury.You do not live in anyones elses skin.It isn't fair to assume you know what is wrong or not wrong with someone else.There are many people who have disabilities that aren't obvious,until you live in their body for a day or two.If you think kicking everyone off welfare or disability is the answer,think again.People who collect SSI have usually worked for many years,AND PAID IN TO THAT SYSTEM.It isn't a free ride.Yes there are a lot of people on welfare who haven't worked long enough to have paid state taxes,there are people who use it as a career,there are those who if they worked for 10 years,they paid enough state taxes to be entitled,and don't realize how small their contribution really was,especially when they got refunds every year.There are people who claim they don't live together,in order to qualify for tanf,but disability benefits are hard to get,and take a lot of work on the part of the recipient,there are medical tests,and all kinds of things to protect from abuse of the system.Maybe one or two people manage to get it unfairly,but not very many.

Stacey Hall's picture

It's as if we live with a reincarnated George Wallace

A failure to understand the basic humanity required of a leader and how a simple sense of value can change an entire life for the better is a failure for our entire state. It's time to stop with the puffed up rooster behavior and start focusing on the overall health of our community. We are not a state with jobs, new businesses, or concern about the rising homeless issues. We are a state with repeated appearances on Comedy Central and the subject of national incredulous news reports.
Rather than standing in front of a door to bar blacks from entering as Wallace did in a refusal of a logical federal law, we have LePage standing in front of the door refusing health and well being in refusal of a logical federal law.
Just because a minority of people don't like change, doesn't mean that change isn't for the greater good of the community.



The governor is framing this in terms of choices. You can either fund Medicaid for Seniors in nursing homes, or you can pay for state and federal mandates to the cities or you can pay for health insurance for low-lifes who are too lazy to pay for their own. That is like your boss telling you that you can either work for no salary or you can work you shift plus overtime for no salary or you can sell your children. The obvious choice is none of the above and you need a new boss. The citizens of Maine deserve a government that treats everybody equally not one that divides us into haves and have nots. And they also deserve a governor that works for the benefit of all of them not just his ideological supporters, campaign donors, family members and cronies. Personally I am really tired of politicians who refer to certain citizens in derogatory terms just to flatter their supporters into voting for them.

 's picture

Once again our paranoid Gov

Once again our paranoid Gov uses excuses to keep the FEDS from having any hold in Maine.On his way to turning Maine in to his own private island,with people totally dependant on Emporor Paul.If anyone cares to read the new ACA,the Gov's reasoning is quickly proven to be nothing but more of his own drama.The elderly will still get the care they need,but the younger drinking snd smoking males will get PREVENTATIVE CARE,so that perhaps,we the tax payer will spend less onhis health issues later in life.Those who have serious disease or illness at this time,are also going to get services.Next Paulie will be saying we shouldn't get coverage either,because we were ill before it passed.Hopefully the Govs much needed anger management,and therapy will also be covered. COME ON NOVEMBER!

Gerry Thompson's picture

The Feds

do not rule the independent UNITED states. We govern ourselves

Claudette Therriault's picture

Potential Expanded Medicaid Beneficiary

My son, who owns his own business, is a single adult who would benefit from expanded Medicaid.

He works 7 to 7 daily and almost every weekend in his garage auto repair business. Once he pays for his utilities, and rent, there is very little left to purchase insurance. He has no employees and he struggles to make ends meet. In the winter, he plows our neighbors in order to make enough to purchase oil for his furnace.

I do his bookkeeping and most years, his income is under $10,000. And guess what, Gov. Lepage? He does not drink!!! I'm sure there are many other hard working people deserving of expanded Medicaid who don't drink...Just saying...

If your son is only making

If your son is only making $10,000 working over 60 hours aweek, I suggest he get another job. He could be flipping burgers at Mcdonalds and making more than that.

Claudette Therriault's picture

His business is growing and

His business is growing and he someday will make enough to purchase insurance. The muscle cars he has rebuilt from scratch, for customers and won top prizes at car show are helping to built his business.

This state is not exactly business friendly...

Your right the state is not

Your right the state is not business friendly. You should be supporting Lepage, he's trying to change that.

Your right the state is not

Your right the state is not business friendly. You should be supporting Lepage, he's trying to change that.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I agree one hundred percent, just watch out....

Claudette, I agree one hundred percent with you, your son is a perfect example of why this Governor is so wrong. The problem is, to maintain his credibility, he will say there is to great a risk of a jack slipping, dropping a car on your son's foot. he will never see the good in the ACA. You see the more people try pointing him toward intelligent, the faster he runs screaming back into stupid...............


Reagan finally admitted

That he made up the story about the welfare queen in her Cadillac on the way to the welfare office (house that for code-wording a statement). He said it was meant to be apocryphal - another word for the stuff farmers spread on hay fields.

The question is, is LePage even aware that he's full of the above mentioned substance, or does he really believe the stuff he spews. I know by reading here that a few Mainers think he walks on water, but I'm betting they're the same ones who believed RayGun.

Gerry Thompson's picture

I find this highly doubtul

"Speaker of the House Mark Eves, D-North Berwick. “The truth is that tens of thousands of hard working Mainers who work as cashiers at our grocery and hardware stores, take care of seniors"

10's of thousands of cashiers? I have worked as a cashier. NONE took care of seniors. I know of a few middle class couples whose parent(s) lived in their homes. Plenty of middle aged parents have adult children in their homes because jobs do not pay enough for them to be out on their own

Claudette Therriault's picture

Multi-generational families

I don't seethat many cashiers taking care of seniors. The trend now is to have multi-generational families. All share in household expenses and chores. Seniors take care of themselves and still lead productive lives and have the added benefit of being surrounded by the people they love.

Circle of friends

I'm gonna say you have a very small circle of friends...don't get out much do you?? This was just an example buddy!!!!

 's picture

He could just as well have

He could just as well have said low paid workers.Cashiers was just an example,thearoretic. If you don't think many people are taking care of elderly parents or spouses as well as trying to work ,and maintain a household,perhaps you just dont listen well.I do know 3 cashiers as well as people in several other occupations,who are doing just that.

Gerry Thompson's picture


he didn't did he. A better choice of words for him would be to say low income families are providing for senior parents( which is not in the 10's of 1000's). His statement is out of touch with reality.



I suppose Eves could have listed several hundred low paying occupations, but someone would have taken exception over one he missed. heavy sigh


It occurs to me

That if his point was that these smoking and drinking people are bringing on their illnesses with their bad habits and are therefore not worthy to have insurance paid for by the state that he could have also said that they are cheeseburger chugging fatsos who are not worthy because they are obese and could fix their health issues if they went on a diet. That, however, might have hit too close to home.

Love it

My thoughts exactly on the above comment...I think his weight would put him in a class of pre-existing conditions, and the Gov. should not be covered for anything like high blood pressure or diabetes..or any conditions that have to do with his filthy mouth...it was all brought on by himself..

If the ACA was just common

If the ACA was just common sense, there would be overwhelming support for it. Truth is most Americans don't want this. Most of you Lepage haters are in the minority.

 's picture

Maybe its because you don't

Maybe its because you don't bother reading the ACA.MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY TO GAIN SOME UNDERSTANDING AND EDUCATE YOURSELF. If you want to complain after you understand it,maybe people will listen.Your claiming MOST Americans don't want this.Really? How many Americans did you poll?

Did you read it? All 20,000

Did you read it? All 20,000 pages. Obama changes it any time he wants, he makes changes every day delaying, handing out waivers. Admit it its a joke.

Stacey Hall's picture

Actually, the truth is

The sentence "most American's don't want this" is based on a poll that lumped 2 groups together against the group that said yes to it. You people that haven't read the act and think it has death panels and other bs along with the failure to understand how competition creates lower costs (research Ma Bell) and socialist leaning people that don't think it goes far enough into the concept of free care for everyone. When those two categories are separated so we have a 3 bar graph then the positive attitude about the ACA is overwhelmingly higher than the other two though. It's understandable how the tea party types are totally comfortable with being in the same tent as the socialists on this one though, if you pretend you are all wearing the same costume then you can stomp your foot in unison.

Claudette Therriault's picture


So how come more people disagree with you than they agree?

Let's get real. If the ACA was a GOP creation, there would be overwhelming support for it. Because it was an Obama plan, Obama haters have picked it apart and lowered funding for it . What do you base "most Americans don't want this" on?

As far as Lepage, take a look at the poles. People don't dislike him because of ACA. They dislike him because he sounds like an idiot everytime he opens his mouth. He has single handedly destroyed Maine's reputation.

What destroyed Maines

What destroyed Maines reputation is that Maine has gone from a state full of hard proud workers to a state where the majority depend on welfare. You can't blame that on Governor Lepage.

Claudette Therriault's picture

"The majority depend on welfare"

Where do you get your info Dennis? From Lepage?

I'm a news junkie, Fox ,

I'm a news junkie, Fox , MSNBC the internet. I listen to both sides. Facts don't lie

I'm a news junkie, Fox ,

I'm a news junkie, Fox , MSNBC the internet. I listen to both sides. Facts don't lie

Wake up

Oh Dennis, wake up and smell the coffee..that statement couldn't be further from the truth...don't forget that he wasn't elected by the majority of the people and even some that voted for this blob with a nasty mouth are sorry they did...FACT!!!!

He won't be relected by the

He won't be relected by the majority this time either. He only needs 38%.

Bob White's picture

voted for this blob with a nasty mouth

Remarks like that makes you know different then the person your accusing.

 's picture

Change is always difficult.If

Change is always difficult.If you read and educate yourself on the ACA,you will realize just how much it benefits everyone,you included.Most of the people I have listened to who voice objections,dnt know a thing about it.Read and study the ACA,get help to understand it,and then come back and tell us what you think.

Jeff Wilkins's picture

Personal experience

Well, my only experience so far with the ACA was negative. It significantly reduced the amount I can set aside pre-tax to cover things like braces for my kids. Considering I had two kids in braces last year, that was a big deal. It's not as great as you think it's going to be.


And when your two kids are covered by your insurance until they

reach the age of 26 (hopefully they'll have their own by then - but who knows?), you'll think it wasn't so bad after all...

Jeff Wilkins's picture

Better not!

They better have their own insurance and be moved out by then!

 's picture

Change is always difficult.If

Change is always difficult.If you read and educate yourself on the ACA,you will realize just how much it benefits everyone,you included.Most of the people I have listened to who voice objections,dnt know a thing about it.Read and study the ACA,get help to understand it,and then come back and tell us what you think.

Where do you get time to read

Where do you get time to read 20,000 pages of BS. You are right though change is difficult, that's why you libs are having such a hard time with Governor Lepage.

Where do you get time to read

Where do you get time to read 20,000 pages of BS. You are right though change is difficult, that's why you libs are having such a hard time with Governor Lepage.

Where do you get time to read

Where do you get time to read 20,000 pages of BS. You are right though change is difficult, that's why you libs are having such a hard time with Governor Lepage.

Where do you get time to read

Where do you get time to read 20,000 pages of BS. You are right though change is difficult, that's why you libs are having such a hard time with Governor Lepage.

If it was just that easy!!

Oh Sidney, if it was just that easy to get these people to read things on their own, but I am starting to suspect that most of these people have a problem with comprehension when it comes to reading, so they listen to everyone else, that have listened to everyone else, and pass on misinformation, much like the Gov. ..not one has read a thing on this but all have an opinion because they are so close minded..asking them to read is like asking your child to do his homework...they probably were at the bottom of their classes in school and relied on their friends to provide the answers to homework and tests...pathetic!!!

 's picture

I agree Linda.I have even had

I agree Linda.I have even had people swear to me that the ACA gives doctors the right to declare some people too sick to spend money on,and euthanize them.It is so scary to deal with the Fox news,David Beck Rush Limber mentality. It is frightening to hear what sme people believe about the ACA.But they will never take the time to read it,and learn that everyone will benefit from this.

I know its scary hearing the

I know its scary hearing the truth sometimes. Facts are scary too!

Bob White's picture

Lets do this

Lets put the 3000 or so Vets that need insurance and the elderly and the rest that work as cashiers let them do like I do pay for it myself. Gee let me guess a bunch of you will say your a jerk your not a nice person who are you to expect someone to work for it. Bluh bluh excuse excuse that's all. Let me ask this one question when people hear how the food pantries or any of those help originations have increased there out put or expanded there services how does that make you feel? I'm guessing most of the people are going to say it is great we need to do more BUT shouldn't we actually feel the opposite? The more we can get people to fend for themselves the better we and they will be. We should be more proud to hear the numbers go down.

 's picture

So,tell me. How do people

So,tell me. How do people 'fend for themselves?' There aren't enough jobs,some people with jobs cant afford insurance,and many folks can only afford bare minimum coverage. Have you ever worked an 65 hour work week and still not had enough money because you owed so much to a Doctor or hospital.Have you ever had your employer call you in the office to tell you he has to let you go because he cant afford to pay so many people any more?Have you ever worked your heart out to earn a degree,only to find there are no job openings?Have you ever gotten hurt and been unable to work,or had a child with a life threatening illness whose treatments bleed your account dry? This happens every day all over this country.If you stop ASKING PEOPLE TO 'fend for yourself', you may realize that EVERYONE in this country deserves health care.Every deserves to get decent medical care. Not just the rich,but even those who cant afford insurance.Food pantries are there because people cant get jobs,or if they can,they cant stretch the money they earn because of low wages and high grocery prices.If you stop looking to blame every poor person for his lack of money,poor health,or disability,maybe you can see that right now,there are people who cant even afford to go to a doctor for serious conditions.The days of plowing our own fields,growing our own food,and slaughtering our own animals are over.Most of us who work still have to struggle to pay our bills.NO ONE should be forced to suffer an illness or injury due to the inability to afford health care.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Bob you just don't get it..............

You just don't get it, you don't live in this universe. You live in a perfect universe, where everything goes like clockwork. Everyone has a job, everyone has access to health insurance. If you need health insurance , it's just a couple of phone calls and bingo your covered. I'm assuming Ward and June Cleaver are your neighbors.
Bob, I don't know when the world stopped changing for you, I'm assuming in the fifties, although I don't know your age. There was a time, just a couple of generations or so ago where life was somewhat like your vision of it. Not anymore. A lot of people don;t see the changes because they fear the future. It's hard being a passenger on an out of control atrocity, with no hope of changing attitudes. So people revert to the way things were, the good old days. The more they try changing life to the way it used to be, the more angry they become. You can't always rely on the past to improve the future.
The days of having a good secure job, affordable healthcare, a nice home and no worry's, they pretty much ended when "Leave It To Beaver got cancelled. Now the world has become a dog eat dog society out there. You can't trust anyone, politicians included. We need to all work together to help us all. Any one of us could fall on hard times at the drop of a hat. I know, it happened to me a couple of times, once permanently. Hard times has nothing to do with what you want, it's what your stuck with.
I'm sure our fore fathers didn't have class warfare in mind when they formed our Country. I would like to believe, that they would have wanted us to use the Democratic process they devised, to work for the people, all the people. Not just reward those few who consider themselves privileged............

P.S. Sorry for the long speech writing, I just had surgery again today, that anesthesia gets me rambling, I love it.......

Bob White's picture

Which universe

Well Frank I live in the real world. Are you telling me no one is milking the system? I have no problem taking care of people that need this help.( I have said this many many times but you don't hear that) The world you live in maybe no one is taking advantage of the program but in the real world there are plenty. Take a ride down town or stand in a convenience store and see what my money is buying. Power drinks cigarettes lottery tickets you name it they are buying it don't believe me go see for yourself. I know three people very well all getting disability can't work. One cuts his own firewood sided his own house and drives long distance's to go camping.(he has a bad back) The other two only work part time and are capable to work full time but that would mess there benefits up so I ask if they can work half the time why cant they work all the time? Then you say I haven't been through hard times well I gave my story in another comment on another story and you and another lady came out and said that gee your so great and all that. No Frank I'm not great but that is the difference when people want to preserver verse live the hand they are dealt. Your comment is mostly giving them excuses why they shouldn't seceded well I don't buy into that. You talk about the fore fathers your right they would want the process to work for the people and not reward the people that just sit at home and collect a check. I don't think that is what they were talking about. I guess the last thing I would ask you why is it a person that has success is a bad person? Isn't that what we as people want to be? Success come in many forms and if we didn't have successful people we would not have charities. Its sounds like your bit of jealousy


Your so worried about the poor and welfare

How do you feel about corporate welfare? Doesn't it bother you to see your tax dollars going to corporations in the form of subsidies and tax loop holes? Your buddy LePage thinks it's a great idea. The fact that someone would complain about the poor getting help while thinking that corporations are in the greatest need for tax cuts, subsidies, etc. makes me sick.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Your argument makes no sense................

As hard as I might, I just can't make sense of your argument. You evidently have this keen insight as to what ails people, you can tell how long they can work. You should be on the Board of review at the Social Security office.
I'm not talking about the cheaters out there, I know they are out there, and from time to time they get caught. I'm talking about legitimate disability here. Problem is the actual people who are disabled, all get put in the same group with the cheaters. Therefore you treat anyone who doesn't look disabled as a cheater. I am 6'1'' I weigh about 220, I'm 55. If you saw me walking into a store or getting out of my truck in the handicapped space you would think my handicapped plate is for someone else. I look perfectly healthy, I lift weights daily and row my crappy boat around when I get the chance. What you see isn't always what you think. I'm totally disabled. I spent two years at the beginning being tested by more doctors than you could shake a stick at. Two years, and that was just to qualify for my private disability insurance. I was 44 years old, no one expects someone that age capable of being that sick. When I had to switch to Social Security, I had over 400 pages of documentation, it still took time. I think I have proven to just about every inspector out there I can't work.
So now, after losing 85% of my income due to not working, why is it a crime for me to try and make the best of a bad situation. When people found out about my crappy boat, it was described as being a luxury I shouldn't be able to afford. Again, judgements made with out knowing the facts. I bought that boat with my own money, and bought it to row around for both needed exercise, and an excuse to get out of the house.
Bob, the next time you decide to judge someone or a group of someones, remember, maybe some or even all the someones your judging aren't guilty of your scrutiny. It's hard enough not being able to do the things you like, or have the nice things other people have. The last thing any of us need is to be criticized for it. The next time you see someone buying something you feel they can't afford, consider that maybe that person struggled, and saved hard to get it. Keep in mind, for us, the littlest thing can boost your spirit immensely............

Bob White's picture

The man of so many excuses

You are full of excuses aren't you. I know a lot of different people that have many different problems ranging from paralyzed from the neck down, a person that has arthritis so bad that he cant straiten his neck or back out, and a couple of people that are missing different parts of there body, they are able to work. Maybe Frank they just want to work. I don't doubt your in pain but come on there is nothing you can do? You can row a boat you can go to the stores you can drive. See the problem is you don't want to because you will lose all your benefits it does make sense but is it right, of course not. Frank there are people out there that are worst off then you and there are people that are better off then you that go to work everyday because they have pride and they don't make excuses on why they cant work but instead they give themselves reason to go to work.
As far as judging the people spending "THERE" money well when they are using there government issued credit card they should be buying what is needed not extras let them earn there own money and I wont say a thing.
Now go get a job and stop spending my money!!!

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I didn't want to explain this but you drove me to it....

Bob, I'll ask you this in plain english, I'll even type it slow in case it helps.
Now I'm sitting home collecting my Social Security Disability check every month. You indicate I don't want to work because my SSDI check is so much easier. Anyone knows about how much Social Security pays every month, I'll admit I do have a couple of other income options, because unlike a lot of younger people I started planning and saving early. Now for the sixty-five thousand dollar question.
Do you honestly contend, That I left a job I loved, that was paying me over ninety thousnd dollars a year, ten years ago, with a huge company I am technically still employed by. Just to wait for a check every month, considerably smaller than my weekly pay check used to be? Before accepting this job. I needed to go back to school, enroll in an accelerated degree program, a double major program to receive a degree needed for my new position, a position I was only able to use for four years. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through to just sit at home and wait for my SSDI check.
I will say this. If I would actually do what you seem to think I'm doing, I am all those nasty things you say I am. As for going out and finding a job, I wouldn't have to, I'm still employed. I just cant perform my duties, and no there is no other work I could do, I've tried. So what do you think I should try now???????????????????

Bob White's picture

I guess I would ask are you

I guess I would ask are you collecting a comp check? Did you get hurt on the job? This large company doesn't a have back to work program? Its to there advantage if you did get hurt on the job to get you back working. That's when you can tell if a person wants to work they will either buck the system(excuses) or get back to work because they need and want to work. Yes there are some people that cant go back to work but there is a saying were there is a will there is a way. Wouldn't you be able to take advantage of a re-training program? I understand your in pain but I have said this before wont you be in pain if your home or working somewhere? I guess it comes down to the person

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You left one other obstacle out.....

Back when I first got sick, not hurt. I tried for two years to return, finally liability restrictions due to my physical disability, not just pain, totally disallows me on the manufacturing floor. That pretty much includes everyplace.
If you have any ideas I'd be glad to try em. I've tried just about everything HR suggested over the years.

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Well I would go to the

Well I would go to the unemployment office they have people that can help you get a job. I will say if you lead with " gee I have all these problem so I don't think there is a job I can do" that will set the tone on your job search but if you go there with the right attitude like I'm here I need to work tell them what your good at or what you would like to do (keep in mind you know you limitations so find something that will fit). Yes you may find something and yes you may deal with discomfort but again whether your home or at a job the pain will be there that's just life for you Frank those are the cards you been dealt.


Oh Bob, go back to school and learn how to use punctuation...makes it very difficult to read when you don't..also spell check would be something you would benefit from..easy to use on a computer... and get your head out of the clouds because the world you describe is only in movies...maybe you should take the time to read the ACA and then maybe you would understand what is being said, not just the LePage version..

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If thats all you can say

Like you read it. Why is it your people refuse to acknowledge that there are lots of people milking the system? Like I said a thousand times there are lots of people that deserve help but I bet there are way more that don't. Maybe you should look at your punctuation as well.

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He went back on his word

He didn't duck tape his mouth shut before spewing out all this nonsense.

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If Fredetteand Lepage look at the demographics......

Medicaid had doubled in the past 15 years because Maine is an aging state. The Census shows us that Maine has one of the oldest elderly population in the country.

So instead, Lepage blames all this on smokers and drinkers. Guess what? Alcoholism is an addiction and so is smoking. If, in fact some single people have addictions and no insurance, how can they get the help they need without health insurance or MaineCare.

Single men are not the only ones with addictions either. Many elderly have prescription and alcohol addictions as well.

Where does the governor get his information?? Does he just make this stuff up to look good?

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Well, reading the report, it's actually good news. See, the people the ACA would expand medicaid to are in better shape than those already on Medicaid, so they estimate the costs might be lower than anticipated.

The only draw back was that poorer people have higher levels of smoking and drinking, which may lead to chronic illness and therefore, would need broader engagement to correct these modifiable behaviors to prevent those illnesses.

So in conclusion - these people will cost less shorterm, MAYBE more longterm IF steps aren't taking to get them to quit smoking and drinking too much.

LePage is looking for anything to hang his hat on why denying medicaid expansion is a good idea.



It is absolutely false to lump these people as all being sinners who are young males smoking and drinking. The sick people I know who are being thrown off are too young for Medicare and too sick to qualify for reasonably priced medical insurance and too sick to work but definitely not in the category described by the governor. I get really annoyed with this demonizing of people because they are vulnerable and poor. And the law he vetoed, and his Republican clones approved, applied for the first three years only so his rambling about the $150 million was just hot air. It was not even included in the law. As it worked out in Mass. the number of people who qualified for this once the law was enacted turned out to be half what they expected. So Republicans are just making up numbers to justify their callousness again.

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The man...

...is delusional. The ACA has NOTHING to do with welfare. Hiring family - now THAT'S welfare.


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